Tour & Tee Unboxing | Ladies & Gentleman | Jason Mraz

Who’s got mail? Oh my gosh, I have mail! It’s from the future. Let’s open it up. Let’s see what the future has in store for
us. Ooooooh, robot arms! We’re gonna need these in the future. You know what these are? They’re tour tees and limited tees that we’re gonna have on the Store soon, starting 10/10 for ten bucks! Don’t “tees” me Oh, these are “tee-rrific!” Oh, I love these. You know what else is in here from the future? A tour. We’re going on tour, you guys. Hey, it’s Raining Jane! Hi, Raining Jane! ♪ Take the music ♪ Hey, I’ll see you guys on tour! Ladies & Gentleman – An Evening with Jason
Mraz & Raining Jane Tickets are on sale now.

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  1. ハロー!昔から好きです!小学生から!

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