What Really Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 | Aviation’s Greatest Mystery

This Aircraft is a Boeing 777 at Kuala Lumpur Intl Airport. TheFlightChannel Presents… Aviation’s Greatest Mystery
(Malaysia Airlines Flight 370) Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is preparing for a flight to Beijing Capital Airport. In command is Captain Zaharie A.
(Age 33)
He has 18,300 Flight Hours. His Co Pilot is First Officer Fariq A.
(Age 27)
He has 2,763 Flight Hours This Flight is his final training flight before becoming an actual First Officeron the Boeing 777 There are 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board The aircraft operating flight MH370 is an 11 year old Boeing 777-200ER It has accumulated 53,471 hours and 7,526 cycles in service and had not previously been involved in any major incedents Kuala Lumpur Tower: MH370 32R Cleared for Takeoff. Good Night. First Officer: 32R, Cleared for Takeoff, MH370. Thank You. Bye. V1 After Takeoff, The Pilots are instructed to tune into Lumpur Radar ATC, The frequency used for en route air traffic Kuala Lumpur Tower: MH370, contact Lumpur Radar, 132.6. Good Night. Captain: Night. 132.6. Malaysia 370. 12:46 AM 12:46 AM
The Boeing 777 is climbing to 35,000 FT Lumpur Radar: Malaysia 370, climb to flight level 350 Lumpur Radar: Malaysia 370, climb to flight level 350
Captain: Climb flight level 350, Malaysia 370 Minutes later , Flight 370 reaches its cruising altitude of 35,000 FT Captain: Maintaining flight level 350, Malaysia 370 1:19 AM 1:19 AM
As the aircraft leaves Malaysian airspace, Lumpur Radar transfers the plane over to the Ho Chi Minh Area Control Center Lumpur Radar: Malaysia 370, contact Ho Chi Minh, 120.9. Good Night. Lumpur Radar: Malaysia 370, contact Ho Chi Minh, 120.9. Good Night.
Captain: Malaysia 370, Good Night. One minute later, MH370’S MODE-S symbol disappears from Lumur Radar screens MH370 later disappears from both Lumpur Radar and Ho Chi Minh ‘s radar screens The transponder of the aircraft has stopped working Despite disappearing in civilian secondary radar, MH370 is still being tracked by military radar Just the moment in which the transponder stopped working , the Boeing 777 makes a turn to the right and then it makes a left turn towards south west Current Direction: South West 1:30 AM 1:30 AM
Another aircraft attempts to make a radio contact with MH370 using the international distress frequency 1:31 AM
It successfully establishes comunication with the palne although he could only hear “Mumbling and Static” Between 1:30 AM and 1:35 AM, Military radar detects flight 370 flying at 35,700FT and heading 231 The aircraft continues to fly over the malay peninsula, with its altitude fluctuating between 33,000FT and 31,000FT The sultan ismail airport’s radar detects an unidentified aircraft 4 times, probably MH370 between 1:30 and 1:52 AM 1:52 AM 1:52 AM
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is detected flying south of Penang Island Then, the plane makes another right turn towards north-west Current Direction: North-West 2:03 AM 2:03 AM
The aircraft crosses the straight of Malacca close to Perak Island 2:22 AM
Flight 370 is detected as being 438km northwest of Penang Airport and flying at 29,500FT THIS IS THE LAST KNOWN LOCATION OF MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 370 The aircraft makes antoher turn left towards south Current Direction: South 2:25 AM
The aircraft’s satelite communication system sends a login request to Inmarsat 2:25 AM
After logging on to the network the aircraft responds to hourly status requests from Inmarsat in a series of “Handshakes” 2:39 AM
Inmarsat ,akes a Ground to Aircraft phone call to the cockpit but no one answers 3:41 AM
The Boeing 777 makes a second handshake initiated by Inmarsat’s ground station 4:41 AM
The Aircraft makes a third handshake initiated by Inmarsat’s ground station 5:41 AM
The plane makes a fourth handshake initiated by Inmarsats ground station 6:41 AM
The Aircraft makes a fifth handshake initiated by Inmarsats ground station At 7:13 AM, Inmarsat makes a second Ground to Aircraft phone call, in which no one answers 8:10AM
The Aircraft makes a sixth handshake initiated by Inmarsats ground station 9 minutes later, the Boeing 777 makes a seventh handshake, initiated by the aircraft itself This last handshake was incompletand was the last transmition from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 At this point, it is presumed that the aircraft has run out of fuel EVENTUALLY, MH370 CRASHES INTO THE OCEAN Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is presumed to have crashed somewhere in the southern Indian ocean The multi national search for the aircraft soon became the largest and mostt expensive in aviation history More than 120,000 square kilometres of seabed were searched without finding any evidence The search was stopped on January 17, 2017 A few pieces of the aircraft have been found ashore in reunion island, near Madagascar, but the wreckage’s were far too few too determine what happened to the plane The disapperance of flight 370 brought attention to the limit of aircraft tracking This included issues that were brought up following the disapperance of air france flight 447 in 2009, but never mandated Following the disapperance of air france flight 447 the international civil aviation organisation adopted new standards for aircraft position reporting over open oceans This included extending the recording tie for flight recorders
in addition, by 2020, icao will require new aircraft designs to have the means of recovering the recorders or the information they contain, before they sink into the water Flight 370 still remains the biggest aviation mysteries of all times In memory of the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 Created By

