Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 1, Westlake Golf Course with George Gankas

And the more and more I rotate the more the face is gonna stay where? Open Okay, I can’t get his hands on the right spot because we’ve dumps it like like Dumbo yeah, it’s a problem. He’s like Dumpapatamus How many times this get this up and down out of ten I’m gonna go with the one Oh my goodness great shot very tight tight tight piece of property We’re making it work. Am I nervous about Icarito driving the RV. Yeah, yeah I am! SCHUSTER! No Laying Up was here In seasons 1 and 2 of this series we visited the far-flung ends of the golfing earth and the place where the game was invented We knew we wanted season 3 to be domestic here in the United States And we also knew that we wanted most if not, all of the courses that we visited to be accessible to the public The first route that stuck out to us was a 400 mile trip up the California coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco and as long as we were going to be driving we figured we might as well cram the five of us our clubs and all of our gear into an RV Welcome to season three of tourist sauce brought to you by Callaway Golf. Before we hit the road We wanted to talk to Patrick Koenig, who at the time had been on an 11-month golf road trip in his RV. raising money for his RGV Tour I just love golf trips and love to travel. That’s like I don’t know a best way to play see all these courses I want to see across America cuz there’s a ton you guys know. It’s gotta be in an RV and so it kind Of snowballed into things like that and let’s bring in the first tee. That was February of last year so we’re 11 months now. beautiful sunny Southern California Thought The Rockies would be a little rocky than this guys had a great breakfast Then we saw this guy on a hoverboard getting coffee, which was a real treat Have either of you been in an RV? No Never. I’ve been in an RV Many times. All right. We’re here in the rig It’s 32 feet longer 3.2 Feet long. Advanced team has picked up the package and we’re gonna head north We’re going 20 miles an hour I feel like we are going 100mph right now. They’re throwing all the variables at us. That’s the rub of the green! This slide-out piece broke the AC broke in the middle of summer, which was good at times The water if you turn on the hot water heater, it smells like eggs. That’s the fun one. That door broke Pretty much like every hinge in here is broke at least one one point time thirty to forty minutes. okay. Hey, man, we know LA traffic. That’s all right. Is he on the 405? He’s on the 405 at this time of day. It’s gonna be jammed. What’s that? It’s a tight squeeze in there There’s not as much storage as I anticipated. I can’t really overstate how much gear we have It’s a there’s prejudice against RV people you get through the looks from the guys when you’re pulling in the country clubs there in priceless Okay, we’ll see you soon. Tron was zoning out almost hit an oil tanker…Crisis averted. So, yeah, I’m nervous I’m like am I nervous about Icarito driving? An RV. Yeah, can I admit that? Yeah, I am because I didn’t get a will or I don’t have that much stuff to give away. That shouldn’t be an issue It’s pretty much off. It’s pretty much all here Have you done the pacific coast highway? How would ya rate that from an RV perspective? It’s good man. It’s all right driving. Can you tell Soly that? he’s a little concerned. You know, you’ll be fine Who do you thinks gonna be driving when they pull up? Tron, older brother Tron I think. responsible brother Tron. Whoever is driving first is the Alpha Oh My God, it’s enormous! Gentlemen! Good To See You! What’s up Dog. How’s it been to drive? You know what it’s like a U-haul. Sunny California. I’ll tell ya what. The weather has STUNK! So this entire wall slides out. All right, don’t worry. Let’s get out of here where we going. Yeah. Welcome Neil, Welcome to Pro Traj Holdings all these. Hey, thanks guys Nice to jump on board. I think Eric Schmidt once told Sheryl Sandberg When you have the chance to get on a rocketship, You don’t ask what seat, you just get on. I’m locked out of my Google email. It doesn’t exist anymore I don’t exist anymore. TV up there. There’s an outdoor TV. We could get an N-64 and play video games. What’s your N-64 game of choice? Tony Hawk pro skater, blahhhhh! I was never really a gamer though. Soly care to tell everybody your secret. Well now that you brought it up Listen, I used to I used to game a little bit. I used to have some NCAA game And that’s how Tron and I became friends. It’s true. I actually went down the hallway Soly only ran one play He just knew how to run one play. No, I ran variations of one play if he’s tried to stop one thing, I beat you but no I beat you with the variations of one play guy. Oh You’re a one play guy? That’s scummy. That’s rich fryer style Santa Monica boys swim out past the breaker and watch the world