10 Replies to “The ‘Instagram Effect’ Is Driving Too Many Tourists To Some Destinations | Sunday TODAY”

  1. It's usually the Americans that are ignorant when it comes to traveling. Just watch Amazing Race, they don't seem to know another world exists outside the States. If it weren't for social media, they would still be stuck in their own little world. On a brighter note, traveling abroad will expose them to different cultures and educate them to be tolerant/knowledgeable of different race. If it weren't for tourists, Iceland wouldn't be able to create jobs!!! Also this topic of over tourism is old news, way behind!

  2. I’m not sure Amy Law actually viewed this video, else she wouldn’t make such a preening and preposterous statement. She thinks Anazing Race has anything at all to do with reality. Worse, she completely missed the part about environmental effects of too many tourists.

  3. I would never visit Iceland because that country barbarically slaughters whales….out of step with worldwide conservation efforts.

  4. This reminds me of the closure of Borocay in the Philippines. The island was always packed with tourists and because of that more resorts,hotels etc started to open. Of course thanks to social media even more people visited Borocay. In the end it became more of both a health hazard and a environmental hazard. The president ordered the island closed to tourists for 6 months.

  5. Don't be stupid, God created this earth and gave man dominion over it. You can not restrict people from the earth.

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