48 Replies to “VLOG 168: A week in LA with our friends :)”

  1. i was so excited to see that you were coming to california and then i realized the meet and greet was six hours from san francisco(where i live) and i don’t drive… so i couldn’t go… but i was really wishing i could and i hope you come back to california so i can one day meet you lol

    ps love your family

    pps YALL DONT KNOW WHAT IN-N-OUT IS?!?! you have to try it one day!!!

  2. 13:28 "it's embarrassing I can't do that." she sounds quite sincere, as in she's not saying that to make fun of Brooke intentionally as a joke, she is just responding to the woman who told her to climb the rope. she's too worried about how other people see her so it stops her from having a cool moment with a friend. i think it's more likely that she doesn't work out enough to make the climb. that's a tough climb for most girls who aren't as active as brooke. the bushes are an active bunch. nothing wrong with not being able to make it. but there is something wrong with her acting as though climbing the rope is too "embarrassing", as if brooke is some weird bogan outcast for wanting to do so and doing it. i guess it's possible that she is saying "i can't climb the rope, and my attempt would be embarrassing (especially in comparison to brooke who is easily climbing it)." but from the tone it doesn't appear that is the case. i just wanted to get these thoughts out into the ether in support of climbing ropes! haters gonna hate y'all

  3. what kind of camera do you use for when you make the video montages during the photoshoots? not the vlog part

  4. Poop shoot P.s: when I watch your videos you and your family always make me laugh and brighten my day love you 😊😤💕

  5. Poop shoot

    You three really have that "We're sisters" Vibe and momma Bush doesn't even feel like she's the mother. It's just so fun to watch 😂

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