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  1. itโ€™s has to be the pilot(s). possible suicide idk. but whatever is happening the pilots are doing deliberately. why i guess weโ€™ll never know

  2. Hmmm alot of change of directions and then the handshakes, with the last being initiated by the aircraft 9 minutes after one initiated from the other end..!? My assumption is the plane was hijacked. Nothing else explains it but I'm no expert in aviation!

    God bless all those who lost their lives and my condolences to their respective families.

  3. Im sorry but how are you going to run out of fuel. If thats the case, that should've been something to have been checked at least twice before taking off at the airport of departure to the airport of arrival.

  4. Since adam had child andthe child had child doesnt that mean were adams great great great (More than 9000 times) grand child? That also means were all related and that means all those people in there are our families so…..

    Also this is a joke

  5. I can't imagine how the relatives and friends will always wonder. I have heard some bizarre things about what could have happened like it landed on s remote island and the plane was stolen. I wish this mystery was solved.

  6. looks like some aircon failure onboard that might have lead to asphyxia and incapacitated the people and the air craft seems to have flied to the point it lost fuel and then crashed — oh god.

  7. ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  8. Captain Shah is responsible for hijacking the plane. All the evidence points to him. The hard drive on his flight simulator had been erased which certainly cannot be a coincidence. He took on a huge amount of fuel (41,000 kg), more than he needed, disabled the transponder, most likely locked the FO out of the flight deck, decompressed the plane then flew directly down the Malaysia/Thailand border (crossing it 8 times) so that both countries air traffic controllers would assume each others jurisdiction. In other words, he snuck out without being detected. He flew over Penang Island for sentimental reasons ( where he was born) for one last look then set the auto pilot to fly deep into the Southern Indian ocean for 7 hours so that no one would ever find the plane. The skill level is so high that no one else could have possibly accomplished it, he no doubt practiced it on his simulator. The fact that there was no distress call backs up my theory.

  9. Modern Jet Engines , tell the Engineers when parts need servicing or replacing, There are sensors on the engine, they are in constant contact with ground crew engineers, So they could track the plane from its last known Service message, OR they dont want to tell the truth that the Boeing fell out of the sky due to malfunction or Software faults.

  10. planes don't just disappear out of thin air. someone knows something, and I wish they would come forward so these families would get answers.

  11. That aircraft is in Philippines near tawi-tawi an island called sugbay. Hope proper authority will notice this.

  12. I was suppose to be on this flight but I had to stay home to get my dog neutered. Little Toby the Chihuahua was fucking all my stuff toys.

  13. The news in 2019 had learned that the crash was from a pilot suiccide it crashed into a ocean ๐ŸŒŠ but we donโ€™t know where it is

  14. I mean, i miss her, without her in my life, there is no reason… I think i might just give it up now… So many years and i still think about her everyday… God help me… i am going insane… I cry every week trying to hide from my dad so he doesn't see me. I miss her hug, her presents, her food, a life without a mom because of some stupid trip… ๐Ÿ™

  15. The more problems happen, the more we learn. Like the 9/11 event. Now you can lock the door by a pass code or manually. And MH370 made us make a telespoponder that is online 24/7.

  16. Rogue pilots obviously or dead pilot with plane hijacked. Malaysia to Beijing, I think you would know youโ€™re not en route to your destination if youโ€™d been travelling for hours over the South Indian mf ocean fr.

  17. I am not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens, or a mentally deteriorated pilot. (reference to Germanwings 9525).
    It seems like no matter what explanation is picked for the cause, there is always a few points that go against it.

