Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 9: TPC Harding Park

Alright, I don’t know if that’s a good break or bad. Can we roll all the clips we have of him How many times does he get this up, and down out of ten? Im gonna go with one oh my goodness, great shot! Very tight tight, tight piece of property We’re making it work. Am I nervous about Icarido driving an RV? Yeah, yeah I am. No Laying Up was here it’s much darker, yeah cameras actually
make it look pretty dark all right last round of the trip. Harding Park, TPC
Harding Park TC versus Soly big sir oh come get those cameras out of here. what ball are you going to be playing today? Thank you for asking I’m gonna be playing a Callaway super soft do you wanna know the cherry on top though? yeah a little bit of fun for you guys. I’m
gonna be using the ball mark that says Rick all right boys
is that you or me? Oh God I think it’s me Championship day, yeah, championship Tuesday. Yeah, we are not we’re going off the back nine. This is a quiet set, move along TC is running through this bracket like s**t through a goose right now Listen man, unbelievable God these guys have no respect for the strapped boys I gotta say the strapped boys we were doing everything we could to hold the wall, and
then DJ was like yeah come on turns out you were the scientist that
caused the outbreak, yes but you could have contained it. TC is the contagion,
and I’m like the first person who dies in like the hyper local community, and
then DJ’s like the pandemic and now it’s like it’s a f***ing problem. so Sol’y the CDC.
Soly is like Rick from Walking Dead he’s gonna have to take
matters into his own hands. So you’ve played this Who does this course favor in
your opinion? I think it favors Soly because if you can hit it, but he’s not
hitting the driver that well he hit it well yesterday, did he? Well see it’s a bomb and gouge joint it’s a long beauty What about you? Who do you think’s going to win? guys it might be a coin flip honestly my head says Soly. Much like our
propane situation, I think TC is nearing empty him he didn’t jump out of bed today like
he has the last few days. No, he didn’t I’m gonna say Soly one up. I’m gonna go TC
one up. TC one up? gosh is that a hard pick? Yeah, probably. I
gotta ride for my bro. Tron listen you’re my hitter, but my official
prediction with my head says Soly Harding Park opened me up to the
world, that’s what I would say. I got to meet people from everywhere because this
golf course was open everyone the trees are just beautiful. I mean they’re the first thing to capture your
attention. So all the trees here were planted this used to be a agricultural
field lettuce farm about a hundred years old and they’re they’re definitely our
signature feature here on the property and they’re towards the end of their
life? They are their life spans about 120 years so they’re basically one hundred years old right now so they are definitely starting to check out unfortunately. It’s
a really nice honest Golf Course straight in front of you, framing on good
shots, but there’s nothing tricked up you just got to hit it where you see best of luck to you today. You a well. How’s the family? I don’t know, I have no clue how the family is Alright, we’ve come up with the stakes. The stakes are the loser gives the winner a juicy three-minute foot massage
in the RV, in the area of the RV of the winner’s choice so it could be the bed
it could be the bench anyway you want the winner picks. May the best man win. Guys bit of a wrinkle we’re starting on 10 I know you guys had done your prep for one. Yeah, I was ready to be like three down through four, giving
away two strokes but now he gets it like he gets it on our ninth our eleventh and
thirteenth you have three out of five holes right in the middle stretch so
after 13 he’s home free, it’s home free. He needs to make hay early.
Ladies and gentlemen mostly just this one gentleman here, welcome to the
championship match thank you so much for being here. You know on behalf of all
of us who put this tournament on, it really it means the world. First on the
tee from Neptune Beach Florida and the number one seed Chris “Soly” Solomon
hold your applause until all players have hit please Great ball, good. An unusually small
crowd out here for a moment like this he’s gonna get away with that
all right gentlemen play well all square. Quick update, ball is not flying TC should be safely aboard, and it is
great shot. These are some Polaroids from 1998 during the week of
the US Open when Harding was actually used as a parking lot for all the people
attending so whether you can pick those up obviously you can see all the cars
these are fairways that was undoubtedly the lowest point in history here at the
property, but the good news is that spurred the renovation that’s what really was
the catalyst for watching those other today has since held five tour
events, and is gonna be holding the PGA Championship next year and the
Presidents Cup in 2025 so it’s kind of reasserted the property into
the stage if you will. It deserved this upgrade, Harding Park deserved this upgrade. I mean it’s a great golf course whether it has the full infrastructure
to do what it wants to do that’s one thing but, the bones of this golf course
are great what’s different about San Fransisco golf?
