Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Germany

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hey everybody what’s up I’m Henry from German pop
and welcome to new episode I got some really cool stuff going on today I’m
gonna tell you about the top 10 citing spots in Germany so whenever you come
out make sure you hit those spots young subpoena Allianz Arena Allianz Arena
Allianz Arena Colonel Jameson was east the aliens are they not offended Kernan
zinnias Hardin loses the aliens are they not offended
could you tell me where the aliens arena is located yeah I don’t know that’s the
stadium of a football club Bayern Munich and I know many people would disagree
with me out there but that’s really not the coolest club so when I watch out for
where’s the business that you’ve located that’s the one from Bella Bremen much
penalty Canon Bogota Brandenburg Gate planet in Bogota Brandenburg Gate
thus planning Bogota is tyrosines very tight in Bolinas in Swedish kind in
Berlin the Brandenburg Gate is a sightseeing spot in Berlin yeah very
famous one I would guess from the most famous German sightseeing spots this
huge gate like right in the middle of Berlin very cool it’s close by many
other sightseeing spots so once you go to Berlin really make sure you check
that out it’s also where the problem we’ll all used to go along so it’s a
cool one Europa Park oil Walker Park I hope a park or maybe Europe park mo Papa
can man Elena odometer familiar huge possum in oil Hooper Park
come on Elena odometer familiar fears possum in the Ewell Park you can have
lots of fun alone always your family yet to be really honest I’ve never really
been there so see also shame on me I’m to show you some sightseeing spots that
we know about but I’ve heard about it’s supposed to be very cool Karina
dawn Cologne Cathedral Taruna doom Cologne Cathedral the Kuna
Dumas and for Attenborough almond the Kuna doom is alpha are ten without the
Cologne Cathedral is simply stunning that’s true
fun fact about the Cologne Cathedral at one point in history I think about 1600
something it was the tallest building in the entire world
yeah it’s very cool cool building like it pops out of the Cologne silhouette if
you if you’re and Kalon you can almost say from everywhere it’s a cool place to
go unfortunately almost always covered in some construction things because they
always have to keep it in good shape but it’s a cool place
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest uh Oktoberfest uh Oktoberfest ban Oktoberfest
so German only link might be a problem I am Oktoberfest Zoltan man homebuilding
Vice P appropriately during Oktoberfest you should definitely try Vice p.m. yeah
who hasn’t heard about October just one of the coolest things Germany has to
offer I would say right in the heart of Munich every September oddly so I don’t
know what I’m called September 1st yeah I wouldn’t go for the Vice Pier it’s
more the helis so cold like yeah some kind of German lager what you drink
there but yeah you have this huge 1 liter marks and everybody gets very
happy after a few of those and it’s a cool thing if you haven’t checked it out
that should be on your to-do list of life something very particular it’s a
lot of fun you meet random people from all over the world they have one weekend
it’s even called the Italian weekend so always remember those don’t you should
check out but yeah Oktoberfest good stuff if you like beer if you are
not really into all the party stuff and don’t go check out Oktoberfest also it’s
not really a sightseeing spot it’s more like a festival over four weeks maybe
three weeks I think three weeks yeah if you pull that go to buy go to Baba I go
to Munich I stuck high stock price tag I stuck the
I stick to this rice stock it’s time for Attenborough almond the I he take to the
sky stocks is Hydra art embattlement the architecture of the I stocks is
simply stunning it’s also – pretty cool too close to Brandenburg Gate as I said
previously like some of those big sites of Berlin are close to each other so you
could just walk there and probably three-minute foot walk you can also go
in and took a tour and go up in the in the top in this glass ceiling and then
you would look down to where all the politicians it’s every day doing
politician stuff cool thing to check out Berlin again book opt etapa : book of
the Toba wouldn’t work octet over a wouldn’t work of the tower wouldn’t work
of the tower synovitis in hardener metal a little stunt wouldn’t work of the
tower design invited skin tightener metal attorney houston open book october
is largely preserved medieval town yeah again shame on me one of those I haven’t
been to yet but my parents want they just wanted to use the gold they really
like it and it’s it’s something special that you hear in many European countries
but also specially in German that you have a lot of medieval towns that are
that are well preserved so if you only do all this old stuff the place you
should check out wooden book of the tower
what a weird name for a city isn’t it II don’t think that’s not why there’s no
idea who came up with that it probably some medieval old dude you know what the
name is city I guess schloss sanssouci sanssouci castle
schloss sanssouci sanssouci castle schloss sanssouci is Enzo matchless lost
senselessly is and Amish Los Santos the castle is a summer castle I’m also one
of those places I actually have never been it’s very close to Berlin a bit
west so yeah if you want to like walk your way through this list you already
have three sites very close to each other
my parents went they said it’s also a very nice place you’ve lots of gardens
you can walk in the gardens and so a good thing to do with your family also I
I think it’s very similar to the castle of Versailles in France of course this
one is a bit more famous probably a bit bigger but from the style it’s kind of
what you have in Versailles so but yeah make sure to come in summarize I said
it’s a summer castle so not so cool to be there on a rainy day I’d say stronger
gauzy Lake Starnberg ston Benghazi Lake stand back – Don Benghazi is NZ in Byam
– Don Benghazi is NZ in Vienna like Starnberg is a lake in Bavaria did I
actually tell you I recently moved to Bavaria right into the heart of Munich
so that’s one of the places I really wanna check out I guess it’s very
beautiful a bit south of Munich and on your way right to Italia cool place to
hang out there I think a lot of fancy houses next to the like all the posh
people of Munich yeah if you like nature stuff Lauren I don’t know if you can go
fish there or something and that’s definitely one of the sites you should
check out new in Becca Christine gets fucked Nuremberg Christmas market
Nuremberg our Christian dead smart room back Christmas market then win big are
christina smart is another chance – smack the in gang-style shunt
number Christmas market is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Jeff
yes sure I personally of course I’m very proud of the Christmas market of my
hometown so we have this Christmas forest there’s like a square and they
every winter is I chop some trees and put them there like this Christmas trees
and then if you go in it really feels like in a forest and you get some move
that hot wine there but yeah for sure new and bad Christmas market also pretty
cool thing you could only check out in winter don’t go and summer to Nuremberg
and think you will have the Christmas market okay and usually starting holy by
the end of November early December you know one Christmas anyways that’s it for
today I hope you enjoyed the lesson I hope you get excited about seeing some
of the site since I told you about many of them I’ve seen many of them are
really cool others I still have to check out myself see you next time subscribe
to the channel leave some comments and

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