    On 4U9525, first officer put the plane into descent as soon as captain left the cockpit. Here, as soon as transponder went off plane started making turns, which looks like it was done deliberately.
    Now, the "aliens" thing is a reference to Air France Flight 447. It had controllably bellyflopped into the sea at a very high speed and fractured into pieces, yet they were still found at the bottom of the ocean 2 years later. Here – nothing. And given that MH370 ran out of fuel, I don't think it would have left a total disappearance. An example is Helios Flight 522. It crashed on land, but still pieces were properly identified. It didn't become a pile of unrecognizable trash. Planes only become unrecognizable if flying straight into terrain at high speed, something that wouldn't have happened in a "ran out of fuel" situation.

    Besides, mumbling and static is consistent with some external alien force tampering with aircraft. But so it is consistent with crew tampering.

  18. Thank you for the video ๐Ÿ™‚
    However, why the hell no one spoke about people saw a low flying huge plane in kudahuvadhoo 1 hour north from Diego Garcia????? It's so annoying you are ignoring this fact, they saw a huge plane grey belly with blue and red stripes?? That's a Malaysian Airline aircraft design!!!!!!!
    One of the residents could even see the doors and the confirmed it's not a sea plane. .. Marc Dugain French aviation expert went there with the Gibson and spoke to the local residents, 1 week later he received emails and phone calls to stop the investigation or they will post paedophiles images on his social media and he would find cocaine in his apartment,

    It could never be a pilote suicide, he took the strict necessary fuel, why would he fly 7 hours to crash and die, ??????? He could have simply took off and boom crash it anywhere. .. ???

    It's so freaking annoying that you all people are ignoring the Diego Garcia theory and believing inmarsat who led you to a location where no debris was ever found . Wake up people, ,

    My heart goes out to the passengers and families

  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=bej_IWGWKUc

    I KNEW from day one that ALL the passengers of MH370 were alive and well, as they still are. I remain ready to explain in detail what really happened, with backup evidence. These two supposed revealers of truth, Bill Ryan of Project Avalon and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, rejected and ignored my attempts to get THE TRUTH out, as have so many others. That is to be expected from Deep State controlled main stream media, but for those who claim to be looking for THE TRUTH, that is sad.

  20. One day I will try to find out what happened! I can't remember correctly but isn't there something called a back box that will say something about the crash? If so I will find it!!!

  21. I was in this flight
    But in some big jam or traffic

    I lost the flight
    It was ok but when i heard…
    That this happend
    I was crying of happines that i wasnt there and now
    I just pray

  22. In my opinion,the plane attacked something nohuman.This is only logical explanation.If it fell into the ocean,they would find it.
    Only God knows where plane is now….โœˆ๏ธ

  23. Still, airplanes are the safest means of transportation in the world.
    The chance of falling out of bed and dying is higher than the chance of the plane crashing.
    So you can take the plane with confidence.

    I am a Korean. So I am not good at English. I hope you understand

  24. First, I like verbal narration. I like to multitask. Second, you mention how few pieces of debris have been found from MH370 and then forget to mention Larry Vance's interpretation of the debris that was found – one flaperon and one flap. These 2 pieces indicate that the pilot or copilot of MH370 did a controlled ditching of the airplane in the southern Indian ocean with the intent of making the plane disappear forever.

  25. I was in the airport right next to mh370 gate 12

    And a few hours go by Iโ€™m waiting for my jet back to Canada

    And I heard a worker scream JANET JANET!?!? THE PLANE IS OUT OF CONTACT!!!

    Iโ€™m guessing a family member of one person on the plane heard and broke into tears….Iโ€™ll never forget that day

  26. I am still going to Malaysia often and still freaking out, thinking about this but it can be any flights, just each time reminds me if I am in the flights heading to Malaysia, what if I vanish like that? what if today is the last day what did you do good in life, you never know… If the plane MH 370 didn't explode in the Air by some bombs who knows sometimes we are only a sheep and Elites and Government rule the world. Who knows what war they were playing to kill innocent lives. If not that then possibly someone, passengers hijacked the plane to go somewhere else, it's in Asia all those countries islands full of gangsters and criminals no one knows who, they might have hijacked the plane till it run out of fuel and couldn't land anywhere unfortunately crashed at sea, and gone… Everything about this flight is so painful to watch and heartbreaking for me, followed and followed the news… even now still wanting to know, I feel so much for those passengers family and friends… God keep you all and watch over you about this!

  27. That plane was TOOK, to be use in a greater plot. Funny how the next day every country went looking for it. State of art plane can fly 6000 miles without landing. The plane did landed.

  28. Let say your a country and China is planning to invade Russia. You can be apart of the invation stopping other western countries. That where a commercial could come into play.