It’s two minutes to get to Harding, three minutes to get to Olympic Club, ten
minutes to get to Lincoln, seven minutes to get to Golden Gate, about less than 15
to get to sharp Park down in Pacifica that’s just the public golf, you know there’s some nearby clubs Olympic, you’ve got San Francisco Golf
Club California Golf Club so within
about right where we’re sitting now you can get to like six or seven marvelous
golf courses in under a half an hour Here I am, sphincter tightening up already looks pretty good if it’s the right number which it seems to be. Pelts, Bo Van Pelt
look at a curve yeah it is not where his ball ended up Punch, counterpunch Great shot! My favorite hole at Harding
Park? Might be the one we’re standing on right here, number 16
it’s a crafty hole. You can if you’re a long hitter you can try to go for it, and
there’s trouble so you got to be accurate you may have heard some gunshots oh gosh off the rake oh that is the rub of the green. How long you been coming out to Harding Park? 1965, I’ll tell you coming out to Harding back then for me as a kid, I could not even
play golf and have a ball out here, it was a show, every day was a show. Any
Johnny Miller stories? Not one I’m gonna tell here. John, 18 at Harding Park many people know this hole for the playoff between Tiger,
and John Daly the first playoff hole the back fence back there, both rip driver right
over the second tree which is no longer there he’s had nothing but sand wedges
in came back and played 16, 16th hole right
over here is where John Daly missed a little two footer. Tiger shrugged his shoulders
walked over shook his hands. Depressing, Tiger did not want to win that way. How
was the crowd, were they pulling for Tiger? all pulling for John Daly, all
pulling for John Daly. Everyman golf course man, they want to see the everyman win. that’s really classy. Five for four come on I honestly feel like my competitive
juices haven’t flown this hard like since high school probably. I do
not want to rub his feet, like I really don’t want to. That is enough motivation, that’s all the motivation I need. all right Tron must-win they’re at number two oh really nice from the early early days of the
property we’ve always held competitive golf events here on the major stage so
you’ve got PGA Tour events, USGA events, ammeter events, the city championship
it’s one of the longest played ammeter events in the country this year
will be the 103rd year I believe at the city championship. The city championship
every year was a big deal Tom Watson played in it in the early 70s two times
he didn’t win it, he got beat each time I’ve played in the city golf
tournament I think it’s 43 times. What’s the furthest you’ve gotten? I mean it’s what my friends call the dime
finals where you you you get down to the 16 round before the quarters so
you’re a dime so I’ve made it to the dime finals a couple of times but that’s
it. You play Harding, great you play Lincoln par 68 in the mud. Can you handle it some guys can and some guys can’t they just they lose it they make a bogey from
20 yards out and their screws come loose they can’t do Soly will be forced to lay up here at
the par-5 don’t think he likes it wedge for him from about a hundred
yards we’re five, so when we were kids the
golf course had just been redesigned, and the fifth hole had little tiny stick trees
down the right side, so we’d just stand up here, and you can just blast it down the
right side but those days are over yeah for now and yes things have grown
up Birdie! Oh, alright Mr. Carter four, Mr.
Solomon four survive and advance balll was murdered holy s*** the season is brought to you by Callaway Golf.That was murdered, he’s not messing with the driver, no Oh be good come on baby Birdie for Soly to go two up with
three to play that is the biggest putt of the week there folks Come on what you got? Alright you did all you can do, conceded birdie here here at the 7th this could be a back breaker if he puts this
close that’s short dog this is good golf actually for like the first time this trip I think. 180 yards
down wind off the right atypical wind TC’s got about a six and a half iron if
I’m guessing, I’ve got six should I choke the club down a little bit great strike right at the flag. Oh this guy is
relentless! He won’t go away! I don’t know how that didn’t go in that thing never left the flag this is out to the right in the middle of the
green now is that gonna stay now, that is going to just roll maybe into the back
fringe not bad sir potential not bad, some potential backstopping. Look at the sportsmanship Alright if Tron is gonna do it he’s
got to do it in extra holes. Shouldn’t really have adrenaline going. So the ninth
at Harding Park, site of two of my favorite golf memories. Par-5 got a
little bit history here walking up to the second shot. So about where Phil is
right here is where Tiger was in the Presidents Cup in 2009, and he hit a dart
in their club twirl walked up to the green the mega tiger club twirl, and
can you name the other one? No that fight between Keegan Bradley’s caddy and Miguel Jimenez should we reenact it? hi 180 out on the par 5 this thing usually
plays ripping into the wind it is howling downwind now, strongest wind
we’ve seen. See Soly’s ball up ahead Tron has to win this hole to extend the
match he has shaved it just short of the bunker you see Soly
approaching his ball here at the last par-5 finisher not much of a par 5 today from the white tees wind whipping down it’s been a long week. Tough conditions, one swing here to the center of the green and I think this thing is pretty much over last thing the trip is away and it is
right at the flag folks that might be the tournament there
TC has got to be wondering how Soly’s feet are smelling right now Not a bad effort but not gonna be enough Rickie Fowler is on the 18th green
waiting to congratulate him. Is it his time? Still yes, but it’s gonna be a birdie there it is folks, the champion Great match! Jesus Soly comes out on top, any surprise
there? No it’s not I mean I was like the biggestt no-brainer ever. Not at all, not
even a little bit you go out and shoot 69 I mean come on. 69 yeah final round hey first of all nice I mean that’s a different gear that
we saw from you today. Yeah, you know I had the driver working really really
well today I just reared back and fired at it and
felt total confidence that the high right miss was not gonna happen today.
