The Five-Minute Holiday Season Survival Workout

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the five minute holiday season survival workout. What do we do? It’s the
holiday season, so we’re gonna eat, we’re gonna drink, we’re going to enjoy our
family and friends. That’s fine; we’re gonna indulge – just have
to work out as well. So here’s a great five minute routine you’re gonna do
throughout the holidays to stay in shape and get yourself ready for the new year. Are you ready? Five exercises, sixty
seconds each. We’re gonna warm up with skaters. Ready and begin – 60 seconds. This is gonna get our body warmed up,
we’re gonna start elevating that heart rate, burn some calories. This workout is going to
tone your entire body. 60 seconds, 5 exercises. From here we’re going to go
down, we’re gonna do some push ups, and planks, and some mountain climbers when I tell you.
Again sixty seconds. It’s a great amount of time. You’re going to do what you can. If you want to push yourself, you go a little faster. If you’re
just starting out you’re gonna go a little slower, you may even take some breaks. That’s
fine. You’re halfway there – thirty-seconds. You’ve got Ryan, you’ve got Elsa, they’re going to be doing this with you. Watch this workout. Do it a bunch of
times throughout the holiday season. It will keep you in shape. You guys have 20 more seconds. Then we’re gonna take it down. We’re gonna take it down and do some push-ups. Sixty seconds of push-ups. You may be on your knees, you may be off, up to you – just keep working out. Alright, keep going and keep going. You’ve got 5…4…3…2…right down push-up position. Your transitions may take a little time, but we’re
not stopping. Five minutes. And begin. Push-ups. You got it. Sixty second is not easy. That’s ok. You gotta work hard for only working out for five minutes. You may take a break. You may be pushing it like Ryan here, stacking those feet. Look at Elsa. She is not on her knees. You can start on your knese, you can get off…whatever you want to do, just push yourself. That’s all that
matters. You’re halfway there, 30 more seconds. Come on. Keep up with us. Don’t worry about what you can do just
keep pushing. Nice job. Come on. [You’re regretting those feet aren’t you now?Aren’t you?] Come on, 15 more seconds – fifteen seconds. It’s the holiday season, we have fun and we work. That’s it. we want to take part in it. Don’t feel guilty about what you eat,
just work out as well. 5…4…3… going into a plank. So we’re already here, drop in and hold. I know it’s a little bit
cruel. Hold at home a plank. You may do straight arms, you can be bent arms as
they both are, up to you. Just hold. Once again if you fatigue, what you’re going to do is: you’re gonna drop down onto your knees, you’re going to recover, and then you’re gonna come right
back up. That’s okay. Everyone has to start somewhere. You will get stronger. Don’t get disappointed, just keep trying. Great job you guys. You’re halfway there. 30 more seconds. We’re going to stay down one more time
going into mountain climbers. So they’re going to plant their hands in a plank
position, straight arm, then they’re gonna bring those legs up and back real
quickly. Again burning calories, burning fat, toning that body. 15 seconds. Come on, you can do it. Again take breaks, come back, just keep working out. Five minutes
is all I ask. Alright you guys. 5…4… 3…2… straighten those arms and start bringing those knees up
and back. Nice and quickly. Let’s go, sixty seconds. Come on, it’s only five minutes. Only five minutes so we gotta work hard. The faster you pump those knees, the more calories you will burn. Pace yourself though. You have sixty seconds of this then we finish up. Alternating front lunges, we’re gonna come back up. Keep going. I know five minutes seems much longer than it is – that’s working though. If you want to change your body, you have to challenge yourself. Okay? Just get outside your comfort zone, that’s all I ask. Just
outside your comfort zone, that’s where change happens. Alright you guys, 25 seconds. A little faster, come on, little faster. You’re almost finished. Come on, this is the final
cardio, pushing. We’re going to alternating front lunges in 15 seconds. Great job, keep moving. Five minutes burning calories, toning the entire body.
Eight seconds, almost there. Come on, a little faster. Final push. 3… 2… awesome. Come back up everybody. Final exercise, let’s go. Alternate front lunge. [Here I’ll do one with you. That’s it I’m done.] Come on, sixty seconds let’s push. Big smiles. You’re doing great things for your body.
Once again the holiday season, it’s a fantastic time of year. Have fun with
your family. Have fun with your friends and then work out. Do this workout before
you go out, do it when you come back, that is the way to do it. Alright? Work hard. Play hard. One of the
greatest seasons there is, let’s enjoy it and do great things for your body though at the
same time. Homestretch, you’re almost finished. 25 seconds. So there you have it: 5 minutes. 5 exercises, 60 seconds
each. Do what you can. I want you to do this a bunch of times throughout this holiday season.
I guarantee you’ll see results. Keep going, homestretch you guys. Ten seconds. Final couple, toning that body, burning
calories, we have not stopped moving. 3…2…1… Great job! Happy Holidays! Subscribe for fitness content and quick
workouts just like this. Get fit fast with home fitness solutions
by Bowflex at – be fit for life.

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  1. I love what you do …👌 you really see a lot of ignorant and egotistical people in the Fitness Industry.😌but your videos are the Bomb💣💣💣💥👌clear, specific, concise, practical and effective.
    I feel so much stronger🙌

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