  29. Good people around the world won't forget. Why a passenger plane, to shock good people, shock and confess, why,why.

  30. This is basically the Titanic of my lifetime, it's crazy how we have all this modern advanced technology yet we still can't find flight 370 after 5 years now.

  31. No slip-ups, magic were the doors to the co-pit close. Did the commercial jet take off and land by itself. Was the doors close. No slip-ups.

  32. They maybe went through a rare wormhole phenomenon. Then they will reach beijing in the year 6014 which makes us long dead by the time they reached beijing.

  33. My teacher was a dance teacher and 1 of her student was inside the plane, the boy actually had a SYF dance in 2011 about how he wanted to be a pilot and grew up to be one, a part of the dance showed how the plane landed safely so his dancemates are now hoping the plane lands like the dance

  34. What I have gone through on web, the news and stories pin point the deep suspecion on flight captain.

    An ex-pilot with many years of flying experience had his view on a television programme as to what possibly this mh370 Capt may have done in case had it been a suicide mission without a trace.

    His theory is that the mh370 captain would have possibly made a rapid decent or ascent ( with no intimation to passengers ) resulting in the air pressure inside the aircraft to drop drastically to absolute danger levels while all passengers would have been brain dead in a matter of few seconds. Then he may have driven the aircraft towards southern tip of Indian Ocean till the aircraft fuel dried up completly, so as to land on cold waters to sink the aircraft completely on ocean bed, leaving little or no trace of aircraft to float or drift towards any near by shore.

    The above is just a theory and it is close enough to give us an account on what could have possibly occurred for the ill-fated mh370.My deep condolences to all the family members of mh370 passengers,.

  35. So after all these years i have few things in my mind , if this done by the pilot their was no clear motive that anyone found why he did this. someone who wants to commit suicide in such way they will definitely leave a clue why they did. as he was a very experience person on the air clearly he must have know how to do it if he really wanted to do. but why did he travel so much of time or was their a third party who did this or did someone from ground had a control of doing it. also has it landed to some unknown place because nothing so far has come up …if it went down in the sea some thing at least a baggage would have come up ….or still they may be searching in the wrong location. i hope one day the truth will come up and do justice who has lost still and who still waiting for them. can't say RIP because you never know

  36. We say we live in a world full of modern technology. Where machines are taking over. We can detect meteors asteroids etc through these advanced technical devices… Every year the scientists are sending space missions to mars moon and other planets… With the help of these modern technologies scientists are able to study ocean depths and what lies beneath…
    But why aren't these modern facilities and these learned scientists not able to track down a simple air craft , why ??? Five years passed and still this question haunts me even tho I have no reason to feel this way but still… I wonder how their families are passing each day.. Five years passed by and every year i come back just to hear no information yet…why???
    This is so strange are the government officials trying to say that the sky ate them up or the Indian ocean just swallowed it up???? Or are they trying to say that aliens are involved??? I really think they should provide some kind of solid statements to their family members who are dying each day.. The same questions are eating them up.Why the officials acting so weird?? If the scientists and technologies can do miracles why not find the missing airline MH370. ??
    May the lord give these families hope, strength, and love.. And we hope one day, some day we will know the truth.. ๐Ÿ’ AMEN.


    Sending hopes,strength,love from India may you all reunite with your loved ones..๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  37. But seriously something has to be done, we respect all the efforts of the different govmnts and marine companies who tried to help , it should be solved this is a digital and cyber world we live in..

  38. march 8th MH370 anniversary. march 10th, the anniversary known as my birthday. i don't think i can have a happy bday anymore

  39. My guess, this was planned from the beginning. Why would the pilot say goodnight then loose contact. I believe he did it on purpose. A silent, well thought out suicide or terrorist mission. Someone was flying tht plane after communication was lost. And ignored everyone. I get the feeling the passengers were unaware that they lost communication. The plane was then depressurized. It's possible the cockpit was shut or someone had an extra oxygen tank.

    My other guess, it was remote controlled by someone powerful.
    As for being accidentally shot down? Wouldn't someone have seen this? Like another plane nearby?? If another plane tried to contact them, they had to have been close by. And saw or heard an explosion. A missile explosion is loud isnt it? And I know sound travels.
    So either epolitics were involved, a new hjacking technology, normal hijacking, or a genuis planned suicide/murder. No aliens, why would aliens do tht. Arent they trying to hide thier identity too.

  40. my guess:
    Maybe it crashed into a part of an ocean, but nobody knew which.
    If it crashed on land, probably parts of it would have been found already.
    If we knew which ocean it crashed into, we would have found the flight.
    We should dedicate our memories to those who lost their lives from disappearing.

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