Twig Visit | Titan Cargo (Belgium)

First of April 2014, we started the company. We wanted to build a new concept of heavy
lift and project shipping in three weeks time we were seven people after
one and a half year we found that our small office where we started became too small already
we moved to this office here, we renovated completely and tripled the size
as we initially wanted, with a pool table, a pinball machine just to have fun because we are in
the middle of the port, there are no restaurants, no bars, you can’t do anything during lunch
so we wanted to create something different The staff, some of them, we worked together
for 15, 16 years, they always followed me or other colleagues, so we are a very strong
team. It’s the base of the company, it’s the people
we have. We chose the name because we wanted to highlight,
we are specialized in big high heavy or special things, like the cars eventually, and we don’t
want to be that traditional people or company the way of thinking here is more like boutique,
or chic, or prestige logistics, so anyhow we handle all key projects for big multinational
companies, power stations, full factories. If you do such things, which is the top of
our industry, you can do everything that is below
Like everybody knows we’re shipping, importing and exporting a lot of cars, which is 99%
all brand new cars, bulk movements We guess this year the car business will only
represent about 10% of our total volume or figures, but of course it’s very visual,
people like cars. You get the trust from clients but our core
business is actually still the project business, the out of cage, but of course normal FCL/LCL air freight is the base of any or every freight forwarder in the world, i guess. We never underquote, we never take shipments
with a loss, we just do it like it should be. Not stealing away clients from competitors,
In that way we’re still really neutral and we’re not really competition to anyone here in Antwerp.

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