Tour de Mount Vernon 2019 Coming Oct. 19th

Hi, I’m Dan Storck, the Mount Vernon district supervisor, and I want to invite you to join us
for the 4th annual Tour de Mount Vernon community bike ride on
October 19th. We have two different routes this year that
we are running. We have a 20 mile route and a 35 mile route.
They are all starting at the Workhouse Art Center, and they
are all going to be a lot of fun. We are going to ride over
to Mason Neck and Gunston Hall, which is also right on the river
and is the home of George Mason. Then we are gonna do a first
time event for us which is go to Fort Belvoir where you will be
able to get a great view of the water, as well as see the town
of Fort Belvoir and see how it is changing. From there we are
going to ride to a number of different communities and end up
back at the workhouse art center where are going to have a great
time with some fuel for you and some fun and music and lots of
camaraderie. Its a chance to kind of relax and enjoy the rest
of the morning. So please join us. Check our website out. I
look forward to seeing you there October 19th.

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