The Most Secret Places (You Can’t Visit Unless You’re on This List)

Hey Thoughty2 here, let’s have a peak inside
some of the most secretive places on earth. Shrouded in mystery, dens for the rich and
powerful, where minds get together and hatch shady plans. These are the places you’re just
not aloud to go. Room 39 North Korea as a whole is a unnervingly secretive
place, but there’s one room, in one building that’s the most secretive of all; Room 39.
Established in the late 1970s, Room 39 is a government organisation, directly controlled
by the Kim family. The goal of Room 39 is to seek underhanded and malicious ways to
illegally obtain foreign currencies. It is rumoured the organisation utilises 10 to 20
bank accounts in China and Switzerland for the purposes of money laundering, counterfeiting
and general shady transactions. It is widely speculated that Room 39 is deeply
involved in government controlled drug smuggling and illicit weapon sales. We know that the
organisation has 120 foreign trade companies under its jurisdiction. Nobody knows how it
got it’s name, but the Room itself is said to be located inside a ruling Workers’ Party
building in the capital city Pyongyang. Club 33 Somewhat less malicious, but just as secretive
is Disneland’s Club 33. Club 33 is a strictly member’s only club and restaurant, discreetly
located above the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. To become a member and step inside
the notorious doorway you will need about $30,000, but even then there’s a fourteen
year waiting list. There’s a strict member limit of only 487 people. The club has been
frequented by presidents, prime ministers, actors and billionaires. It’s the only place
in Disneyland where you can buy an alcoholic beverage. Area 51 Located in southern Nevada, in the United
States, Area 51 is large secretive military airfield, and arguably the most infamous and
controversial location in this video. The use of lethal force is authorised if anyone
attempts to step foot inside the base’s perimeter. The base’s primary function is to develop
and test experimental aircraft and weapons systems. However, because of the government’s
incredibly tight grasp on the base’s secrecy, Area 51 has been the subject of many UFO conspiracies.
Many believe the base is used to examine and attempt to reverse engineer crashed alien
spaceships, alien technology, and even alien lifeforms. White’s Gentlemen’s Club Founded in 1693 by Francesco Bianco, White’s
is the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in existence. White’s is located in London, England
and gained a reputation for it’s exclusivity and often laddish behaviour of its members.
Women are completely banned from the club, the only woman to have ever been entertained
by the club is Queen Elizabeth II. The only way to become a member of the club and step
foot inside the door, is to first be a man and second be invited by a current member
of the club, who has the support of two other members. Which, unless you’re best buddies
with a member of the Royal family or a powerful politician, isn’t likely to happen. Current notable members include Prince Charles
and Prince William. British Prime Minister David Cameron was a former member for 15 years,
but resigned in 2008 because he disagreed with the club’s male-only policy. The club
is famous for its betting book in which members make outrageous bets, such as a £3,000 bet
on which of two raindrops would slide down the window first. RAF Menwith Hill Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force base in
North Yorkshire, England. The primary job of this mysterious RAF base is to spy on and
intercept enemy signals, satellites and missiles. The base has heavy connections with the global
ECHELON spy network, the ECHELON network is a close-nit global spy alliance between the
United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. RAF Menwith Hill is the largest
electronic monitoring station in the world and a lot of its work is done on behalf of
the US National Security Agency. Menwith Hill originally created during the
Cold War to spy on the Soviet Union and their allies. But it has since been used to spy
on terrorists and drug dealers. It has even been used to monitor and gain intelligence
on foreign political and diplomatic bodies. Some believe it has been heavily involved
with commercial espionage and mass eavesdropping on telephone and radio communications. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center Deep in the forests of the U.S. state of Virginia
is a last resort base, setup incase an “end of the world” situation ever arises. Mount
Weather Emergency Operations Center was setup by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management
Agency, it is where high profile individuals and government officials will shelter from
the impending doom during an apocalypse. Very little is known about the base because
it’s details are highly classified, the base is constantly protected by armed guards and
razor wire. The complex consists of two extremely large areas, Area A, which is above ground,
contains dormitories, a laboratory, a training area, an on-site sewage treatment plant and
two water tanks holding 250,000 gallons of water, amongst many other facilities, it is
said the complex is completely self-contained. Area B is entirely underground, some believe
there is an entire self-sustaining city below ground, that apparently consists of private
apartments, streets and sidewalks, cafeterias and hospitals, a power plant, an underground
mass transit system and a TV network. Mount Yamantaw Mount Yamantaw is the tallest mountain in
the Ural mountain range in Russia, standing at 1,640 metres (5,381 ft) tall. In the local
language, Mount Yamantaw means “evil mountain”. The U.S. government strongly believe that
hidden deep within the mountain is a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons housed in an
underground military facility. There is a top secret town just south of the mountain
called Mezhgorye, the town is permanently closed to the outside world some believe the
town contains a human civilisation employed to develop nuclear weaponry. The U.S. government has repeatedly asked Russia
what it’s hiding there and their answers are strangely inconsistent. Over the years Russia
have said it’s a mining site, a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area
and last but not least a bunker for leaders in case of a nuclear war. Come on Russia,
make your mind up.

