The Gang Visits The Nylon Pool & Reflect On Their Success | Girls Cruise

Beautiful! The color is amazing. I’ve heard so many things
about this Nylon Pool. Some people bathe in the water
for spiritual healing. I love going
to a tranquil place. You feel the seaweed? Here we go. Where are your pants? (laughter) Wow! Wow! We in the right place! Now we know where
Chilli has been going. (Chilli)
No, this is where
I need to come. Ooh! This is like
a real exfoliant. We at this Nylon Pool.
Oh, my God. This water about to make me look
like Angela Bassett three times. (Lil’ Kim)
I brought you guys
to the Nylon Pool because today is the day that we
really release, like, seriously. Like, this is a circle of trust. I am hoping that this Nylon Pool
is the place where everyone just releases
anything in their heart that they’ve been always wanting
to talk about with someone and just soak up the really
good energy that’s here. For me, growing up
in a poor neighborhood, we were in a squatter area. That does something to
your confidence as a child. You guys are really helping me
to just be like, I am enough. Instead of
making myself smaller, it’s like I belong here
just as everyone belongs here. So that’s what I want
to really release and
be like, (bleep) it. Put it out here
in this ocean. Yeah! (laughs) I’m in this pool,
looking around at everyone and I can’t help but reflect. I truly am stepping into
my own power of being
enough in all spaces. The biggest thing with me
is the control part. That is really hard for me
because I like being in
control of my situation. I’m not a controlling
person to others, but just for me, and it’s
stressful, so I’m really, really working on,
you know, being okay with not being in control
of everything in my life. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Because of this trip,
I’ve, you know, grown a bit, and I see that there’s
always something to learn
about yourself, something to improve all the
time as long as you’re alive
and well, so just keep living. Yeah! I want to let go of my past
and be able to be free. What I mean by that is, like,
as a child I got bullied. They used to call me
a giraffe at me. Um… Vee… Baby! Take your time. It’s okay, baby. It feels so scary to open up because I’ve always
held so much in, but seeing everybody let loose
and be emotional allowed me to do the same. I need to let this go.
Whoo! (cheers and applause) I love you, baby.
I love you so much. Thank you.

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  1. Omg they're crying…. Again… At the same damn time.🙄 can't they just have fun? I was soooo looking forward to a show of women functioning harmoniously, no drama, but come onnnnnnn.

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