“Visit Tillamook!” from Al Capone’s Vault

Tillamook Oregon it’s the ideal spot for
the vacation of a lifetime many travelers merely pass through
Tillamook, stoping briefly to get gas. Don’t you make that mistake! Although
Tillamook is located in a low-lying flood plain at the confluence of seven
rivers, the 1996 enhanced flood plain management
plan means that chances are better than ever you won’t need to use a life vest.
On first glance one might think of Tillamook as merely a remote backwater
of industrious dairy farmers when in reality there is so much more!
And speaking of CHEESE, no visit to beautiful Tillamook is complete without
stopping by the Tillamook Cheese Factory, the most visited attraction in Tillamook
if you don’t count the gas station. be sure to visit the gift shop where you
can buy the same cheese that you could buy elsewhere except that you’re buying it IN Tillamook. Imagine, Tillamook cheese IN Tillamook! The history of beautiful Tillamook is wrapped in cheese.
since a long time ago dairy cows have been pissing out milk to
be processed into famous Tillmook cheese, but not the same cows since the original
ones died. Visitors may be surprised to learn that
counts don’t flirt at least not when they’re alive. While the
winter floods wash a certain percentage of Tillamook’s bovine population downstream, a few manage to escape to high ground and
make a new life for themselves as feral cows that live in the forest and terrorize marijuana-growing hippies. At
this point you’re probably thinking that’s so much to see and do there couldn’t
possibly be more. But you are wrong! The Tillamook Naval Air Museum is located in a massive WWII blimp hanger but the blimp exploded. Now this immense
structure houses vintage aircraft that once fought against the nazis and Japanese to defend your freedom from the
French. And it’s just a short drive to Oceanside a small coastal village that’s popular
with vacationers who forgot to buy gas Tillamook. Tillamook is waiting for you, but that’s no
reason for you to wait for Tillamook. Come on down. Any time of year is great for a visit… mostly…

9 Replies to ““Visit Tillamook!” from Al Capone’s Vault”

  1. Funny Video.  I visited the cheese factory a few years ago. Across the street was a broken down manufactured home with a sign that said Showcase Homes.

  2. Eating the cheese as I watch.
    Mushrooms, garlic, pasture butter and Tillamook cheese; unaware I was even eating the darn same cheese.

  3. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.  I would pay to see "feral cows" terrorizing marijuana-growing-hippies. 

  4. Check out the high res version at our Al Capone's Vault channel:]

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