I’m really proud of older bro TC for just battling looks like high school
all over agian, I remember watching him in high school golf tournaments. Guys a grinder,
he’s a match play guy, he lurks he lingers. You know kind of
scuffled for a bit, finally got my s*** together there on on the par 4 and, then
number eight was honestly I thought I holed that, it didn’t go in. All credit to Soly
you know, I shot 76 today and you know he beat me by seven today so he deserves to
win. What do we think of the golf course? I loved it there’s a lot more a lot more
going on there than you see on TV how How are your feet feeling? Feeling a little smelly probably could use a bit of a rubdown is it three minutes per foot or three
minutes total? Listen that was a big motivating factor to win this, and
especially happy that each one of you gets to caddy for me for 18 holes that’s
gonna be really fun Rickie on his phone of course. He’s posting to social media let’s just say Neil only had to
have that tattoo on for 24 hours. Just got another sponsor! We got an 8 team skins games going
on. Come on, be right! What percent chance does this have to go in? It’d say it’s a twelve percent. Do it! We’re dancing! We’re at the end of the journey Neil. We sure are. Just
sum up the last nine days for me give me a quick quick synopsis. You know I think it’s the type of trip that brings us closer together as a group honestly a
bucket list thing for me has always been long distance RV trip so sounds cheesy,
but to do it with such close friends it was awesome, it was great. This is like
the best trip that I would never want to do again it was a lot of fun, but again
I’ve been cold for eight straight days eternally cold we ran out of
propane in here last night I packed three pairs of shorts yeah
which is a huge, huge error on my part it was fun is it’s one of those trips that
I’m really happy to have done, and also like I can’t wait to get back to
civilization a little bit yeah I don’t know I’ll miss the RV it was fun it was
good way to do it I started the first night oh my god this is uncomfortable,
and I can hear I can feel every time Randy moves in that back bedroom,
I can hear Tron snoring, I can see Soly’s on his phone over there, and then
by last night they’re like yeah okay you’re you know you’re a higher seed so
you can go sleep in the hotel if you want to, and I’m like yeah I’m good. It was fun driving it I enjoyed driving it it’s really nice to just be able to take your bed anywhere
you go with you. The RV is high maintenance period point-blank, these
things are like high fine-tuned machines, and they can they can go wrong
yeah I don’t think I’d want to own one. Tron with the false start, threw his partner off! We set out to make this
season very different than the first two seasons, and without a doubt it has been
there’s much less about like the history of the game, and more about celebrating
some cool places but more so just like capturing the vibe of what it’s like to
take an RV up the west coast of California. Biggest surprise of the trip from
a golfing perspective was Ojai Valley didn’t know a thing about it, it was fun
and quirky and funky it had a class to it while still being a bit funky. You
have to go play one of the courses that we already played. Pasatiempo.
Yeah, I made a list of my top 10 favorite courses in
the world a few months ago and I didn’t realizing I left Pasa off, and somebody’s
got to get bumped I’m sure there’s a way to describe it in like formal
architecture terms, but I think Pasatiempo is my favorite course. Period full stop, just yeah. Biggest surprise for me was sorry Neil is making faces at me. The
best part I think has been when we pour a little bourbon at night when we’re
parked we’re leveled, we’re stationed you got
some ice everything’s cold so the Bourbons really cold grab a couple drinks outside or at night looking at footage or just kind of
looking up the stars or. One word to sum up the trip. Besides juicy. That was an easy one.
Frantic, to steal a word from our friends Metallica. It was a voyage you know I mean I thought we we navigated a ton of different landscapes. Microclimates out
the a** you know I don’t I don’t need to tell you that. Progress, you know it’s my
first couple weeks full time with NLU progressing towards you know feeling
comfortable out on my own with you clown. It was a journey, a journey there was
a bit of a journey that I’ve embarked upon with my own golf game that started
on the very first night with George Gankas at the driving range obviously
we’ve had our journey on the road up the coast, and you know I think this
whole week this whole experience is another stop on our collective
No Laying Up journey so I think there’s some layers you are a father

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