Venice Beach Tourism Video

Visit Venice Beach See your fantasies Acid, Smack, Marijuana Pick any excuse …BUT I HAVE GLAUCOMA Creep on younger girls Show your Segue swirls Get all buff
Prance around In your shortest shorts Buy hip hop albums From agressive bums IT DOESN’T COST TO LISTEN Or browse useless junk Actually made of junk You could join a cult Or sleep in the dirt Here in Venice Beach YEAH!

28 Replies to “Venice Beach Tourism Video”

  1. i'm hooked on these tourism guides! More, bravo! Hollywood and Highland is very interesting, I'm sure you'll get the good shots!

  2. haha! another classic!!! i got a city for you San Bernadino, Fontana, Rialto, or Colton, maybe I'll start doing some in northern California.

  3. Funny about the aggressive bums. The last time we walked the boardwalk in VB we were accosted by some lame rapper dude hawking his homemade CD. I walked right past him like everyone else but he boxed my wife in and started pitching her. I politely told him "we're not interested" and he got real pissed and aggressive about it. I tried to be nice and told the guy we just aren't into rap. That wasn't good enough. He wanted us to buy his POS CD. Next thing you know the guy is threatening me. LAPD needs to get a handle on the boardwalk. LAPD: Enforce the 20 year old panhandling laws please.

  4. Do Santa Monica next. Way more aggressive bums than venice since they got the metro. Or as I call it " the reaper rail"…

  5. Venice can be weird, but I lived there in the mid-90's (but it was close to the canals and Marina Del Rey, and its my fave place I've lived, though my life was MUCH better then. But yeah, its gotten worse, like people described back in the 80's. But then again . . . go from that to Lake Elsinore . . . ugh.

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