Visiting NYC ? 10 Non-Touristy THINGS TO DO 😎 ! (Local Tips)

What’s Up Members of the Barrio? It’s Jon, coming to you from the West Village of Manhattan And there’s so many of you out there who have visited New York City Multiple times.. And you’re just plain tired of all the touristy stuff Maybe you’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge two times You’ve been to the Highline more times than you can count Well today’s video is for you I’m going to be sharing 10 Non-Touristy Things You can do On your next trip To New York City Guys make sure to check out my other NYC Playlists all linked down below Here we go You’ve done Central Park already, top to bottom I get that But if you want to visit a beautiful park That’s barely on any tourists radar Go uptown to Fort Tryon Straddling Hudson Heights and Inwood At the top of Manhattan This gem is your perfect stopover On a nice day There’s so many pathes to take Where you’ll be strolling overlooking the Hudson River But it feels more like Upstate than the City It seems like there’s a surprise around every corner Like that epic view of the George Washington Bridge in the distance Or just find a park bench and relax From this epic perch You could definitley consider a picnic here as well Of course no trip would be complete without a visit to the Cloisters Which houses over 2,000 pieces Of Medieval artifcats And gets absolutely nowhere near the attention of some of Manhattan’s Other more famous museums Another add-on would be Going to Washingotn Heights To eat some incredible Dominican Food after But remember You could wander Fort Tryon Park For a while So take your time And soak in one of Manhattan’s Best parks That not enough people know about.. If you’re as big a fan of Public Art as I am Bushwick Brooklyn is a must-visit We just shot a neighborhood guide to Bushwick last week And you could absolutely take a self-guided tour And just wander many blocks Admiring the work
and the majority of these pieces Are actually commisioned.. some even by the businesses housed inside For promotion
Believe me You’ll snap so many photos, it’s overwhelming And the great part is that the art is always changing If you come back in a few years You may see something new If you want something even more hands on
Sign up for a graffiti work shop With Graff Tours We did this one more than a year ago.. and I thought it came out quite nice If you’re into 90’s themed logos This could also be a fun family activity See the card above.. for more info This is something I’m trying to do more often myself There are many art galleries in the Chelsea Neighborhood of Manhattan That hold openings every Thursday night And to try an entice you They provide complimentary drinks Sometimes even complimentary food We went recently to this gallery
That had 2 Japanese Artists Showing off their work
And it’s an absolutely incredible free date idea From the free alcohol and snacks To the interesting art work We even got to hear from the artists themselves And saw this guy rocking out with his guitar You can join the Art Gallery Hop Group Or go to For more information. About specific openings.. but I highly suggest you try this out Because you’ll be supporting local artists And you can even talk to them About their creative process New York City has some of the most diverse food options on Planet earth And heading to Jackson Heights. Just 25 minutes from Downtown Manhattan Is an excellent start Hop off the train in Jackson Heights On Roosevelt Ave And I promise you’ll barely see a tourist in site We’ve covered Jackson Heights and Elmhurst numerous times on the channel You can find everything From indian To tibetan momos To Bengali Fuschka And it’s not hard to create your own adventure With all of the delicious and affordable street carts in the area If you’re not to familiar with the city I highly recommend taking a street food tour With Greg and Jumi These locals eat, sleep.. and did I mention eat there way through the most delicious food trucks You’ve never heard of Check out our video together For more information on how to book them And step off The eaten path Members of the Barrio If you didn’t hear in the last video We have just started a Patreon Page Now, nothing is changing on the channel I’m still offering the exact same content here for free But.. if you want to support what we’re doing.. I’m going to reward you for it With some really cool perks So check out the Patreon link down below in the description And to entice you more Until September 22nd I’m offering two bonuses For free An itinerary of the Perfect First Day in New York City And my 10 Favorite places to Eat In Greenwich Village Guys, give it a look if you’re interested Thanks If you’re watching this you’ve probably walked the Brooklyn Bridge once Maybe twice Well I can assure you the Williamsburg Bridge Is going to be a lot less crowded Ahh the Williamsburg Bridge walk An amazing experience Especially if you’re into photography A big advantage this bridge has Is that bikes get a seperate lane On the other side which is a huge issue On the Brooklyn Bridge And while the Brooklyn Bridge is more iconic This one feels more like Old School New York City What with the subway running right through the middle And while the views aren’t particularly epic I find myself taking more photos of the actual structure itself And some of the interesting touches all around And it’s nice not having to dodge people taking photos non-stop