The ULTIMATE Gamer's Paradise! (Room Tour)

so you guys have seen me tease this room it's fine time to let you in let's check it out now I've been working on this room for a few months so it's finally time to show you guys what I've been working on so without further ado Alexa start the game room so cool so guys welcome to what I'm calling the ultimate gamers paradise and I'm calling it that because this room has just about every aspect of gaming that you could expect so let's start off with one of the biggest ones here and that is the console area so right here we have a giant 65 inch samsung KS 8500 so this TV has 4k HDR all the bells and whistles that you'd come to expect now it's not OLED that's back at the crib but this one is actually a really nice TV and I'm not a huge cable management guy but I was able to get the cables hidden here so it does have this nice little floating effect on the wall and it even has that with these so no speaker system that I have here this is the play bar so together they look like they're just mounted on the wall like they're just floating which is a really nice touch well let's take a look at the TV stand that I've got here since I've got quite a few things on it so starting off from left to right we've got the Amazon echo dot now this little thing is actually connected to these two speakers and these are the JBL pulse and they're actually here with a decorative look so that you guys can see I'm rocking the teal so it's flashing those tail lights and the Amazon echo dot is connected to it so with that I can actually speak to it and it can actually produce some real volume if I ask Alexa to play some music it can do that really well with the two speakers so going on we've got the Apple TV this is the latest generation now I don't really have much use for it here but it's here as an option in case I want to buy something from the iTunes movie store or whatever but typically with all the other things that I have hooked up I don't use it that often but moving on even though I have a Sonos playbar in the sound system if I'm playing games at night and I don't want to sturb anyone I also have the Astro a 50s so if I'm late night gaming I don't want to disturb anybody those will do the trick and over here of course I have a logitech harmony now this is gonna connect to a lot of the devices that I have here so I don't have to have multiple remotes always reaching for another one this kind of connects them all and just makes things a lot easier when I want to control everything at once and down here I've got this little guy this is the nest security cam so with this I can keep an eye on all them suckers trying to get my stuff now just joking but I do have to keep an eye on my stuff just in case a lot of stuff here so I want to be careful but I got to show you guys the actual systems hooked up to this guy you see fours over here so you know there's an Xbox but check it out right here I've got the PlayStation 4 and of course I've got the VR headset we've got some controllers we've got a keyboard to use with it and we've got a ton of cable since the VR headset needs so many but virtual reality right here on the ps4 over here I have the best-looking Xbox one not counting the 1s and this is the halo 5 edition and I've got a couple of controllers here as well the best-looking controller for the Xbox one this thing looks awesome and it works really well with the theme of the room of course I got an elite controller and a couple of other things so Xbox one and I've got the actual cameras for both the Xbox one and ps4 so even though I'm wearing a ps4 shirt right now the Xbox one gets some love as well I don't pick sides and on the last side I've got a Wii U will tell anybody but now I did have a Wii U and of course I do have some controllers here as well so if people want to come over and play I've got all different options got that Smash Brothers control over here so uh you know if anyone ever wants to play with you you can do that but over here we have all of the games now I also have some Gundams you guys know I'm a huge fan of Gundam and I build quite a few of them so I've got them over here I've got some pokeballs because you know I live that anime life but over here I got all the games so whatever you want to play a game over here you just grab one off the shelf now it's terrible because so many of these games are still in the wrapping over here we've got the collector's edition of Star Ocean and that's in the wrap got some more stuff in the wraps as well so I don't know why I keep buying games folks but I do it because I'm a camera at heart I just need to find the time to play at all and speaking of games got to pay some homage to my favorite series yet this is the Final Fantasy series over here we've got Final Fantasy eights main character squall over here Final Fantasy tens Titus and it just gives the room an awesome awesome look and down here is where you just kind of enjoy it all this is the couch that I got I picked this up from Ikea and I've got some Philip huge strips and lights all around this so that it gives it a nice glowing effect and I've also got the speakers for the sono sound system these are the Sonos play:1 I believe so when you're sitting down right in the middle you're enjoying the really big screen you've got the