The Healthy Minimalist Home Tour (65 sqm / 700 sqf) | Singapore 3-Room HDB

Hi, welcome to our home, which is also our office, and our playground, and we’re really excited to show you our humble
space. We moved into this 700 square foot (65sqm) space earlier this year, and upon
stepping in, I think the most common comment that we get is that it’s pretty
empty. But it’s definitely by design as we’ve been trying to be more conscious
about the stuff that we own. When conceptualizing, having the space be conducive to living an active, healthy lifestyle, was kind of a defining feature
of the home. And we only 700 square foot (65sqm) to work with, we decided to make the
living room a flexible space. On most days, this is how the living room looks
like, with just a couple of bean bags for lounging, a bare-bones media rack, a
utility shelf where we house our everyday carry, and some plants, more
plants, and an open space for us to work out in. We forgoed the conventional couch and TV combination, instead we use a portable projector when we are in the
mood for some movies, and this is also where Glo occasionally relax and listen to some music. When we are expecting guests, we’ll set up our dining
table and chairs. The table has easily detachable legs, so we can keep it in our
storage when not in use. When it’s just the two of us, we’ll have our meals over at
the bar counter instead, which brings us to our open kitchen. Yes, this is probably the space I spend the most time in, as we prepare our own meals almost every day.
Our friends at Komorebi has done a really impressive job with
the design and execution of the kitchen, as it usually gets the most attention and
praise from our guests. We also have a peg board system, which is very versatile
and takes up very little space. There’s not much to say about the laundry area, but
here is where we have the habit of separating our trash and our recyclables.
Moving on to the other rooms, we decided to use the smaller room for our bedroom as we don’t spend a lot of time in here other than for sleeping. The low oak bed
provides additional storage space, and we are totally in love with the looks and
functionality of it. Our wardrobe, I think, could be considered pretty minimalist. I think
it’s quite common to have more clothes than necessary and because we’re trying
to be more conscious about what we buy, limited wardrobe space kind of forces us
to be more mindful about the clothes that we purchase. Over in the next room is our office. What stands out is probably that we don’t have regular height desks and chairs. Yes, we actually prefer sitting on the floor instead. For us, this is
basically a variation of the standing desk. We all know that sitting in one
position for too long isn’t good for our health, and this setup allows us to adopt multiple different positions when working at our desks. We’ll probably make a future video talking more about why we choose to sit on the floor. Over at the
side we have some storage, this is where we keep our work related items, like our cameras and lenses. And that just about concludes this quick tour of a home. Hope you enjoyed the tour if you have any questions, just leave them in the comment section and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks for watching! Hello! You’ve come to the end of the
video, if you liked the video at all, please don’t hesitate to hit the like
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100 Replies to “The Healthy Minimalist Home Tour (65 sqm / 700 sqf) | Singapore 3-Room HDB”

  1. Представляю как они срутса когда кто-то тапки не там поставил
    Такие правильные что аж тошно

  2. Dang. So minimialist they even cook with invisible food 😂
    I snort-laughed and had to rewind that bit. (00:30)
    Great space though.

  3. The height of your monitors arent in level with your line of sight! Thats not ergonomic at all!! You can develop backpain. Thumbs up so they can see please!

  4. I like minimalism of things.. it makes your life easier… but I dislike minimalism of experience. This is a minimalism of experience. You cant experience colours, patterns, comfort, guests,TV (?) – minimalism shouldn't be a constraint.. it should be a liberty. However I understand the home owners chose it for themselves. Respect their choice. Just not for me.

  5. What are those mounts you hooked up the Olympic rings to on the ceiling? Did the apartment come with them or did you attach them yourselves?

  6. When I thought I am the only minimalist in South East Asia and feeling overwhelming with that thought of mine… Guess I found another minimalist in my region… yaay

  7. Sitting on the floor desk like that is not good for back and spine, my doctor specifically told me not to do that. Just saying

  8. U didnot show the bathroom. U dint show the balcony. Also tv unit and wardrobe in bedroom should havebeen included. Dining table too should havebeen there considering guests' arrival. Otherwise simple and good. But lil bit interior design would have made it more beautiful.

