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  1. We Japanese are proud that Germany and Japan were allies. We are always thankful to the great Germany and Germans.Japan will continue to protect Germany in the future.Germany and Germans are the most wonderful in the world.

  2. Cologne isnt beautiful. the bombing in ww2 make almost every great german city look like a concrete graveyard. sadly. search for photos about "cologne before war" . Sure its my city. its my home , i love it. but nice looking? not.

  3. So much bullshit in the comments! Just one single event can't define if a city is safe or not. I could also argue that London, New York, Paris, Brussels etc. have seen Terror Attacks so they are not safe. That wouldn't be a reason for me not to visit them. Statistically (you know, facts and stuff…) Germany is still a very safe country (safer than the US for sure).

    There were a few black sheep that came together with the legit refugees, and YES it was a mistake of the police and the state not to prosecute them appropriately but this has nothing to do with the majority of foreigners in cologne!

  4. Ich war in diesem Sommer in Köln für Ferien. Ich habe nicht erwartet, dass ich so viele Muslime sehen werde, vor allem wenn die Menschen in Deutschland während des zweiten Weltkrieges ein sauberes Rennen haben wollten :). Ich habe keine Probleme mit Muslimen gesehen und ich glaube, dass die meisten von ihnen nach Deutschland gekommen sind, um ein besseres Leben und neue Möglichkeiten zu finden

  5. Das ist super Stadt. Ich gefelt mir Deutschland
    Von: Griechenland
    It is super city. I like Germany
    From: Greece
    Τι ωραίο τοπίο. Μου αρέσει η Γερμανία. Απο: Ελλάδα = Ti oreo topio. Mou aresei h Germania. Apo: Ellada

  6. just because people cant't afford to live in a city like Cologne, you all say is not sure.. i moved there for work and i love this city, much better than Milano, Bologna, Hamburg, Berlin. Poeple are awesome and friendly, very tollerant, no nazis. And i travelled a lot in EU, but i'm fascinated from this beautifull city.

  7. I came looking for male fragrances.. Ended up reading through comments about rape… Why is this town named what it is?

  8. I'm gonna visit Köln this year can't wait also going to be going to other cities in Germany. Ich liebe Deutschland.

  9. I love ❤️ Germany 🇩🇪 I was in Münich, next time I'll visit Berlin and cologne..
    greeting from Libya 🇱🇾

  10. Guys get over yourselves… just because aussaults happened at one spot during one night doesnt mean the place isn't safe. You won't get raped as soon as stepping onto the street. At least you won't be blown up like in Paris or Brussels.
    Anyway, the city really looks boring in the video. All more interesting spots aren't shown. And Cologne is a city to be visited in Summer. Then it feels so vivid and open minded!

  11. One advise: stay away from Cologne if possible. It is a dangerous city already governed by Merkelism. Women are free game, there to be raped without the police (allowed ?) to step in. Do as Cologne's mayor Henriette Reker advises: women should keep their distance to any men in Cologne, i.e. from Cologne itself, to play safe. Thus, unless you are a men-only party, even Cologne officials advise to stay away.

  12. Cologne was fine and safe for females. I visited last weeks. All the comments below show at least how ignorant bigots some people are.

  13. I was about to book a hostel at Cologne , but why the comments below suggesting that this place is the most avoided. hmmm

  14. "Those whom the God's wish to destroy, first they make mad."…….auf weidersen koln. Damn shame.

  15. I don't want my mother, sister or girlfriend being attacked by Muslim migrants when visiting. No thank you. I'll stay out of Cologne until they boot every rapist migrant out of Cologne and Germany.

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