Hi everybody, my name is Dalila and today Around Rome You will find those little store where you can buy the ticket The one that I will take now is the classic one that endure 75 minutes You can also take the one for 24 hours 48 Or 72 hours or the one for seven days in reality, but depends on how long do you stay here Okay now we are in the neighborhood Trastevre and this is Carlo Menta one of the most famous Restaurant that we had and it’s also very economic. You have to try it But I will take you in another place now And is exactly behind Piazza Trilussa, I show You the price in general is a good price and economic the only things that is too expensive is the coffee Two euro for a coffee is too much So I’d suggest to take your lunch or your dinner here and then if you want a coffee Go outside and taking in a classic bar So we cross the river and here we are in Campo dei Fiori This place was full of flour of all kind So from here the name But now is an open-air market where you can find everything from Freud to back to Flour, but it’s not at all economic It’s very true sticker. So it’s the price also are very expensive You You So we were done It’s sure Seriously Three who were You And this one is one of the bicycle that you can find up around Rome and upper that you can use for Round two this bicycle is called jumper and is my over Welcome to Piazza Navona one of the most famous square that we have enrollment This were built in this monumental style like you see now By the Phoenix family by the will of the Pope Innocent. So temp the way there. Yep the Nirvana square wasn’t Like this but was a stadium in Fact was the stadium of the Emperor dimensional built in the 85 M Original the name of the square was in agony from the Latin. I believe that means Jainism the style was used exclusively for the predicts competition and A curiosity is better at a time The squirrel was conquered because the loss of the phantom and the water came out innovative support squad Imagined a leader and the assistant this kind of show Wasn’t a sphere but anyway, it’s a competition and see something like either brochure with The Pantheon was built between the 27 and their 25 before Christ but a console Agrippa as a temple dedicated to all the past present and future cards in fact The name Pantheon was probably a nickname from a mix of name of the god statue that will keep inside this monument was renovated a lot of times after to fire and the last time was with Emperor Adriana in the 128th after Christ in the way that cannon I’d now You

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