Too Many Games 2019 – Tour and Pick-Ups

how you feeling you got John Riggs hear back from too many games had a wonderful time in technically Oaks near Philadelphia Pennsylvania was there some friends I picked up a whole bunch of stuff saw some really cool things I'm going to show you what I saw and then right afterwards I'll show you what I picked up check this out and you see this here it's like that's probably like sports games and stuff dude it's like rescue reaches for five there's like a little MIMO five bucks only what else you see what else you need that's a good one like I played a lot of that one awesome music Tim falling for the win look at the Super Nintendo games five bucks each or sports titles are a dollar that's like still I saw like super Empire Strikes Back five bucks Mario Paint worth about five there's a pile of wings clay fighters for five dude some great Famicom games over here too got box Genesis games down there you gonna grab those yeah five bucks each look at that income okay well what cup would be a dollar of a cyber justice for five x-men for five let's guys gonna this guy knows how to sell us stuff he's gonna sell it all and get home early just trying to move you in this I'm telling you any also has this cool stuff over here too there we go if I didn't have to fly back that's how to make you an offer on everything we got your flasks and lighters don't see this too often at game conventions flashes and lighters but they also have cool stuff they make them haha let me destroy your no it's on there yeah it's on there that's awesome yeah I love it oh these two look at that my import stuff too especially we're looking for like slime this is a metal slide back there it's kind of cool mystery games I think it lots of great Famicom games in here too let me see if I can find an awesome Famicom game if you're looking for Famicom games make sure you look for no no door door they're doubling a Eagle island and the Angry Video Game Nerd one and two deluxe Gili Island coming soon for the switch that's a really fun game there you go like that anyway a fun game love these unique ones – hello makes it fine stuff in a case they're talking great my dude did you imagine it's cool to see this like I could have a little bit of everything here full systems what comment I was back here it is a turbo duo 225 complete comes with a couple games that's awesome Neo Geo CD turbo graphics 16 lot about a panasonic 3do the hook Yap complete 2 for the PlayStation with the screen on it well yeah box it's tough to think you see anything you need a box the Lynx perhaps maybe the 3d Sega scope system how about a Rob 45 bucks kind of cool to see random-access stuff including all your snack needs Paki Romani I do love my videogame books some good ones in here too I recommend that is all done right there that final fantasy longer that's awesome these professor shyguy shirts are awesome there it's bleach design right dude that's crazy well don't don't spoil your secrets everyone else is gonna do it now I love it got some CDs down here too and that's it right there that's the winning suit the winningest suit I've ever seen in my life that's sweet where'd it come from you remember okay good lord and they have other designs oh you're not that you're wearing it sure is this is the music Rett Romania wrestling those guys all signed more to be announced soon and how familiar doesn't look that's so cool I played a little bit of this it it plays legit trust me you're gonna wanna check it out love Russell fast from back in the day that's so awesome always the quality stuff from square painter you think these are printed from the beam these are hand painted and painted squares he paint every individual square crazy love these ones to where he'll take like you know some thrift store painting that is own little splash to it so awesome yeah if you ever see if you ever see this guy you know you're in for some quality traits seriously I seriously think you're doing I'll just I'll just put you over my let's button you over by selling your cool stuff here man listen thank you I don't know what what are you most proud of right now so I need to show it for years it just sat in my house when I took it out repainted the whole thing put a fresh coat of paint on it at the end of 2018 so there's been hundreds of hundred hundreds of hours all right I did twice I don't want to sell it I'll be very grouchy bluetick you bring it yeah you got a big another Lennox didn't bring it and you always like just bring it everybody likes and I asked on Twitter yeah alright fine every year there's a new theme it's awesome animal crossing bunch of guts here are little awesome if you're gonna get me Rossum cookies they're all awesome Tommy Dreamer I met Tommy Dreamer mess he says for the first time boundary break super good show this guy's hilarious long- Scott that was such a nice guy cool the enamel pins too I had to get the shirt there I am it's good-looking picture I wish I look that awesome in real life though you did very well thank you for actually giving me a little bit of gruff and badassness to my demeanor I love it of all things to find Christmas pac-man I'm curious now oh five bucks away dude what a deal of all things you'll see very often do you a master 3d Mario – it's kind of fun I love it you call tank assault did you you look in there I love finding stuff like that you know you know you know it's a game factory full of and it I also like this idea it does see this lean sideways you have a little table on the side and then there's that could be let's find out I'm gonna guess Pokemon snap here it goes Mario Mario Party chief uh great game alright look and tell me what the Kol all right there you go the PC can be games all of down the hall here some great indie games here you saw the wrestling game earlier there's so many other games too so have love to the indie titles that's something you see too often one of these groov catcher cornflakes boxes the promo the cool stuff in there Oh yeah is that just a box and when in doubt socks lots of socks I actually kind of like that Nintendo one the controller socks I did that yeah I take it that's cool gotta have these of course what a good deal on them too it's pretty cool right some of the cool ones too [Applause] promotional skateboard sure at the demo signs here echo calls that most of Nintendo signs he says Mo's you mean the quality stuff too yes great idea too well it's one would you grab if I could choose any of them my B space channel 5 it's awesome I'm so cool you down for that for sure it's called blood hashtag blood dude I love it I look everything up there the budget come on that that's fantastic yeah oh boy there's a lot whether that what does this been Evo I gots was smashed and stuff like that this wasn't to this panini buzz I'll have more than this probably good lord I haven't ever been to PTSD so they came here and they have everything you're looking for so it's Vita PlayStation for a little bit at the SVR in there a little bit