100 Replies to “Thanos Visits The Simpsons | Season 30 Ep. 12 | THE SIMPSONS”

  1. Fox: Did you do it?
    Thanos: yes.
    Fox: what was the cost?
    Thanos: Everything, including the episode "Lisa goes gaga."

  2. Not only did thanos kill most of the simpsons he also killed joe and Cleveland from family guy

  3. Comic Book Guy: "Wait, don't disintegrate me. You need my experience."

    Thanos: "Well, if you consider failure experience…"

    Comic Book Guy: "How dare you. On second thought, kill me now."

    Thanos: snaps fingers

  4. Why is no one talking about the ending where Homer is trying to put his underpants on his head?😂

  5. I firmly believe that Maggie’s dummy is the most powerful object in all the fictional world

  6. After Gamora's death, Thanos went on and adopted Maggie after destroying the rest of the Simpsons family.

  7. The reason Thanos spared Maggie is because she gave him the stone to help him.

    Edit!: So basically he now owes her. And that’s why he let her sit next to him.

  8. You can't just have all the Stones and expect half the universe to disintegrate…you have to snap your fingers as well.

  9. (At Moe's Tavern)
    (Barney Is About To Drink Beer)
    (Barney Turns To Dust Before Getting A Sip Of Beer)
    Barney: Wait. What Is This? AAAHHHH, Burp
    (Moe Survives)
    Moe: Well, I Won't Have To Serve Him Beer Anymore.

    (Alternate Joke)
    (At Moe's Tavern)
    (All Of Moe's Booze Turns To Dust)
    Barney: We're All Out Of Beer!!!!!!
    (Everyone Screams As They Turn To Dust)

  10. I wonder if they will do a couch gag based on all of the heroes assembling at the end of Endgame? Like, every Springfielder is a different Marvel character while the Simpsons are their own superhero OCS?

    Homer return as the Pie Man,
    Bart as Bartman
    Lisa as Clobber Girl,
    Marge and Maggie will have to be something else,

    But when Captain America yells "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!" They all charge in, just to gather on an impossibly large couch.

  11. Thanos: I am inevitable (snaps fingers but nothing happens)
    Homer dressed as pieman appears with all the stones.
    Homer: and I…am…The Pieman (snaps his fingers).

  12. I like how they all just look at Thanos with blank expressions until they start turning to dust when they let ok mildly annoyed XD

  13. Anyone here remembers when Thanos was mentioned everyone said who’s that? Now even the most casual fan does and it’s not even the best version of him.

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