#U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Harassed by 20 Iranian Small Craft at Strait of Hormuz

The theory behind J Palace is through the use of GPS the plane will receive a more accurate position of the ship upon approach the Iranian state news agency has released satellite image shows US Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln TV and seventy-two transiting the Strait of Hormuz escorted by 20 Iranian Revolutionary Guard small craft According to media reports a group of 20 Iranian Revolutionary Guard small craft harassed the US aircraft carrier Strike Group Abraham Lincoln with the guided missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf CG 55 and guided missile destroyer USS Farragut EDG 99 during its trends at the strait of hormuz He also added that some of the iranian small craft were approaching within 400 yards two American ships Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group is deployed to the u.s 5th Fleet area of operations L in support of naval operations to ensure maritime stability and security in the central region Connecting the Mediterranean and the Pacific through the western Indian Ocean and three strategic choke points With Abraham Lincoln as the flagship deployed Strike Group assets include staffs ships and aircraft of CSP 12 destroyer squadron Dez ROM 2 USS Leyte Gulf CG 55 and carrier airwing cvw The u.s. 5th fleet encompasses about 2.5 million square miles of water and includes the Arabian Gulf of among red sea and parts of the Indian Ocean The expanse is comprised of 20 countries and includes three critical choke points at the Strait of Hormuz The Suez Canal and Strait of bab-el-mandeb at the southern tip of Yemen US aircraft carrier Strike Group Abraham Lincoln’s presence in the u.s. 5th Fleet area of operations ayoh Demonstrates the u.s. And its regional partners commitment to the free flow of Commerce regional maritime security and freedom of navigation the US aircraft carrier left Norfolk, Virginia in April and was diverted to the Middle East in May but it had remained in the Arabian Sea Avoiding passage through the Strait that borders erratic Tensions in the Gulf had risen since attacks on oil tankers This summer including off the coast of the United Arab Emirates and a major assault on energy facilities in Saudi Arabia Washington has blamed Iran which has denied being behind the attacks on global energy infrastructure

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