Top 5 Shopping Destinations in India | Vir Sanghvi

Some people shop when they travel and
some people travel only to shop. No matter which category you belong to, here are five destinations you could visit. The first one of course is Delhi where we are. Not necessarily the Huaz Khas Village but Chandini Chowk. Every foreign
designer of consequence who comes to India, makes a beeline to Chandini Chowk. And why, it’s because Chandini Chowk is traditional craftsmen artistsans, doing what they’ve done for generations: making jewelry, making chappals, making the most amazing fabric you’re ever likely to see. So if you want something unusual
something you can’t find at normal shops, head for Chandni Chowk and there’s a
bonus, you’ll get the best Jalebis in India. The second destination is Calcutta.
It’s not just because I lived there for many years, but because there’s something really special in Calcutta. At the very centre of Calcutta is new market. It to
me is the “Heart of Calcutta” because it symbolizes everything that makes it such
a great city. It’s built by the British, run mainly these days by Marwaris, populated by Bengalis and offers home to all kinds of people who came to Calcutta:
Tibetan refugees, Jewish refugees. You’ll find the most remarkable collection of
shops. You’ll find everything from hosiery to electronics to the most
amazing food shopping you’re ever likely to see. The third great shopping destination on our list is Jaipur. Now you know this is the tourist destination. You probably don’t realize, it’s also a shopping paradise. Jaipur is famous the world over for the hand block prints and the cotton fabrics that India experts by the millions. But you’ll still get the best ones in Jaipur. It also has some of India’s most famous Jewellery shops. But even if you can’t afford those high prices go and meet the traditional artisans and buy their silver work, it’s truly outstanding. When you go to Jaipur go and see all the tourister but remember what you’ll take back are not just memories but shopping as well. The next destination is Bangalore. I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say, ”Bangalore IT City, you’re asking us to go shopping for IT?” No, I’m not. What you guys don’t realize is
that Bangalore is also the garment export capital of India. There are units that make clothes on every famous designer you can think of. Many of these clothes
don’t get exported. They end up as surplus, they end up in outlet stores. Go there, buy these
things. You’ll get Ralph Lauren shirts, you’ll get Calvin Klein shirts, you’ll get
shirts that cost you hundreds of dollars abroad and you’ll get them here for a
few hundred rupees. And for our fifth and final shopping destination, I picked Kerela. Yes I know you know all about the back waters, the beaches, the sanctuaries, the hills and yes it’s beautiful. But it’s much more than that. When Vasco da Gama first came to India, he didn’t come to Goa he came to Kerala and he came to Kerala for
the same reason I often go there, which is it has the best spices in the
universe. The pepper of Kerala is world famous and now not only will you get
wonderful cardamom they grow amazing vanilla. So if you go to Kerala enjoy the beauty.
But go and look at the spice markets. You’ll never get spices like that
anywhere else in the world. Well, that’s it. Five shopping destinations chosen from my own experience. So what can I say, keep the questions coming. Remember you can ask me anything and “Happy Shopping!”

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