VLOG Odwiedzam/ Visit KATOWICE

They said do not go! They will rob you! What will you do there? You go there, there is nothing to do. pathology The camera will be stolen. And how it is really? I managed to catch up with the blog on the bus so there will be new posts. Check it out, and I would like to welcome you in Katowice. Certainly one of the most well-known modern architectural assumptions in Katowice. this is the saucer and conference center, I’m going there. Now time for another creation of architects – a philharmonic hall, a music center in Katowice. let’s go. I really like the fact that everywhere here is accentuate on city greenery. Around this Philharmonic building there is such a maze hedge, something great. I am now near the Silesian Museum, maybe I can get inside. These are the fantastic skylights made of such milky glass. In the basement of the Silesian Museum, there is a very interesting exhibition presenting the work of both unknown Polish artists and the work of artists associated with Silesia. Now we are moving a bit back to the glory of the workers’ housing estates. I’m at Katowice’s Nikiszowiec annnnd… At the “Byfyj” cafe located in the center I found the best yeast that I ever tried. Nikiszowiec is a former workers’ settlement in the present mine of the ‘Evening’ (Wieczorek) designed by Emilie and George Zilman in 1911. Unfortunately, my stay ended with a violent storm, I returned home in the rain.

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