The Everything Guide On Visiting Coba Mayan Ruins

Today we’re going to show you coba Mayan ruins. This is amazing site that you can come visit in the Yucatan. Now a lot of people come here by bus or tours or you can also drive yourself. We’re going to explain the difference. We’re going to show you why these ruins are so interesting and how they compare to other ruins you can visit while you here on vacation. So there are four basic ways that you can arrive in Coba you can take a taxi from to Tulum but we don’t really recommend it because it really is too far and the taxes have to wait while you’re in there. The other way is driving yourself and you pay for parking when you come. The third way is come by ADO bus but that is a hard option because they have very few buses that come per day and you really have to check to see when the bus leaves. You might actually spent too much time here. And the fourth Way is actually taking a tour. There’s a lot of small tours like this one arriving right now that you can come with and they have your tickets and they organized a tour and perhaps something else while you’re visiting Coba. So after you pass through the entrance you will be in the ruin site of Coba and there’s a sign. If you are with a guide you follow the guide around but if you’re doing a self-guided tour the ruins are in a y. And this is where the big pyramid is on this side so if you’re a little limited on time just go to the left and right here as we’re going to show you is where you can rent bikes. We highly recommend renting a bike here. It is only a few dollars and it’s a great way to explore Coba. And we’re off! These tricycle taxes are also available if you don’t want to ride a bike yourself. So this is one of the reasons we like visiting coba as you can ride these bikes, you go down the trails, it’s very peaceful and this ruin site is mostly covered by trees. So you’re more in the shade and it’s a little bit of a cooler Mayan site to visit. You can buy drinks in Coba ruins right by the main pyramid. Otherwise the only other place is at the entrance. The stairs of this pyramid are uneven and steep. Climbing is at your own risk. Ok now we’re going to take you to the top of this pyramid and show you the view! This pyramid does have about a hundred and twenty steps for you to climb. Overall this pyramid is a hundred and thirty eight feet tall or 42 meters. The view is well worth the climb and it’s amazing to think that this pyramid is taller than most structures even today in the Riviera Maya. If you thought going up was hard, going down can be even harder. So take your time and step-by-step. Now we’re going to show you the right hand side of that “Y:. This is the lesser visited side of Coba Mayan ruins. Ok once you finish visiting this side of Coba, you can ride your bikes back to the entrance and drop off your bike. Directly in front is this very large Mayan ball court. This is the second one that you’ll see in Coba. There’s also several of these tunnels which kids love running through. This makes visiting Coba much more of an interactive experience which makes it different from some of the other Mayan sites. Also on this side is a large pyramid and much more to discover. This pyramid is not permissible to climb but this area is interesting to see because the way the jungle has taken over you’ll feel like a true explore visiting these ruins. Ok thanks for watching our video about visiting Coba Mayan ruins. This is amazing place to come and visit. It’s one of our favorites and we wanted to show it to you in this video. If you’d like to know more about visiting here, you can see the article that is linked to this video and also on our website you can see our complete guide to visiting Mayan ruins so you can see which one’s might be best for you to visit while you’re here on vacation. Also on our website we have guides to visiting Chichen Itza, Ek Balam Tulum, Muyil, Calakmul and we also have video so you can see what it’s like to visit these amazing Mayan ruin sites and what one you might want to visit while you’re here in the Riviera Maya.

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  1. Heyy! Im Mexican and I love your vídeos. Visit more places like Magic Towns (Comala, Mazamitla, Tapalpa) Visit Zacatecas city, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato, Querétaro etc. 😀 México its amazing and WELCOME TO MY COUNTRY. 🙂

  2. Hello ! actually it's very simple to get a bus from Tulum to Coba..! easier and cheaper!! simply go to the bus terminal and buy a ticket.. only 50 pesos per person..

  3. I'm so glad I found your channel. I subscribed and rang the bell. We're going in April and I look forward to checking out your recommendations.

  4. For the love of god…the accent is on the 2nd syllable. I was there 25 years ago with my new bride. We were the only ones…and a guy who came out of the jungle and for $20 led us through the jungle even farther to see amazing artifacts and sacred spots not seen on this video. Bikes? Lol.

  5. nice video. A lot of good information about Coba. I really enjoyed my visit here too. I have a video of the Coba ruins climb and mayan culture tour option that goes with this on my channel if you wanted to check it out. I recommend Chichen Itza as well if you havn't checked it out. Video of that as well on my channel. I really loved my Mexican vacation and adventure.

  6. Incredible place! And he's absolutely right, coming down from that pyramid takes longer and requires a much more measured approach.

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