United Tech Ops – Aircraft Maintenance Technician

[Music] What inspired me to pursue the
field of aircraft maintenance is actually my step-dad. He used to be a sheet metal
technician for United Airlines. It sounded really
cool that he got to get hands-on experience with
aircraft and get up and close, and so I followed his footsteps. I went and became an
airline technician after going to a technical
institute, graduated, and I’ve been in the
airline industry ever since. Technical responsibility
is to maintain and repair the aircraft of avionics part
and the mechanical equipment part of the plane. Being an aircraft
technician doesn’t mean you just fix the plane,
you also ensure that it’s safe. That makes me feel
very empowered, knowing that all these
lives depends on what I do. I take pride in my work. When I know I send
this aircraft out, it will be safe and reliable. What’s cool about my job
at United Airlines is this. Being able to work on these
type of airplanes day in and day out is one of the
greatest feelings you can have. Being an AMP technician
is a great career. Unlike most jobs where you’re
going to go into an office and just sit there day in and
day out and do the same thing, this career is very dynamic. You get to
troubleshoot airplanes. You get to change parts. You’re involved in all the
new technology of our fleet. There’s nothing better than
that as far as I’m concerned. If you like to work with your
hands and play video games, you would absolutely
love working on the next-gen aircraft. You get to learn all
about the electronics on these huge aircrafts and
you also get paid for it. Every day, I learn
something new. That’s what I love
about this place. On top of that, we have
a senior technician here who is more than willing to
help me make myself a better technician each and every day. I really like that
part about United. It’s always about the employees. It’s about the people for sure. My job’s so unique,
because we can work all different
types of weather and all different types
of planes that United has. I prefer to work inside. My favorite aspect of
my career is actually getting to work with
all the coworkers here. They are very knowledgeable and
very helpful and very friendly. My favorite part about working
at United is its diversity. I like how welcoming
people have been. On the very first
day I got here, I didn’t feel like I was
pointed out specifically because of my gender. They welcomed me just
like any of the guys here. I love my job as
an AMP technician because there’s
never a dull moment. You get to work on all
the newest airplanes, all of the latest technology. I do not regret
doing it and I think it would be fun and
great for somebody else to get into the industry. The sky’s the limit with what
my career holds with United. I love working in technical
operation at United.

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  1. yeah right. Go to A&P School next to the SFO MRO get a internship then they pull a BS subjective practical test on you. Mind you you already have a A&P License. They dont like you they fail you on the practical exam like they did to me. So I have no love for this Airline. I gave up 8 weeks driving back and for from my house 70 miles one way 5 days a week. for what to get denied employment with them Do become an aircraft mechanic it sucks.

  2. I'm an Aicraft Engineer and it's like or you love it or hate it. And I feel what the young lady said "everyday you learn something new" absolutely true. Everyday you find new problems that you have never experienced before that you'll troubleshoot and solve!

  3. United hates paying people a living wage! They expect tremendous work for 13 dollars an hour. Yea you can fly free but what can you buy when you get there!! Slavery

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