Although if you do feel the need to take a picture or video. Please be aware of joggers Before you do so But there’s so many benefits to this walk Like the unique view of Manhattan from the other side Or the fact that you’ve just entered Williamsburg Which quite frankly you could spend an entire day exploring So if you’re tired of the more tourist filled bridge Give the Williamsburg a shot While you may want to go to restaurants non-stop There is nothing more local than having a picnic At a smaller park Go grab a sandwich from a deli Or better yet Hit up the famous Dosa Man At Washington Square Park We waited in line 45 minutes And the buzz surrounding this place Is off the charts The owner is super friendly And it was fun watching him make the dosas right in front of us The special pondicherry was so delicious But it doesn’t matter what park you pick Because having a picnic Is a nice break from the hustle and bustle Of either living in New York Or just site-seeing all day Depending on the place You can even find street performers Or live music And get a front row seat For some great entertainment Just remember to always.. Tip if you enjoyed the show New York City has all types of nightlife And many tourists flock to the rooftop bars Which are very cool But personally I prefer going to Speakeasies Or hidden bars We did an awesome video on the channel Showing you around some of New York’s finest speak easy bars And if you want to add a little adventure To your next trip Consider going at least once The most famous one by far Is Please Don’t Tell Located behind an old phone booth at Criff Dogs In the East Village It can be tough to get a reservation. But it’s worth visiting for the sheer novelty and some tasty libations My personal favorite is U.E.S Which is located inside of an ice cream shop Just make sure to know.. the magic words to get in I wanted to check out the storage room Of course, put the Back Room on your list As they truly embody the spirit of the 1920’s drinking den And probably have the most unique interior And for all you cocktail afecionados I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better drink in New York City Than the one at Bathtub Gin Make a reservation for one of their Burlesque nights Thank me later I’ve harped on this point in numerous other videos You’ve been to many of the major museums in New York City And now you want to get a little bit more off the beaten path Well, we’ve got you covered One place that nobody ever talks about Which I absolutely love Is the Paley Center for Media A pay what you wish venue You could bring the kids to play video games downstairs And go upstairs to scan through old tv shows and commercials on computers If you thought YouTube had an extensive library You haven’t seen anything yet The Fraunces Tavern Museum has got to be one of New York’s most underrated places Located in the financial district Where the city first started Trace the big apple’s revolutionary routes And I keep bringing it up all the time Only because I love it The Transit Museum in Brooklyn Still is my favorite all-time museum To visit I could spend all day on those old subway cars Taking photos But I digress You’ve been to Chelsea Market Maybe you’ve even visited Smorgasburg on a weekend I think this one.. Is better than both I will never run out of positive things to say about the Queens Night Market In the most diverse borough in New York City Not only can you find some extremely exotic cuisine But everything is around $5 or less Making sampling food from different countries As simple as walking from one stall to another Our friends at Food and Footprints also made an amazing video on their channel About it In fact, the last time I went they made me order these out of this world Malayasian Burgers It tastes it even better than it looks I bet many of you can’t even point Mauritius out on a map But you can sure as heck eat some Chicken Bryani From the Mauritian vendor Need I plug this market any more than I have already And most of the most attendees here Aren’t tourists But locals from Queens So if you’re in town On one of the weekends it’s going on I recommend you give this a look
And have dessert at Moon Man Trust me.. You won’t regret it If your’e in Manhattan’s East Village And looking for an escape Visit one of the Community Gardens Which gives new meaning to the word Concrete Jungle These are absolutely incredible Many New Yorkers have no clue about them We made a whole video last fall Visiting some of the most famous ones You may be surprised what you find inside Like wildlife But one of the best things to do Is just find a spot To relax There’s so many benches and hideaways My favorite is the Green Oasis On Avenue D. Which has a tiny waterfall And a little fish pond You can go say hi to the many cats that come and go as well As another cool bonus If you head near the first street garden There’s some incredible street art You could make an entire afternoon of just hopping between the dozens of these gardens In the East Village area And you’ll be seeing a great part of New York City history In the process Shoutout to Sam from England. Thank you for supporting the channel on Patreon Members of the Barrio check out our other New York City playlists All linked down below In the description And do tell me in the comments Which one of these things You are most likely to try On your next trip to New York City Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.

