Turning Contribution Inside Out, Tour of Consciousness with Dr Dain Heer

Hi everybody,
this is Dr. Dain. Can you tell where I am?
Lovely Venezia. There it is and we’re leaving,
there’s Brendon, there’s Gary and we just finished the
Contribution class here which was phenomenal. There are not enough words! Contribution is something that most
people really have no idea what it truly is. You know, you can be a contribution
to somebody just by being there, giving them a smile,
being kind but then also there’s this thing
about receiving contribution that most of us have never really learned
and we seem to have this weird idea that it’s about all kinds
of things that it’s not. So, here’s your tool for today. “What have I decided contribution is,
that it isn’t?” Everything that is, Right and wrong, good and bad,
pod and poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds. And “What have I decided
contributions isn’t, that it is?” Right and wrong, good and bad,
pod and poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds You can tell the sun is contributing… So, if you’ll run that one of
the things that happens is there are certain people you’ll be around,
certain things you’ll see, certain things you’ll
receive and you go, “Well, that’s not a contribution,
I don’t like this.” Like if you ever find
yourself judging something. A lot of times it’s because the contribution
you’re getting from it isn’t what you desire. If you start running those two processes: “What have I decided
contribution is, that it isn’t?” and “What have I defined
contribution as, that it isn’t?” “What have I defined that is
not contribution, that actually is?” You start to recognize that
every energy could be a contribution if you’ll allow it to be. I know that can sound weird you know
you think if somebody gives you a dirty look or you get judgment from somebody that that couldn’t be a contribution
because that’s bad energy. Well, if there were no bad
and there were no good and there were no right, and
there were no wrong all of it would just be energy
so it’s our point of view that creates it and causes us to refuse the contribution. So, one other question is, “What other contributions can you
receive that you’re currently refusing that if instead you were choosing would change your whole
world into something greater?” Woooo, that was a long one.
I’m not even going to try to repeat that. Everything that is, Right and wrong, good and bad,
pod and poc, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds So, in two and a half short minutes you have a way of dynamically
shifting into receiving more and also what you start
to do is you start to recognize the gift and the contribution that you are that has often not been
received by other people because it didn’t look the
way they thought it should. So, what else is possible
my beautiful friends? From lovely Venezia… See that guy?
Yeah, he’s got a boat. That guy’s sitting on the boat
they’re going to go do stuff, I don’t know,
looks like laundry to me. Maybe they’re going to do laundry?
What a contribution! People are going to have clean clothes,
how does it get any better than that? Okay, see you next time. What if you truly
being you are the gift, the change and the
possibility this world requires? When you get the
contribution you are you start to recognize
that it’s actually true and I look very much forward
to meeting in person someday Bye-bye! Tour of Consciousness
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