die! Gonna be a tight squeeze High and Tight in Uncle Juice Country Let’s go let’s go find you some food big guy Hungry, we’re headed to West Lake Golf Course Which is where George Gankas sets up shop and we’re gonna get some work on our swings before the week-long competition What are we looking? What are we looking for from Gankas? speed. All about speed I want to go fast. Daddy. speed kills. Randy how’s the state of your game Shitty, I haven’t been on plane in over 2 years. So everything is inside and shallow I feel like we’re going to one of those holistic healers To Fix Randy’s Swing. This is what they did with the Andy Kaufman Talk to us about this golf course for someone who has never see? It’s just an amazing course. Nah, just kidding Am I on camera? Sh*T, haha, ok. No, unauthorized party, you think that means us They can’t tow us with it in it that makes it a kidnapping charge Better bring a big tow truck for us. It’s a cool beater course. It’s like 67 as par 67 It’s I mean, it’s a good driving range in a good area that’s on mats It’s not what most people are gonna think as a tour coach. It’s what people call pretty shitty. But I mean, I like it It’s cool. It’s it’s for me. It’s freedom. Randy, are you nervous You know, how would you like people to just laugh at you? They do all the time. That’s our business model. Still it still hurts inside a little bit. I started late first off I was a wrestler volleyball player played pretty much a lot of different sports, but I didn’t want to be a teacher No, I just loved the golf swing. So I wanted to play I did it for myself I caddied for like random people at Sherwood Country Club. Just like members. Actually, it’s funny Janet Gretzky is one of the first ones that I started caddying for and Just started. Like everybody was asking me questions about the golf swing, and I said I might as well make some money. Is this to Protect your head in the RV Big guy get a bump. Ya, I knocked my noggin. Sum up Neil’s golf game for us erratic. spontaneous. It’s for the magic happens, you know what I’m saying, as they say in the Rigarito! A lot of Gumption. lot of effort but he Needs a little lesson from Gankas. That’s why we’re here. This is the new shaft but it doesn’t have the baseball grip on it that I like. I like it to feel like I’m in the batting cages. Hips hips. squash the bug. Hands through the zone! What’s your goal? I haven’t had a lesson in I don’t know 10 years. Yeah, so I mean All natural. Yeah, if he can, give me like one thing to think about Just one though, like if it’s two or three, I’m in trouble. I don’t think I really have a style I just think that you know, everybody’s different and I treat everybody different you came to me wanted to draw And I liked your swing when I saw it. So if you want something, I’m going to give it to you How tall are you? 6’8″ a lot can go wrong at the top of the backswing. It’s funny people actually get nervous to take A lesson. So first thing that I’m looking at is your balance points I would say I’d get them over the balls of your feet the wider I get. I get the shorter I go Okay So if you’re really narrow You’re gonna have to bend over then all of a sudden if I bend over I can’t stay in this in turn I’m gonna have to stand up to the ball. So it’s really there were a lot of good stuff you’re doing I think there’s you have the easiest fix in the planet who’s gotta stick? An alignment stick? Yeah. hold on… Randy I Wish I had like a hundredth of the confidence that he has. Why did you end up coming here? Money. Yeah because I knew this for the money with that and now I don’t even teach many people from this area cuz I have people from All over the world who are somewhat players you work with people with them. Um on the PGA Tour Sung Kang Danny Lee, Park McLaughlin And then I got a couple guys I can’t even tell you because it’s gonna be sick! You guys I’ll find out soon enough Matt Wolfe Akshay’s the number one junior in the world sheesh, there’s so many guys that I work I can’t remember. I probably work with honestly a thousand people. I just don’t see them every week and you can also see your right arm is really trapped behind your body Why is that? Well, that’s what that’s what I feel. Okay. So that’s a byproduct, right? so if my face is open what am I going to do? I’m going to throw bounce at it. I’m just gonna throw balance at it right and what you’re doing is from under and You know if this is open do you think you’re gonna hold turn start the whole thing do you think you’re gonna turn that’s where You’re gonna slow down. I slow down and that’s your issue This is homemade, I don’t buy one of those because I’ll tell you what it’s bullshit okay. So here we go. If you look here and I put this on and I say, okay I want to put this here and see this is the same angle as my back. so if I went to the top I want to make sure that this is touching if this is touching do you think I’m gonna Actually slow down