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  2. Oh my gosh the graffiti and art work pieces are gorgeous! Wow there are some wonderful places to visit there I love them all. Thank you for sharing these with us. Love the Jackson heights foods 😍

  3. The Cloisters museum in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights..
    Great place to go..  I lived on Ellwood St for a while and loved it.

  4. I've never been so early! Love your channel. Planning another trip and October and your stuff is always so helpful. Thanks Jon!

  5. Bonjour Jon….Ooooooh woooow….merci pour cette merveilleuse promenade dans " Tryon Park" incroyable quand on pense que l on est dans une ville aussi trépidante que New York…..le marché de nuit.. exceptionnel…..merci….merci Jon…Bonjour å la belle Adriana 💖

  6. I don't know if it is the music or the way you lay your information, but nothing feels like a NYC Sunday afternoon like your videos man, keep up the good work …

  7. If you want something different in terms of food try the Chinatowns in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or queens. Mike Chen has good videos on these places especially if you want to try hot pot.

  8. Walking the Williamsburg Bridge is another great choice! Would recommend the Manhattan Bridge for the same reason with a separate lane for bikes

  9. Oh yeah the Queens Night Market is where it’s at!! Malaysian burger, Mauritian food and Moon Man – all M’s and all delicious!

  10. Always a super thumbs-up for the Tranny Museum. I hope those 10 fave eateries in the village includes The Little Owl on Bedford and Grove ??????????????????? Oh, and the Williamsburg Bridge walk looks promising for the next trip. Cheers Jon.

  11. Walking the Manhattan bridge is also a nice experience.
    A speak-easy bar I've tried is Beauty&Essex, behind a pawn shop, in LES.

    I've been wanting to try the street food in queens since I saw that video.

    Awesome videos, very informative, keep up the good work 🙂

  12. I’m coming to New York from the UK next week, I’ll be sure to check some of these out, especially the food in Queens!

  13. Thanks for this. Later this month I’m coming back for my third visit in two years, and I’m definitely interested in non-touristy stuff. Williamsburg Bridge is a definite must-do for me.

  14. I absolutely love the Transit Museum. I went for the first time last year and I want to hit it again for their new displays. I wanted to go this year, but it didn't pan out. However, since I am a NYTM member, I am finally getting a tour of the original City Hall Station. Very excited. Believe it or not, this was my first year visiting Central Park. I had to go there twice just to get through the whole Park. Loved it. Fort Tryon Park looks like will be on my list of things to see next summer. 😉

  15. .. you've become like the one stop NY guide for me.. I live in long island and hardly get to come to the queens or the city but your videos def help me to flaunt the knowledge whenever needed 😆 .. they are so simple and understandable…no unnecessary recommendations…n I have a celebrity like crush on Adrianna! 😍🤫 .. my go to places' list in NY is just increasing!! ..🙈 n I'm really thinking of becoming a patreon only to help you to continue the great work you are doing !🙌🏼

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    😜😜😜 🥳🤡🤭 😱 😈

  17. Amazing vid once again! Love your content as always! I think I’m gonna try one or two more of these things next time I’m in the city. Speaking of, the Williamsburg bridge is actually pretty easy to climb as well but ya know I guess I can’t recommend that for everyone who watches this lol -your boy @dnf.n from Instagram

  18. Fantastic channel. I'm planning my first visit for my birthday in January, so will visit a speak easy …and pretty much everything else.

  19. Gday luv
    Best food in the city Jackson Heights..
    Take The 7 train E F R train to 74 street and walk
    Don't forget the feast of San Dennaro Little of the best!
    Little known fact. Washington Square Park
    Charlie Barnett used to perform there when he was a teenager YEP

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