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Hi My name is Jim And I’m here to tell you That I love my credit card But I also hate my credit card. I love being able to shop without worrying about the bill Because I’m good for the money But I hate that I get fined even if I pay those bills One hour late Even though I’m good for the money And that’s why I have CRED CRED is a unique platform where I can manage all of my credit cards seamlessly. So, How does it work? It reminds you to pay all of your credit card bills So you never miss your due date And paying your credit card bill is super easy. Any card Any bank all from one place. That’s it. I get a CRED coin for every rupee I clear off my credit card statement So if I pay a bill of thirty thousand rupees I get thirty thousand CRED coins and I can redeem these coins for all kinds of exclusive rewards. which means I get rewarded not just for using my credit card But also for clearing the bill Oooh I like these YOU CAN EXCHANGE YOUR CRED COINS FOR You can exchange your CRED coins for things like Free popcorn at your local PVR And For things the money can’t buy Like hanging out with your favorite artist backstage. Hey man cool headphones. Thanks Vivian. Now I know, that credit card statements can be difficult and painful to understand and that’s deliberate and by design. If you don’t understand what’s going on, How will you know if something went wrong? That’s why there’s CRED protect. This is my credit card statement. This is my credit card statement after activating CRED protect. In the past six months I’ve spent over four thousand rupees on Hidden Charges. 900 of them are for Something called Advanced Charges What are advanced charges? I have no idea. So How does one become a member of CRED? Just download the app and punch in your number. Now, here’s the fun part not everybody gets to become a member of CRED. Only those with a credit score of 750 and above get to join. Which means Every member of credit is good for their money Welcome to CRED Yeah, so I’m Jim and I’m here to tell you that I love my credit cards But Naah, I still love them Because I have CRED

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