run games over there collector's editions got the ritual and 77 hyper can stuff brawler 64 the tribute 64 got the back-to-back handicaps I'll I can dig it oh man classic there guy started a slider he's kind of cool how's it showing off not bad little set up back here it's a free place of consoles of arcades have pinball the weird gifts that you don't really get to see it very often it's a good step in I'll here let me show you this game this was pretty cool I like this one well or not good stuff here is pretty cool – spectators they're playing there we go oh that's interesting yeah these are kind of fun now jeez it's kind of neat I think we need to build this okay hit the button it doesn't happen so I hit the buggy okay still cold up oh yeah Oh fun it takes pictures super fast super fast set of speed it even has a tripod stand oh that's legit that's pretty legit that's too funny that's a USB these are my favorite tables Oh said pre-ordered look the KB Toys sticker on there what $6.99 on clearance for $4.99 now 80 bucks but it is dr. Robotnik way to go that's cool tell me the price on this must be hard to find huh go to the cello it's before we've how I see like it was like so long so it was right the guys bought it before the attendees came sure oh yeah just to bring people in never someone makes a big better deal for you're like well can't afford you near this but no that wasn't for that much money big shout out to my buddy Ken and David for hanging out with me all weekend of course a huge shout out to both that Justin Silverman Paul Truitt Ryan and everyone on these on the team for having a wonderful wonderful convention I put it way up there with one of the best conventions I've ever attended that's a true story so hopefully get a chance to check it out next year if you were there I hope I saw you if you weren't there maybe we could make it out next year I hope I'll see you there Oh something I'm gonna be there we'll see never mind about all that let me show you the cool stuff I picked up and all of the pickups sometimes there's people showed up at my tables like hey I don't know if you'd have one of these or not but here have one of these I was like I don't have one of these but I'll take it this is like a Sega Genesis looking before for cap for a USB it's like dude I love it it's like I say get a second Sega Genesis mini but mini has even come out yet there's like the og right here the clothes people you ever saw in your life these guys right here mega powers monthly have these dust sleeves never give out I open they're customized to them and they're channel I suppose and it fits your run into the game's perfectly just like that think that's something yeah how'd you get some of these for myself it is always a pleasure to see limited run games there there's a couple of VR games I never bothered backing or supporting when that first came out so yeah I'll get it later I see limited run games and enough conventions and they did have one of these and I'm so happy to it because last copy I got the last copy they brought two too many games they only had one of them I picked it up it's a game I didn't have yet but I'm looking forward to checking it out I'm a huge fan of PlayStation VR so a more physical copies as good news for me what they didn't have which I really wanted to see was thumper for the PlayStation VR they didn't have it but someone did by the name of video games New York these guys are legit their table was packed with all kinds of cool stuff and they happen to have a there and this was actually gifted to me I was like I'm somebody was looking around for they came out to me they're like hey have you have you found thumper for the psvr yet and I was like no I haven't seen it yet I mean I know I did I did see it way over there I'm gonna I'm gonna go over there and pick it up pretty soon he's like that I don't worry about it I got you he came back a little bit later I thought he was buying one for himself and one for me but he just bought the one for me and gift it to me so dude thank you so much I mean I was I was gonna pay for it too you know but I was like but all but I'll accept it humbly and thank you so much I do appreciate it and I know you were not with video game through yours I said to video games New York man they had a great boot though it was fun just to see what they had I would think this moment very quickly to show off their pamphlet and they have a new logo every year it's always inspired you can tell it but not when it's too many games and then Animal Crossing font I gotta love that and my David my David my buddy Dave well he's behead forget it he's mind David now my David gifted me this to give to Kelsey this is gonna be a spoiler for Kelsey if she sees this you know she's a huge animal crossing fence so look out for this to be cold they do these enamel pins everyone's doing enamel paints that's insane was the name Tim Tammy is that right is it Tammy how I hope so I'm in a tiff and if I were to spoil today I apologize in advance bags and bags of super battle us as a super battle tank are super yeah super battle tank sealed for Game Gear and and she had like three or four bags full of them and it was just having a handing them out to like just people who were hanging around so I was like thanks I'll take it I met Patrick stole at a video game con last year and had a great time there to what their this time to give to me some stuff including a Avengers keychain very cool a game genie I'm sure Patrick seen some of my live streams I need some of this I love my video game books it's a secret codes a book I don't have and a box of cereal birthday cake flavored Froot Loops which I left at the convention that's the table I crashed but my buddy Chris took a picture of it here's a picture all the same it's alright I'll pick up a box later on on your behalf right and thank you so much I'm glad you stopped by haha it's not working this is from my buddy kid actually that was there Ken Ken was attack make sure you check on his Instagram to Mesmer on an Instagram not working open car surgery soon again with the video game books hardcore gaming 101 one of my favorite once again always new books all the time I'm a huge fan of treasure they have a book that's all about treasure you'll see a video later on of just this book for sure but it says hey if you left her like I do right here I've got a book all about treasure I love churros games still up mirage so Lola Raj has to be my favorite treasure game but you're asking why when I hear from yours in the comments got to support the musicians that are out there as well whenever they have CDs I'd usually try to buy one or two of them super thrash brothers was there looking for to pop this in my car I'm still old school then I still listen to CDs in my car got a six disc changer so checking out this this one here from super strat through super super thrash brothers if I can pronounce it correctly and then professor shy guy was there a new album out I'm looking forward to checking this out – not