Top / Best Winter DESTINATIONS to visit in INDIA

good morning today I am going to talk about the best winter destinations to visit in India in 2017 so what I've done is basically categorized the destinations according to topology so one is the Himalayas next are the forests and then there are the beaches and then the fourth category is the rest of the country the first category the Himalayas you've got the lovely beautiful state called Sikkim you've got a visit gangtok and further beyond gangtok in places like you thong in thong Galil a tomb and and garuda malik the stair of Sikkim is blessed with scenic and landscape very you've got to visit the state during the month of December and during December and January there is tremendous chance of snowfall there so if you were lucky you can catch a lot of snowfall in Sahib next is a homogeneous and neutral current this tiny little adjacent States up in the north of India in the Himalayas are blessed with natural beauty it places like Manali Shimla and even in Uttarakhand Pacific only all get covered in snow deep layers of snow and attract a lot of tourists and travellers from all over India and even abroad so Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are the name look for the beyond imagine for this you've gotta find Ladakh oh yes Ladakh is a truly blessed with the natural beauty it's a place for daring adventurers during a month of December and January but please stem pritchard dips down to minus 30 and even minus 40 in some places it's difficult to sustain in those places it's not for kids or senior citizens but people who love adventure people who love traveling and whose passion is to travel they can fly up to Ladakh during the widowed month of December and and January and and indulge in some really Mill Valley we have got a good mark places like good mark where you can do lot of snowboarding and go up in the ropeway and in you zoom Arkansas mod and polygons there's a lot of green meadows and vistas in the nations to visit during the winter months but what about those people who are not yet so daring and would you'd love to visit a places where there are not so much of a you know hardcore adventure activities so you've got the lovely wildlife and beautiful natural national parks and sanctuaries in India and places like Jim Corbett National Park the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan or there are so many national parks and sanctuaries in Assam places like Kaziranga National Park – national product or the Bruce IQR bird sanctuary and even in West Bengal in places like doors where you've got the Guru more a National Park or even in Sunderbans where you can watch if you get lucky you can get to watch the Royal Bengal tiger and the deep mango forest during the winter vacations and even places like confer national park bench national park in multiple – are truly a while lover's hotspot to visit during the winter my layers you've also the wire blowers have been to the national parks and sanctuaries but what about those beach lovers would just want to relax on on all the beach watch the sunrise or the sunset and lie down on a beautiful shaft down so the chances are that you are lucky to have a country like India so you've got this is like like Goa you know the one of the most popular and hot spots off with ridiculous implications and is go of course and the place gets really really crowded during Christmas and in your so plan your winter vacation in Goa right now without any delay chances are you will not get your preferred hotel stay or a resort stay if you don't cook it right now next from Goa you've got this is like Vizag and if you go down south you've got the beautiful place of henge ancient heritage town of Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry which you can do at one go you can complete that circuit of Chennai mahabalipuram and Pondicherry in one circuit and four island levels there's the beautiful and lovely the virgin islands of an Amana cover islands which is so untouched so real so insanely beautiful that you've got to go there in the bunch of winter vacations temperatures are very very moderate there it's it's beautiful the place of Port Blair Wonder Beach and then even I hidden gems like Neil Island or or Ross and Smith Island abner not in the unknown when the six or even the little animal islands so I'm going to do a video separately on the hidden gems of hanumana cover Islands very soon but I know Malika violence as a top bra off winter vacations it should be on your back last in the fourth category I have got the places like the Golden Triangle places like Delhi and Agra which is like the Kulin triangle in India you can do these three cities at one booth and even there are a lot of other beautiful singing and heritage tongues in Rajasthan like the poor and jodpur and giselle mayor which you can do during the month of December and January and even in in February the place the who looks mesmerizing a beautiful during the winter vacations with its moderate temperatures and then the circuit of Bangalore Mysore and booty you can land up in Bangalore spend the day there and then from there you can take a bus right or all by car you can drive up to Mysore spend the day there watch the ancient and heritage places of my soul this the local delicacy South Indian delicacies of the Mysorean cuisine there and and then drive up till booty the cynic and the most scenic and beautiful one of the most scenic and beautiful hill stations in South India so Bangalore Mysore booty is another circuit which you can complete during the winter months in December Jenny so question of the day where is your puppet least stop bucket list to visit during the winter vacations of 2017 where are you planning to go where are you thinking of making a trip with your family or friends in the month of December the January and February please comment below the description box below I would love to hear from you your comments and feedbacks are very very valuable for me I would love to respond to each of your queries and even help you might be guide your trip planning trip planning or during the winter vacations so please please please come and please do subscribe to our Channel you fast that haven't already and share this video with your friends and if you have liked it give it a thumbs up and subscribe to us on YouTube follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and keep exploring keep traveling and connect with us soon for another exciting you

8 Replies to “Top / Best Winter DESTINATIONS to visit in INDIA”

  1. The Andanmen Islands would be the place for me! Love the sun and beaches.
    Heard great things about Ledahk too though!

  2. Manali leh highway looks stunning and so high in the mountains! It's amazing to see how many beautiful destinations India has to offer! It's really a surprising country!

  3. We've always wanted to visit India, and we'll definitely be adding Ranthambore National Park to our bucketlist! Can't imagine actually seeing a tiger in the wild

  4. I can't wait to take the family to India one day.  I wasn't aware of many of these places.  So many beautiful landscapes.

  5. Really exciting list of places to visit – The National Parks sound stunning! So many different options.

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