Tour of our 27-foot circumnavigator – Sailing Tarka Extras

hey guys and welcome aboard
you know I was gonna clean the boat before I made this video but I think
that would be dishonest because it’s hard to keep a boat this small clean all
the time so why why should I make you think that it is always that way so
you’re just gonna get a look at how we live on the boat and what kind of space
we have let’s go take a look inside we’re gonna go down inside a little
old Tarka now now yeah now we’re inside the boat that’s really all there is to the
boat like people are always giving us boat tours and they go on other people’s
boats and it’s like okay let me show you this room and that room but when people
come on board Tarka it’s like okay well here’s the boat tour okay you’ve seen it
let’s go back outside now. So where we just step down into you is our kitchen
the galley if you want to use boat terminology this side we have our two
burner stove it’s not gimballed so when we’re sailing this can be a really
tricky thing to use this just goes on here like that we have lots of storage on the
boat down in here they have a very deep storage just kind of full of dried foods
things like that behind that we have our dishes and we have more of that kind of stuff back there over here we store rice, pasta, cous-cous if it’s in the galley, it needs to be easy to access so here we have a
switch that will dis-engage two separate battery banks we have if the voltage
gets below a certain point and right now it’s a way above that value so it gets
below about 12.6 this isolates the two battery things so they
don’t discharge off of one another because that will ruin your batteries
here we have a charger for the alternator and then the solar charge
controller. We’re only getting a couple of amps probably moving over here we have
two taps in the sink both of them are operated by foot pumps which are down
here. If I push on these foot-pumps if they operate appropriately, water comes out.
So that’s fresh water you try not to use too much of that and then the other ones
saltwater which I actually had disconnected at the moment we can just
go outside and scoop it up if we need it it’s a lot easier right now and back
here is my favorite thing on the whole boat (probably), is the fridge.
People are often surprised to find that I have a fridge and it does a very good
job it’s really well insulated very happy to have this means we can store
vegetables which is usually really hard doing tropics without a fridge and I can
also have a cold beer coming up we have the nav station not really a nav
station on my boat it’s just you got my radio with an AIS receiver on here we
can turn that on if you wanted to that would give me my a is display and I
can set alarms this way to you when I’m sailing so that’s nice here’s my chartplotter which is just an
android tablet back here get more storage more food. Okay moving on the
living room of the boat, if you want to call it that. There’s not much to it if
I’m alone on the boat, or if we’re sailing we sleep in these bunks here. A cloth, a lee cloth, comes up hearing goes to the railings and that keeps us from falling
out of the bunk you’ll note that there’s not a lot of ceiling on this boat so
yeah I’m a little bit too tall for the boat but I knew that getting into it, so
don’t feel bad for me and I have two battery banks and I’ll show you the
other one in a minute one of the battery banks is in here so I got two 12V
batteries down here and under here down there we got the bilge okay moving on
these cushions come out and they reveal panels that come right off in this
particular locker restore mostly camera gear and electronics and you’ll notice
that everything’s in dry bags or waterproof bags or zip locks because it
seems like this would be a dry part of the boat but the reality is is there’s
no such thing as a dry part of a boat we’ve learned that the hard way
unfortunately over here we have another storage area and we did actually damage all of our
books here because this area got wet when we sailed last so, if you see things in plastic bags or
with dry bags because there’s no dry spot on the boat below the cushions we
also have storage this can be accessed a number of ways you can lift up the
cushions and get access to it like that there’s another panel, I’ll lift it up, and
we have canned food down there on this side which we’re not eating too much right now because we can get fresh food on this island it’s a similar story over here we had more of
these storage areas in this one we have our sewing sewing gear and some other stuff people
are often surprised and I have a sewing machine on board yeah we use it a lot
too and again all of our medical equipment which… our auto pilots are
buried down there so I have two auto pilots because I backups for almost
everything on the boat an inverter over there in the corner which we use
sometimes all right that’s the living room now let’s move to the bathroom here
we go okay now we’re in the bathroom you’ll notice that there’s no door to
our bathroom but we’ve made this little improvised door so if we need to use a
toilet or we have guests on board and they want some privacy then we can just
close this and now at least you have some privacy but I mean like that’s just
the sheet so you kind of got to get used to to hearing things you may not want to
hear that brings us to everyone’s favorite part of the boat it’s the very
basic head in a lot of boats it’s got a manual pump here and the opposite side of the bathroom
while you’re sitting doing your business you can sort through the clothes over there and that brings us to the v-berth it’s pretty roomy like it’s more than six feet feet
long is I can lay here no problem your feet kind of touch at the bottom like
any of v -berth on a boat so whoever you’re sleeping next to you’re gonna
have to get comfortable with them so we have a table on the boat but it stores
over here because if we have it out it’s almost always in the way and it’s just
the reality of the small boat is you can’t have everything
but I’m glad it stores away nicely so you know it’s not in the way when it’s
not being used that’s nice under here I’m not gonna take the sheet off because
it’ll be too much work but there is a big storage space and under my feet
there’s a 20 gallon water tank that’s standard on this model boat up there is
the anchor Locker the other nice thing about sleeping in the v-berth is the
hatch is right above you so I’m definitely not gonna pull everything out
up here so you’ll have to take my word for it we have a lot of storage back
there and back behind there and then underneath this whole area that this
whole panel comes out actually if you didn’t want to use the space like we’re
using it that gives you kind of easier access to this area here but we’re just
using this as storage so we have an extra sail down here an extra Genoa some
tools we have a kite for kite boarding I got my tools camera bag so it has a beta
Marine 14 horsepower engine then so access to the engine has two latches comes out just like that this panel
comes up and now the engine and all glory can be seen right now I’m
just trying to clean off all the rust the front sides actually okay there’s a
couple of spots I need to be painting but the backside is a different story
one of the sea-cocks on the boat one of the five sea cocks is right here this one
hose clamp here fails then the boat sinks. yeah that’s the engine now we’re gonna go outside and take a
look on this side I’m not gonna open this one because it’s a mess. in this we have
the fuel tank and we have a 20 gallon water tank below that tools all that
kind stuff on this side this side we have our life raft now this is the only
place I could really find to store it on the boat where we could access it in an
emergency we store our fins and stuff back there and then if you look inside
here two more batteries and that’s our main house bank actually so we have gas
back here we have rope bags we have dive gear. We have sails back there, spinnaker
more rope two more anchors so this is our main like storage space for for
boat items on the back of the boat the transom we have what steers the boat
most of the time and that is our wind vane this is a Navik windvane that’s
pretty, used to be pretty common on small boats so I have a pretty positive
impression of it like any wind vane it can be a little bit difficult to learn
to properly tune of course we have a swim ladder that’s we can deploy
and that’s our America right there so in terms of power generation we have 250
watts of solar power we have one 50 watt panel on the spray hood, our dodger and we have another 50 watt panel so, 50 watts, 50 watts of solar there and then 150W on the solar arch so there’s something I forgot to show you guys on the boat to
show you now really important thing actually I can’t believe I didn’t show
you earlier but uh yeah on the boat it’s this is one of the most important pieces of equipment on the boat it’s the third autopilot. you know I got the two autopilots in and another one over there and you got to have a third back-up autopilot
and look now there’s actually fruit and vegetables in our fruit and
vegetable basket as opposed to earlier ’cause my autopilot went shopping alright
guys I hope you enjoyed that and yeah I’ll see you around

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