UN: fostering sustainable coastal and marine tourism in the Caribbean

From the tourism perspective, the ocean is critical to us. On the one hand, we have the attractiveness of the oceans. We also use it as a major gateway for transport as you know. Therefore, protecting it [the ocean] and obviously, allowing us to look at the resilience and how we treasure it – I think it becomes something really significant for us as we move forward. Sustainable tourism – if we get to the basis, we have to remember that we have to protect the resources; we have to involve the communities. We share the Caribbean Sea. This is a very fragile resource – if we pollute it, it will be very difficult to rescue later on. The jurisdiction that is available to island countries such as those in the [Caribbean] region, is far greater in respect of the marine environment. And therefore we feel if there is to be greater focus on examining opportunities in the marine space, there will be better opportunities for strengthening our economic and social development going forward.

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