sound coming from the front and two sounds coming from the sides so it gives you that a surround sound feel so it's really really nice alright guys check this out this is what I call the portable gaming section so over here you can see I've got a portal a couple of portable systems I've got some 3d asses of course with some Pokemon on it cuz you got two and over some 3d sx cells and even a PlayStation Vita because the Vita has my heart man just we should have more games but you sit down right in this chair this is a special chair because it's got some built-in speakers here so if you're playing and you want to enhance your portable gaming experience you plug this in throw that volume up and you you know you get an Enhanced portable gaming experience just so that you're not sitting here just playing it like this you could play it anywhere like this but with the speakers in the chair adds a little more depth makes it more enjoyable and if a game has a good soundtrack makes it even better now what's really awesome about this chair is that the speakers are right on the sides of your head so you can really hear it sounds great and down here you've got some controls so that you can actually increase the bass or you can increase the volume however you want to do it now this is the X rocker I'll of course have links to this and everything else I'll try this with everything else in this video down in the description so you can check that out but this is a nice little setup guys I love it sit down here play some games and you get some really rock out now no you guys probably saw P go over there but just give me a second we'll get to that but over here we have my Gundam collection this is something I've worked on forever each of these has taken countless hours and over here we've got a giant one this is a perfect grade this one takes the time of like three of these easily and then you know it's holding my special plaque for a hundred thousand subscribers you know we're on the road to 1 million so if you haven't subscribed yet and you're watching this subscribe but yeah this is my collection that I've amassed over time is taking quite some time these all take forever and I just like the way this is showcased since this game room is all about the things I love I had to get this inside of here so it kind of just looks great and this isn't the only one I've actually got another one over here and this is the B's I didn't build myself these are more like pre-built but they're all pretty rare very rare they're all from Japan collectibles and they just look awesome I don't know I also don't have to worry about them falling apart because I built them but these are really awesome and I just had to have my Gundams you guys see me put them into videos all the time so I had to show them off here you guys have seen this in a previous video but this is what I'm gonna be using as a cool little set whenever I have products probably pay something over here is got this motorized desk so I can move this up and down whenever I want and you know I can build this out however I want though whatever props up there make it a nice little shooting space and you know I gotta have another poster over here so it's not blend and we got Avatar Aang the best avatar that chorus stuff we don't mess with that this is the stuff right here and over here we've got this cool little lamp I got from Amazon looks pretty awesome it's got a lifx bulb inside it here since the Phillip Hughes bulbs don't change to this particular color so I'm really trying to do the whole teal thing in here and these balls were actually able to help me do that alright so I know you guys got a peek of this already but this is the gaming PC now I put a lot of effort into getting this whole situation hooked up cable management all that stuff but this is it this is the desk this is the area this is where I get my first real leap into gaming on a PC thanks to main gear who hooked me up with this gaming PC right here which I'm calling flood now you know teal is the main color of this room white teal black that's kind of like the theme here and main gear was able to capture that perfectly with this system now if you're wondering about specs we've got two GeForce 1080s in here and an i7 6700 a processor so if you want all the details I'll have that link down below in description I have all this information in a much more detailed video so stay tuned for that now they were able to make a system for me that was going to handle having three Acer predator X 30 fours so I've got three ultra wide screens right here so that I can have a super super immersive gaming experience and I've also even got the oculus rift help up to this so if you guys can see here this is the sensor and I've got the oculus so like I said is going this room has like all the aspects of gaming so we've got virtual reality which is a bit better than that PlayStation VR so that's over here we've got the Xbox controller to go with it now just actually taking a quicker look at the desk we've got a next desk which is also a motorized desk so even though this thing is hooked up and set up and wired up I can use the desk to mount it this is about the safe height over here so that I can still have my cables hidden pretty decently and not have everything rip and fall apart so this pretty