No, I’m gonna actually keep turning. Okay. I found religion and he put his hands on me And he like radically changed the way I felt and swung the club it was Sounds like Jesus Christ. It was a religious experience As soon as I get in the ground, yeah, but if I’m already here My whole thing’s gonna move it up if there was a golf bag behind me right here The first thing I’d do is I’d get in the ground and I jump right over it Behind it back, right? Okay, so we’re not doing that in the golf swing. But if I actually went like this when I jump from here could I jump from here. No, right? There’s no other position We do except for where be spread here if I was gonna uppercut somebody or anything like that So it’s the same thing that you have to speak conceptual a lot of people take my stuff think they’re doing my stuff But they’re not even close how many of you guys that I teach leg work the way people think I do? anybody? not one. Okay, but I will if you want it , and you want more speed. So, it depends on what you want. Randall! Nice shot! He’s fixed!! Just a chippy cut and then you can start taking the back farther Honestly felt like I already knew my shit a long time ago But I didn’t I mean I felt like I did from the very start I had confidence in what I was doing, you know I already had a lot of good players before Anybody even knew who I was but it was all local So now it’s cool that it’s more, you know, more worldwide. A lot of people know I am and that brings, you know It’s more fun for me stick on turn Randy’s on plane! Guys got such a good life force. It was cool. Just like watch him be in flow in the moment I thought I loved golf and George Ganka’s loves golf and teaching golf more than I could have imagined loving golf He’s got mad speed dude. He does. I thought we were gonna like get like a crash course lesson He spent like 45 minutes with Randy and like just dipping him into the water and baptizing him over and over and over again But the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced So I look and I like your setup, I mean that’s as good as a lot of players right there That’s as good as a lot of players right there There’s just too much stop to the bottom, I think there’s a little too much pinching here you can actually get a lot more speed which is pretty scary. sick. There’s not very much rotation, so I got you to rotate right now you cut it even more So let’s find out what’s going on with your actual swing direction Okay, so the first thing is look where your armpits are up your they on your toes or your your heels toes toes Okay, so there’s not one person the whole planet that can stay on their toes and stay in their angle And if they do they’re not rotate. I’ve never had a golf experience like it really I feel like I didn’t even do my job cuz I want you to be flushing it. So I think that you could do you Can give you’re way better. Where are we sleeping? sleeping at the golf club. Westlake golf course. Where not doing the cards thing. That’s how the metallica guy died. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot…DJ! Cuz we didn’t do the cards thing. Yeah, that’s how the guy from Metallica dies They were doing this game and make drew cards and he took the top bunk it he Paper Scissors shoot I’ll do one of the catacombs. Okay bottom catacomb Top bunk. Okay, but I’m just telling you I’m gonna take the bed Brother! It’s you and me, just like it always is! You see how Randy’s feet are off the bed good thing that thing expands out Listen, we’re living like kings compared to strapped Today was extremely long For the 19 hour day or so It’s been a day of transition a day of enlightenment But I think there’s a lot going on up here that he’s trying to process so I think that that’ll be all from us We’re gonna try to get some sleep here in the parking lot and hope nobody wakes us in the middle of the night We get a good night’s sleep and we’ll hit it again tomorrow. All right. Good night. Hey, boys. Good night Goodnight…. This is the deal today, what’s the game this is qualifying three rounds of qualifying. this is Q school. What’s the highest tilt you’ve ever been on? Five X? No, you got to seven x at Bandon right? I work on the TV show called NCIS. I’ve never watched NCIS…The weirder part. I’ve never seen a full episode First time first time Was it was face After completing the whole meal I Was very hungry, but man that was delicious two thumbs Way up and I love the simplicity of the menu I’m saying, well my hitter TC said it’s very refreshing. I agree So, you know if you want a burger come here

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  16. No Laying Up is the rocket ship, of golf content you don’t ask what seat you just get on. Tourist sauce, podcast, readings from the book of Randy, worshiping St Rappeo, or going full Icarito none of it matters till Justin Thomas pulls drivers and gives you the nod.

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