only was he doing CDs he was doing shirts – including this one let me pen down away including this one look at that guy love it it's like a what's it called like bleach thing looks like get this shirt and he bleaches it a certain way with the cutouts and everything looks awesome hahahaha professor shy guy was doing two shirts the for 30 bucks so I picked up this one and then and then that guy right there look at that cool and I can head that great I love it love the colors on this one too alright so looking forward to this and looking forward to checking out this disc only pop it in my car next time I get in there that's not the only shirt no no no I also picked up the spawn wave shirt spawn wave shirt spawn wave shirt I also picked up a spawn wave shirt because my face is right there look how awesome I made me look – just talk to the artist about this here – and I was like I'll be honest with you I didn't even know I was on this shirt I'm glad I am it's okay and I'm totally cool with that – I didn't but I saw them working on this as a Gothic away that's a great design and then I was like looking at a – and the artist was right there he's like oh you're on the shirt – I'm like oh wait really it's like yeah right there you got it uh got rich right next to me – so it's like which one's me I looked that cool in real life man I'd be good to go I also got this shirt here look at that motor II buttery buttery things boater even do games buttery like the design that led I'll rock I'll rock this I'll rock this it's a double XL weird double XL you're awesome and thank you for stopping by – I know we missed each other at e3 but we were able to do actually able to hook up here at a tattoo minigame so very very cool good looking out then and your kids are awesome the cool thing about going to these conventions like too many games I've run under a lot of internet but he's gonna talk to online for a while and I meet them in real life for the first time – and disc cards were there and look at the cool design on this one here look at the cool design on this one here this is all the super comfy material super comfy material Oh super comfort material so very very cool looking forward to checking that out and what disc karts does his channel is he shows you proper cool ways to display your games on a shelf or something like that so I encourage you to check out his channel it's linked in the description and he also does 3d printing type stuff so me a very customized keychain here that cool right that's awesome I love stuff like that it's funny to you 3d printed these little like dust sleeves house like that's cute okay sure I get it you know that's that's kind of cute to have like a desk Liam he's not gonna know no it's not just a dust sleeve it's a dust sleeve for your switch games it's a dust sleeve for your switch games it's a dust so you get read the first couple of times this this is such a great idea man this is awesome though thank you again and again and like I'm telling you make sure you check out his channel it says discard discard articulated I still get I'm not weirded out by when put some 1s for an autograph can you sign this can you sell my game can you sign my Nintendo to get like a Nintendo system and get everyone's signature honest I like that that's cool but it never once was like somebody was like here can you sign this for me I'm like I don't even have one of these he he made this I could sign it and then he has it for his own collection I'm sure so he had a second one he gave it to me – I was like this is awesome I love this is cool this is me see I'm not wearing my creeps hat right now my buddy get I've been talking a lot by my buddy my buddy Ken my buddy Ken Kimmel stick was there he was telling the table including some pokemon cards and there was two pokemon cards that Kelsie's collecting that she didn't have so I got these for her two people there's stuff for Kelsey I'm telling I got one of these cuz it's awesome I love these old school books actually got this from pole up all true it was collecting these things he had bunch of I was like oh cool I need one of those he's like a yours it's not this one I got another one oh cool thanks the booth I crashed they put me in the back corner which is fine that's where the guests are but not a lot of traffic there for people shopping and you know that sometimes it takes me going out to the floor so yeah I don't know you're gonna be here is like I've been here all weekend what but I'm in the back where's I ended up crashing square painters booth my buddy Adam and while I was there I've been eyeballing it I had to get something he does such great work got a rock the startropics man got a rock the startropics man he's called square painter because he has this is on grid paper and he paints it square by square everything's hand painted everything's hand painted from all your favorite games too and I'm such a big fan of startropics that have to have to make it work buddy you'll see this on my wall soon only a few more things left only a few more things left I promise too many games is notorious for their screen wave parties now screen wave media and people from it are the same people who put on too many games it's not really a screen way of convention but the screen weight media people there you know you know what I mean it's too many games is too many games and it happens to have some of those Greenway media people who are doing both but they were hooking up people with these hoodies for be in there like the creators and I guess I was a creator so it's like dude this is a possibility and super super comfy screen weighted media's they're doing new games – I'm such a big fan of I'll use your words when that first came out and eagle island looks fantastically played a little bit eagle island you saw in the video I'd recommend checking it out for sure for switch please where you play whatever you want by the on the plate on so a couple more pins just cuz I'm telling you because an elephant's are taking off everywhere girls what do you got hi Lily hey what's wrong if you missed me there's Laura there's Lily did you miss me anyone do you want to show the good people first Laura okay go ahead what do you out Laura well you see my dad he's the most greatest dad ever I mean like look at this tell me you will to get to the point but to get to the point he was still kind enough to get us a little didn't do their Pokemon thingy and and its name is 2007 Jackson pose Oh perfect what a great that's a beautiful name that's it it's it's a goes hog all of it all all the parents are naming their kids back rolls off the tongue alright Willie what do you got – my news a wonderful time I will see you at game on Expo in Arizona coming up in August Portland retro gaming expo October and who knows what other conventions are coming up this year going onto the next year we're gonna have a fun time in fact you're gonna see these guys in Portland as well I'm bringing my daughters to pour the red lava ah clothes off with one of those

