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for about 20 years we were known as the
Tech Museum of innovation but earlier this year we did go through a rebranding
and we have emerged as the tech interactive we felt that that better
encapsulate what we are hands-on learning interactive at the Tech
Interactive our mission is to inspire the innovator and everyone we want to
empower people with technology and science at the Tech Interactive we have
all kinds of different science exhibits one of which is Body Worlds decoded in
Body Worlds decoded you can check out an augmented reality kit and that’s going
to allow you to walk around the gallery and see different things that the normal
human eye cannot see we have geocache locations in the exhibit that will pop
up in front of you as you walk around and it’ll teach you more about biology in our body motions gallery we have
what’s called Birdly Birdly is a fully immersive flying simulator on Birdly you’re
going to be able to lay down on this platform you’re gonna wear an HTC vive
that’s going to go over your head and you’re going to physically fly flap your
arms as if you were a bird flying around Manhattan New York City it’s an
absolutely incredibly immersive experience and it is very convincing the IMAX of the Tech Interactive is
amazing it is one of the most immersive ways that you can experience a movie you
sit inside of a curved dome theater and an IMAX laser projector is going to
throw an image that is 82 feet across over 9,000 square feet and it’s the only
place in this part of the world where you can get that kind of experience as we all know parking in downtown San
Jose is a hassle so your best option for getting here is taking VTA bus or light
rail if you’re looking for something fun to do in Santa Clara County come check
out the tech interactive as you Visit Travel Adventure with VTA

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