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  1. The most secretive place on earth is Buckingham Palace, residence of the royal family of England.ย  No one but God and the late Princess Diana will ever truly know the myriad of mysterious things that go on in there.ย  The Princess lost her life trying to clue you in.ย  Watch her past public interviews more carefully please.ย  Area 51?ย  LOL!ย  The entire world knows that dead aliens and their crashed ships are housed and studied there.ย  LOL!ย  But the Queen of England?ย  Who knows what planet she hails from, and the demonic beings that keep her in power over the earth.ย  She is the wealthiest woman and largest land owner on earth.ย  We all will die before she does.ย  How is it that she can be more than a century old, and all the world seems to notice about her are her regal hats?ย  LOL!

  2. 1:33 actually your wrong about club 33 you actually have to be a Freemason to join the club 33 because walt Diseny himself is a Freemason

  3. You lose any credit you 'might' of had, when you use that fake spinning ball, satanic deception,
    anti scriptural, debunked, blue marble, nasa lie globe hoax. Wake up fool!

  4. I don't know if you read these comments or not but you really should work on your pronunciation of things like ESCHLON and FEMA.. Arkansas is another one. It's not pronounced
    are Kansas

  5. You are aware that Queen Elizabeth I was a Hebrew Princess with no rite to the throne. She was asked to sit upon the throne by her cousin the true Heir. She is referred to as The First, The Last and the Always. Indicating there was no plans for a second. Liz II is in no way the true Heir to the throne. Princess Diana actually sold her soul to become Princess of Wales.

  6. The reason Hitler killed Jews is because they pushed up under Elizabeth I and because they assassinated the Romanov family yes the Bulshoviks should have jew blood in them and that was also Queen Victoria's family. Then they assassinated the Archduke Ferdinand causing the collapse of the duel reining monarchies of Austria and Germany. Queen Victoria I wasn't even a Victorian and no one seems to know who she was, true Victorians are way better looking.

  7. These people are all baby eating SATANTIC pedofiles…
    Wake the fuck up people!!!

  8. Brother good work keep it up and phrase JESUS CHRIST, please keep the American Population in the light, and not in the dark Amen.

  9. The answer to everything, though, is โ€œ42โ€….so secret, it infiltrates everything, everywhere…Only on a need to know basis.

  10. Club 33 is probably Masonic in nature. An underground child sex ring maybe. 33 for the highest degree in the Scottish rite of freemasonry.

  11. If room 39 " firtynine"is so secret,, how comes you know about it? Cameron was excluded from the club as Echelon found out he is not human. I find it "amazing" "extraordinary" "incredible" "fantastic" "unbelievable" that only you know so very much about TOP TOP TOP secret places???? ,,,,, Or do you??

  12. Wow. Very interesting things I didn't know they existed. I would like to know more about the bunkers the United States have in case the end comes. They have a whole city down there. It's awesome but not for us. We don't get to hide there. It's only for the high power people. They have everything down there. I mean everything like the city we live in now. Sad for us that we are gonna die regardless.

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  15. I like how everyone's like oh N Korea is so secretive and secluded regime etc then here's a video behind the scenes like wait didn't everyone say they're secretive?

  16. Room 39, it appears in english anyway, palindromatic possibly referring to room 666 it's the same with numbers , you flip one reading forward or backwards and in different ways. Moor is not more but implys the same read out loud, room 36, 666, more 666,.

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  18. What a dick, member of an ALL male club for 15 years, then resigns because he doesn't agree with no females allow what a cock head, By the way people you forgot Pine Gap.

  19. Bro…if you're gonna say it…SAY IT RIGHT!!! IT SOUNDS LIKE THIS….FEEMA…F E E M A!!! NOT FEMA AS YOU SO ELEGANTLY PUT IT… ENGLISH….PFFT…lol jk jk jk


  21. The fact that Area 51 is so commonly well known, and known as a "secretive, top secret facility," is clearly by design to keep attention focused on it; and not other, truly secretive installations.

  22. Itโ€™s funny how the United States wants to know whatโ€™s in that mountain but wonโ€™t let anyone in Area 51 gates or doors


  24. what blows my mind is that this guy thoughty2 has >2.6 million subscribers and he has a difficult time with his pronunciation and often says certain words completely wrong

  25. hawt thumbnail

    my fetishes when i was ages 12 to 13 lol

    Used to make plotlines about dead people stuck in that shit then fucking all of them & doing experiments on them

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