  9. Why do you choose not to have any art or photography in your home? This is the part of minimalist living I don’t understand.

  10. nice… but how if u have a kid in future? hmm… but this video make the whole environment feel so much comfortable and relaxing

  11. Im about to move to my new apartment soon and this vid certainly helping me out to be purely minimal, yet practical. Thanks!

  12. Hey there people living as minimalists. This lifestyle seems very attractive to me, because clutter makes me anxious. I tried to reduce my items many times before but i always got tired and fed up doing it and after a few months i was searching for something i knew i have, i needed that item suddenly. Than realized that i threw it away last time i decided to downscale my life. Any tips for me? Basically i have big piles of official papers, that i should organize, but they are so many, it makes me anxious thinking about organizing them. also same with clothing and everything else. Plus my husband doesnt really support the idea of getting rid of things we may use. And it seems like that all the things we have, even though its way too many, we end up using them all. really, all. how to get started and find a balance?

  13. I'm in uk and this video looked good. Then I heard your accents!!! yeah 🇸🇬. I was quite shocked how commercial Singapore has become.

  14. The gymnastics rings brought me to play this vid. I just moved my new HDB too and wondering how can I setup my rings without compromising the overall look of the place. You definitely demonstrate this idea is feasible. Also, great design!

  15. I liked everything. Minimaliatic yet functionall.
    I was just today thinking about how to hang the rings to the ceiling. Did you made some mounts as DIY or you bought some? Would love to see how you solved it 🤔🙂

  16. This is too minimal for me, I like industrial/contemporaty furnishings, but comfort is priority. We are retired and need comfort (recliner, sofa 50 inch flat screen tv) more clothes but not excess , etc.

  17. I love everything about it except the part 0:59 😅 need a darkening curtain to be able to watch anything during daytime with projector

  18. Who here finds that they tend to throw out more food at home? I keep wondering why my wife buys these things when they go out of date and have to be thrown out? I’m thinking of what it would be like to have a minimalist kitchen and buying our meals out would you save money and time?

  19. You're a perfect couple! Healthy, minimalistic, perfectly set up (that doesn't force you to sit unnaturally) prioritising the right things for your wellbeing, like natural light, gymnastics rings instead of a large space and excessive materialism to impress others with. If I lived in Singapore, this is exactly how I'd make my space! Congrats on the great space!

  20. Love the office set up! Glad to see that I’m not the only one who prefers to work on the floor, where did you get the floor chairs and table from?

  21. I notice you don't use a kitchen hood. Do you mind sharing your reasoning for foregoing it? And if it has been more difficult doing clean up, especially since you cook often. Great video 🙂

  22. May I know where did you purchase the dining table with detachable leg? And the two tables that are in your work room. Thanks 🙂

  23. there is a difference between minimalism and a complete lack of furniture. This isn't minimalism, its just empty and impersonal.

  24. The bean bags!! That's the idea I have been needing for my space! I just moved to 600 sq ft with my young son. Decided to ditch the couch and hang a jungle gym system from the ceiling instead, so we are on the same track! Thank you for putting your home life on the internet for all of us to see! People have lots of opinions on your personal choices they choose to share, and I love your lighthearted replies! Thanks again for your example and inspiration.

  25. Definitely found the ultimate inspiration for my future home here 😍 I’m so glad you made this channel and I found it.

  26. I really like the video and the appartment! What I would change is I would put up Christmass lights simply because they give me so much joy!

  27. After being seated in that position at my PC, my spine would start to implode until I look like a pancake under the table….

  28. I kind of want to see how your bathroom is set up! It feels a little incomplete since we saw the rest of the house. No hate, I’m just curious and would love another house tour that included the bathroom ☺️

  29. Good morning and thank you for sharing! Peaceful and inspiring. What is the wardrobe drawers model and brand, please? Thank you!

  30. Thinking about living minimally, I wonder about art. There is no art on your walls. My walls are covered with art and I make a lot of art all the time. How can an artist live minimally?

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