U.S. deploys E-8C Joint Stars on Tuesday morning: Aircraft Spots

in a rare move the US has deployed its
tactical spy aircraft of the Korean Peninsula six times in the past week
amid reports that North Korea is preparing to launch intercontinental
ballistic missiles considered a redline for the US sorry Kim Jiyeon reports u.s.
reconnaissance planes have flown over the Korean Peninsula at least six times
in the past week raising speculation that the u.s. is putting pressure on
North Korea as a year’s end deadline for duis ation talks draws near
according to aircraft spots the u.s. supply the e8c joint stars on Tuesday
morning the same jet a deployed of the peninsula when North Korea launched two
projectiles from a super-large multiple rocket launcher last Thursday the 13th
round a major weapons test the regime has conducted so far this year the joint
stars has the ability to detect track and hand off targeting information on
moving enemy forces on ground which is considered one of the u.s. military’s
most important technological capabilities two days after the
projectile launched last Saturday the u.s. applauded the u2 s the so called
dragon lady which can identify objects as small as 10 centimeters from a
distance of 100 kilometers in the process the US military expose the
verification code on the dragon lady which some local media outlets in South
Korea saw as a deliberate move to pressure the north this comes after
multiple reports that the regime has installed scores of concrete bedrocks
across the country to support its transporter erector launchers prompting
speculation North Korea is getting ready to fire intercontinental ballistic
missiles if there’s no progress on denuclearization talks by the year’s end
Kim Jiyeon Arirang news

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