Tyler Perry Studios Full Tour 2019 part 1

aarti welcome back we’re talking Tyler
Perry studios and we’re gonna have a little look-see why not
all right so Tyler Perry studios is an American film production studio in
Atlanta Georgia found by actor filmmaker and playwright Tyler Perry in 2006 in
2019 Tyler Perry celebrated the grand opening of his new estate learn in a
studio location he purchased three hundred and thirty acres of the former
Fort McPherson complex in 2015 to make it the new home of Tyler Perry studios
now Tyler Perry studios is one of the largest film production studios in the
nation in the established Tyler Perry as the first of our African American to
outright on a major film production studio through 34 Street films a
production arm of Tyler Perry studios Perry guides the work of other
filmmakers in 2018 Tyler Perry sought in his previous studio located
in 2008 to another film production company the previous studio located
occupy two former Delta Airlines affiliate buildings in the Greenbrier
area of southwest Atlanta and included 200,000 square feet of sets and office
space Tyler Perry studio was first established as the Tyler Perry company
Inc and was rebranded as Tyler Perry studios in 2006 besides Perry’s own
project other projects have filmed there such as The Walking Dead and so forth
black panther as well now let’s get into the history Perry has full ownership of
his movies and Lionsgate entertainment services his distributor for all the
films with exception of nobodies for which was distributed by Paramount
Pictures his first movie diary of a Mad Black Woman produced on a budget of 5.5
million became an unexpected commercial success promoting widespread discussion
among industry watchers about whether middle-class African Americans were
simply not being addressed by mainstream Hollywood movies its final gross box
office receipts were fifty point six million although it was critically
panned scoring only 16 percent approval rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes on
its opening weekend in February 24 2006 French film version of madea’s family
reunion opened at number one one thirty point three million the film eventually
grows 65 million and like diary almost
in the United States the film was jump-started by an hour-long appearance
by Perry and his co-stars The Oberoi free show on The Oprah Winfrey Show his
next project for Lionsgate daddy’s girl starring Gabrielle Union and Ito Selva
was released in the US on February 14 2007 it grossed over 31 million dollars
Perry wrote directed produced and starred in his next movie why did I get
married which was released on October 12 2007 it opened as the top grossing movie
in its first weekend earnings twenty 1.4 million at the box office it is loosely
based on the play which party wrote in 2004 filming begins March 5th
2007 in Whistler British Columbia Vancouver than Atlanta where Perry
opened his own studio Janet Jackson Sharon Lee old Jill Scott in Tasha Smith
appear in the film Perry’s 2008 film meet the Browns which
was released on March 21st open at number two with a 20 million weekend
gross the family that prays opened on September 12 2008 and grossed over 35
point 1 million as of October Madea Goes to Jail opened at number 1 on February
28th of 2009 grossing 41 million in becoming his largest opening date this
was party seventh film with Lionsgate entertainment on March 1st 2012 a
four-alarm fire in gulf portions of the studio complex causing the partial
collapse of one building less than three months later another fire broke out on
the roof of another building on the morning of August 27 2012 all right so
that’s a brief history of Tyler Aryan the studios for more information like comment and
subscribe and I’ll see you guys later now let’s look at the videos and photos
of the nuke Tyler Perry studios you

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