The Cheapest Flight Booking Company – Here’s What We Recommend Instead

what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
back with majestic travel and in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the
cheapest flight booking company so if you’re looking for ways to get a cheap
flight I want to share with you from my experience some of the cheapest
companies alright we’ll be right back all right welcome back so are we talking
about cheap flights okay what’s the cheapest flight booking
company so me being a travel agent me and you make you bars being travel
agents here’s some of our experiences on where we found most of the cheap flights
from okay as I share with you something with some of these companies you know
the rates may change so but I just want to share with you the prices that we
have experienced and what we found the cheapest deal is that so the first tip I
want to share with you a few flying somewhere or you just try to book a
flight or you go on a vacation package you will find that most flights are
cheap through booking a vacation package okay there’s a couple of sites that we
go through callbacks it’s called vacation SS and vacation
Express cheap flights are on those sites for dirt cheap due to the fact that
they’re occluded within a package okay now if you’re just looking for a cheap
flight by itself for my experience this is just our opinion from my experience
we did a lot of research on Allegiant okay the Legion has cheap flights okay
and they’re very very affordable not elite it’s not available in most and
certain so I should say certain states so you have to check and see if the
Legion is available in your state okay now another one else I want to talk
about Southwest now Southwest may appear to be higher when it comes to ticket
wise but they got huge benefits due to the fact that you can have to worry
about paying for your your luggage okay you can carry on so many for free okay
so it’s a good thing about software Southwest has good benefits of that now
the number one of them all that were I recommend is charter flights now those
have been some of the cheapest ones that I found so far as well is if you’re
doing a vacation package it has a very very low deposit okay you can have a
vacation package plus flight with just $100 deposit just because you
did a private charter flights so that’s an option you may want to look into
doing charter flags trying to fly some huge right now
they’re blowing up really a big bigger than ever before everybody’s starting to
jump on it but charter flights probably may be your best route for getting
involved with getting cheap flights so spirit spirit has a decent flight
opportunities as well some of these suppliers that I may be mentioning
you’re gonna have to go through a travel agent on some of them ok if you’re not a
travel agent you won’t have access to these suppliers now you as a consumer
you mostly would have access to our online booking sites or through a major
airline directly but to get some of these deals I’m talking about you can
most likely need to go through a travel agent so if you don’t have a travel
agent get with me and we can we can really help you out in that area but the
biggest way to save guys I’m gonna share this with you the biggest way to save on
flights is to become a travel agent and I’m not pitching this out here just to
get you get business with you that’s not what this is about
however if you really want to save money and get a commission back on your
vacation special you’re going somewhere it’s a vacation package you can get
money back from your vacation which would be a huge savings on your flight
your whole package and everything because you get the Commission back
instead of going directly through our airline or directly to a a booking site
where you can book your vacation why not book your vacation and get the
Commission back because think about it when you’re looking forward for yourself
and you know how travel agent you throwing mine in the way because the
Commission is already written to the price anyway somebody to give me and
most like it goes back to the company so why not you become their travel agent
and get the money back so that’s one of the cheapest ways I can see see vacating
and flying by being a travel agent okay or going through a travel agent okay so
hope you find value from this video if you did give us a thumbs up subscribe to
our YouTube channel and and leave a comment if you have any
questions alright we will see you on the next video be blessed and happy
travelling The Cheapest Flight Booking Company

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  1. Your videos are helpful! What agency would you suggest for people who want direct flights(I am a brand new inteletravel agent)

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