this looks pretty good and it functions really well if I want to stand so this is awesome over here I have some audio engine a5s so these are amazing they've got some insane sound quality they're very powerful I've even got the subwoofer over here at the bottom and they pack a punch I'm afraid to even play it at max capacity because my neighbors are going to freak out but it's amazing and taking a look at the peripherals I've got a steel series Kay 800 keyboard so of course it's matching the theme here and something I really like is that when you hit a button it goes into orange it turns into an orange key so kind of those UAC colors the teal the orange kind of give a little owed to that and I even have two Mouse's here now this is a bit unorthodox because I just can't pick one between the two of these I've got the logitech g930 Reece miles over here because it has a couple of awesome features like having my logo right on the mouse this is insane folks so this is a really awesome Mouse and it feels a lot more ergonomic but they're just this one's Wireless so you know they've got their trade-offs I decided you know what I can pick between the two whenever I want I can just grab whichever one I want at the moment so I've got two over there and if you haven't noticed everything is illuminated with RGB colors so I got the colors here on the mouse this one's cycling through all the colors and I even have a mousepad that does it as well so all the colors are breakfast ended here teal is real and it's here to stay it even got my Sony here on headphones so these there's probably so much green and teal going on over here that you can't even see it properly but these go perfectly with it as well as this chair this is a Herman Miller chair huge shot to Eric who's recording this but has she got me this for my birthday so I was able to fit this into the room really nicely now I've got my favorite headphones over here and I can use these whenever I want but I also have this gaming headset because come on you got to have a gaming headset for the PC and these are the logitech g930 threes now this is awesome because it has the RGB lights as well but of course I have it so that it matches with the room so these headphones these are awesome these sound great they're super comfortable and these are what I'm rocking with this whole system and just check this out guys side by side with the flood system over here they go perfectly it's just it's just such an awesome set of guys and we didn't talk about this but this is my favorite Gundam right here this is the double-o riser 7 sword looks awesome he has to be on the best with me his spot is right here but he has to be on the best because he's that cool and we've got this little notification system thing right here called the naughty now with this when your phone goes off if you get a missed call or your get a text message or an app goes off you can actually get a notification here or changes color and this actually matches with the room pretty well if I'm playing a game and I'm like really immersed into it and I'm not paying attention the blinking light can go off and let me know that hey there's some activity going on on my phone so that's an awesome little touch here and check these out we've got some panels to kind of give the desam style liven it up a bit make it a bit more personable and over here we've got this drawer that holds the oculus of course on the controller you guys saw that but in here we've got quite a few phones from super old-school phones like the very first Android phone the g1 this is a baby right here true true blue even though it's not blue second drawer even more phones there just kind of just racking up at this point and down here we've got a few Android devices Android wear devices and an Apple watch there's the first version but we've got quite a few options over here and you guys know me and you know how I do these are a bunch of Ziploc bags with cables so I can always have options readily available and hello Pete this these are from select blinds these are blinds that are motorized there's a remote over there so I can remotely do this but yeah I can completely control these blinds from afar this is really really cool I love these kind of just makes having blinds bit more futuristic that's how it's got to be over here at UAC HQ and last but not least I know you thought it was over but I still got one more room to show you guys come check this out this is just a closet but it's an awesome closet this is where I store all my headphones I've got quite a few of them you guys know I've been doing headphone videos for years now and you know they kind of rack up over here up top above them are the boxes for all of my Gundams I'll give you guys a more in depth video about everything in here check out those backpacks at the bottom all tech backpacks baby if you guys want to see more a more in-depth video about what's inside of there let me know what the comment down below give this video a thumbs up all that good stuff and that's about it for this video guys hopefully you enjoyed it this is my ultimate gamers paradise all the tech that you could imagine all the games that you could imagine and I'm pretty proud of it I'll catch you guys in the next one total 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