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  1. I've never been to a convention but it seems like so many vendors mark their games much higher than Ebay prices. Kind of deters me from wanting to go.

  2. Great video, man. Again, I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to say hi this time! Partially my fault as well. Next time for sure!

  3. Thanks for the footage. That show looked awesome. I'm only an hour from philly and completely forgot it was going on. Aye. I will absolutely check that out next year if it stays in the same area. Awesome video man

  4. Sweet pickups John!! Love those Switch games dustsleeves!! I am so happy I finally got to meet you. It was an honor and you are so awesome. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. The MEGAPOWERS are my best friends! 🙂 Love your channel!

  5. Great pickups dude! Thanks for stopping and saying hi and snapping a quick photo with me. It was my first ever convention and I was honestly nervous as hell to talk to you! Your Robotnik cosplay is fantastic.

  6. Glad you could make it, it was cool meeting you for a brief few seconds. Next time we’ll get that beer.

  7. Hahaha! Man you had already made my weekend. That was awesome! My first convention was amazing and I got to meet some really awesome people and I think thay was even better than the games. One thing that amazed me was how tired i was by the end! It seemed like you and other people have built up convention strength over the years! Ill be at too many games every year after this experience!

  8. Oh to have enough money to just walk to each booth and say "I want that bin of games and that one and that one!"

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