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Hello there my name is Kelsey. And my name is Becky. And we are the sorry girls and welcome to
my Sweet Digs. Our Sweet Digs or our Sweet Digs. Yeah, Yeah. If you guys don’t know who we are, we have a DIY channel here on YouTube and today we are so excited to share with you our loft
space that we work and film out of– and I life there so things get complicated but I can fill you in later. If you guys have one of these fancy headsets make sure to click the icon in the play bar below so you can watch this in virtual reality. Wow that’s cool and make sure you subscribe to Refinery29 below we could only let you in if you do that. So can you do that? Okay let’s go. This office work/live space is located at
the North side of Toronto. We work here and also happen to live here up in the mezzanine it costs about two grand a month. And that’s about $1,500 USD pretty good
to be honest. It used to be an industrial building but you know this kitchen was not always here and actually the appliances we had to buy when we moved in. Yeah. There wasn’t a lot of room for like pots
and stuff so we actually did this half with the bar and you can hang up your pots. At first I was like this is cluttered but
now I love it, it’s like kitchen art. This is really cool, this is the knife magnet. Yeah I actually hated this when I moved in I especially hated that this was on an angle and I was like “why is this here” but
everybody always comes over and is like, “where did you get it it’s so cool, I love it”. And now you start to own it yeah I hooked
that up it looks great. But like yeah why did I put it up on an angle? So right behind us is the actual washer in
here. And fun fact this is the only room
in this studio that has a door on it. We actually did a video where we tested out plants surviving in a room with zero windows and surprisingly a lot of them lived I don’t
know how. Science I don’t understand. Over here we actually have this latter which I know looks like beautiful décor but we actually built this latter to get up to our
storage area. A lot of big things have to go up there. And of course we had to make it cute at the same time. So, next we’ll go under the mezzanine so this is kind of multi-use purposes storage there’s a filming space but we’ll get
to that. Come ‘on. So welcome to underneath the mezzanine, I think that’s what we’re going to call it, it would be a great club name. We Actually have great strip lights up here. We could kind of give it a club atmosphere, woohoo. Under the mezzanine—or not. Or not. We also film some videos under here when we need the seamless backdrops. Work, work. This seamless we don’t even own. We have not yet brought our seamless paper, we can’t decide which color to get. You have any ideas of which color to get you can tell us. Also over here we have this amazing storage system that holds basically everything that we need it to so come with us and I’ll show
you what that’s like. Here we have our cabinets, we love these. I think they look like they came with the
loft, but they didn’t and they look like they were super expensive but they weren’t. It works because it’s by the front door so you can drop the supplies for a future video in here we can sort them all. And also Justin under here whose a working away on some edits. Follow us around this wall, we’ll show you
some other cool stuff. Over here is the main film set we film pretty much the bulk of it here. This is our work bench, it’s been a little
bit beat up. We sand it and reseal it over and over so
it looks as fresh as it can any tool that you need to do anything exists in these draws. This is actually a kitchen cabinet system from Ikea but we hacked it and stacked it so that it all fits together really nicely. And this is where we film all of our videos this has the best light we have lots of windows so I mean, perfect. And if you follow us over here, this is the
most office-y part of the office. A lot of this art was send in to us by our
viewers that watch our channel. And this wall also has our play button, so this one we got first when we hit 100,000 and this one we got last year when we got 1,000,000 which is a crazy moment. And then our vlog channel also hit 100,000 I was even more excited to get this one. Me too! Yes! When it’s the vlog channel it’s your life
and you’re just doing it really for fun, like well whatever happens, happens. Seriously. Hey guys it’s Tuesday and we’re actually
in the middle of a live shoot right now. We’re shooting with Refiney29 and they’re doing a little tour of our space. People actually like it and it’s so cool! It’s been such a fun journey of growth. Alright let’s bring you over here to the
living room. So this is the living room area. I guess it’s more so your living room area but it is full of DIY’s that we made. This plant stand is a upcycle. This plant shelf I think it’s a really interesting design to bring your couch a little bit away from the wall so it doesn’t feel like everything is crammed in there. One of the oldest DIY’s that’s in here
I think is this blanket latter. We do have two DIY ladders in here, woo. So although the living room is kind of shared and a little bit of mine and a little bit of the sorry girls, what’s really mine is the bedroom and that’s on the mezzanine upstairs so come follow me and I’ll show you that. Okay welcome to my bedroom this is my own little space within this loft. Everything I have is right here and it’s
kind of nice to see everything you own in one place. So I was kind of downsizing in a way, I know that seems weird because this place is huge. Ay Ay. Anyways this is where I get ready, I don’t get ready in the bathroom, I want anyone that walks into our loft to not be like, “oh does somebody like live here that’s weird, why is there a toothbrush in the bathroom?” I want it to be like this is our office look we’re super professional and I just come up here to like this is my little nest and hide away
at the end of the day. I thought it would be cool to add more plants, it’s never a bad idea is to add more plants. We made this planter on the other side as
you would see downstairs there’s all the hanging plants well this is where they’re
hanging from. It’s awesome to have a DIY plant stand,
DIY side tables, DIY’s are apart of me and it comes out in every way possible. Once you know you can make something and you can make it your own and you can kind of customize it you kind of can’t let that go and then everything you do has to be customize a little bit because you know you can make it or make it better. Now that you have seen my bedroom let’s go back downstairs and join and say goodbye! We’ve had so much fun showing you our space I hope you enjoyed it, there’s a lot going on but I’m glad I got to show it to you. And hopefully you stick around to see what we have up our sleeves. Alright it’s time for us to say bye to you
now And we’re going to walk you out. Thanks so much for tuning in to Sweet Digs on Refinery29. We will see you later. Bye.

