UMS for Skid Type Helicopters

Spika Universal Maintenance Stands for
skid-type helicopters are a series of work platforms designed
specifically for smaller helicopters manufactured by
Bell, Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, and others.
Constructed of 6000 series aluminum, the UMS is lightweight yet robust. It
offers unmatched stability and durability by eliminating the weight, corrosion, and
maneuverability problems of outdated or inferior stands. It also
ensures compliance with OSHA fall protection regulations. The UMS comes with these
industry-leading features: the rotating inboard outrigger. The first of its kind,
this Spika innovation was developed and introduced specifically for easy and secure placement the stand
over aircraft skids. Lifting or complicated maneuvering of
an entire work platform over the skids is no longer necessary, keeping the
technician and the aircraft well out of harm’s way when positioning
the stand. Manual or electric actuators with height adjustable ladder. Another
Spika first, linear actuators raise or lower the
platform over a 12 to 36 inch range. The variable height ladder adjust to any
platform setting and transfers all loads directly to the
ground, rather than the edge of the platform, providing ultimate stability. Not only
does this maintain an OSHA approved stair pitch and step interval, it eliminates potential tipping. Split-disc casters. Our innovative casters make it
easier than ever before for only one technician to reposition
the stand. The casters employ split-disc ergonomics, allowing the user to move to stand with
up to 35% less force than standard casters, and they’re more than sturdy enough to handle years of operation over door tracks or rough services on
the flightline. Adjustable powder coated safety rails. Our handrails provide 360-degree fall
protection when maintenance is being performed on
the tail, rotor blades, or other unprotected areas, but can be quickly removed for
positioning the stand against equipment. Once removed, the handrails store conveniently on the platform. The telescopic variable height rails can be adjusted
when needed to avoid blade-to-railing contact. Fully captured camlocks secure the rails in place without
potential for FOD or lost hardware. When it comes to safety, dependability, and ease of use, Spika Universal
Maintenance Stands are engineered to put you in the best
position to do your job. Superior designs, features, and craftsmanship ensure
years of trouble-free performance; the promise you get only when you invest
in the innovator not the imitator. Spika… Stands for Productivity.

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