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  1. I'm pretty sure the general consensus is people don't appreciate these VR360 videos, confused as to why they're still appearing


  3. Why do u guys insist on shoving this down people's throats when no one wants the Vr?? U can't see anything. U must have a deal with Sony or some vr company. IT SUCKS!!!!😡😡

  4. Daamn the sorry girls, one of my fave youtubers, i have been waiting for this ep. Such a shame it's in VR360. I demand a reshoot! Pleasee!

  5. Their space is gorgeous! I have issues adjusting to the vr thing though… Is really annoying when you are watching on a regular screen. But I love Sweet Digs & I love the Sorry Girls so I had to watch anyway.

    Kelsey if you're seeing this, while the loft is super nice and your space within the loft is too, I think you would personally benefit so much from getting your own space, separate from the office. I believe you've mentioned it in a vlog before? But anyway, if you guys are able to afford it, I think you should do it. You deserve a place to your own where you can leave your toothpaste in the bathroom & your bed unmade if you want to!

  6. I watched it – because it's the sorry Girls – but it was really tough. I highly recommend you reshoot some of your videos, especially with major YouTubers/Instagrammers. Great initiative but your target audience does not enjoy the VR experience or own VR equipment.


    edit: even at 4k this is pixelated trash… why would you upload this?

  8. Why did you do the Sorry Girls is VR?!? I love Kelsey and Becky, but this is so hard to watch! Disappointed.

  9. was very excited to see this, so upsetting that it’s in VR! Super disappointing. Impossible to watch VR on phones


  11. THIS IS JUST NOT OK. I understand you're mixing it up now with VR/not VR but to mess up a Sorry Girls video is just sacrilege!

  12. I actually love the VR!

    I didn’t realise you can watch the 360 motion on your phone. It’s such a great experience to see all the space properly. I highly recommend everyone to try it out on the Youtube app. It’s awesome.

  13. Refinery29 l think what people are trying to tell you is that many of us (myself included) love the sorry girls and are asking if there is any way for us to see a reshoot of their place [so I can watch it without wanting to throw up as I get motion sick from it]
    Disappointed to see that y’all filmed SO many 360 vids, instead of making a smaller test batch to see how your audience responded.
    I watched this whole video bc I love the Sorry girls and their loft vibes series, and I’m legit motion sick from it

  14. Sorry, Sorry Girls – these VR videos are positively unwatchable for most of us. What a shame, because it looked like a cool space from the text description.

  15. Yay! The Sorry Girls! I agree with the others about not being fond of the VR, but I love that you included these girls! They are amazing!

  16. how did they not test the VR and see how their audience reacted before shooting enough for the entire year….. so absurd

  17. i feel like i saw them post a tour on their channel in VR whatever 360 crap and none of their followers liked it lol . its not any better a second time.

  18. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why Refinery 29, why?! I love The Sorry Girls… but i really don't like the VR format.

  19. i think refinery29 is purposely fucking with us! I mean they read comments about the VR, and they are probably laughing their asses off.

  20. At this point I feel like you guys are just trying to anger all your viewers off with the VR360. The majority of us don’t have VR headset so I’m just confused why you guys aren’t taking a hint

  21. You guys could have used a better camera for this. I’m pretty sure most of the negative comments are about the pixelated resulution

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