I’ve always wondered what it was like in
Florence Italy and to see the Duomo and now here I am this is the Duomo and this
building is just massive it’s amazing to look at look at this hey guys it’s Teresa and welcome back to
my channel I am so excited to bring you today’s video Florence is one of my
favorite cities to visit in Italy so in today’s video I’m going to share with
you three important things you need to know when visiting Florence and that is
where to stay what to do and of course where to eat let’s travel into Florence Lawrence it’s the capital of Tuscany it
is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and one of its most
iconic sites is the door mode which was engineered by Brunelleschi hotel la
Giotto is our favorite hotel to stay in when visiting Florence it is located in
the heart of Renaissance Florence and was previously an ancient mansion it was
built in the 16th century by antonio san gallo so this is what our renaissance
hotel room looks like it is so beautiful and I love the collaboration of old
Renaissance with just a touch of modern Flair I love the way the bathroom looks
and you can just see the classiness of this hotel room with the old era and the
modern decor what are my favorite things about this
hotel room is the size the space the open windows the fact that they kept the
touch of the Renaissance era and it just gives me a feeling as if I’m living
during that time there is a huge amor there with the mirror here is this
beautiful view I am still in awe of seeing
Michelangelo’s David it is one of the most epic things to see when visiting
Florence ill normal so amazing so spectacular it is one of the most
beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen hey guys we are in the Accademia Museum
where the David is exhibited you can only see this this is the original David by Michelangelo
right here a lot of Michelangelo’s work is in this entire Museo and I’ll show
you guys this is some of his unfinished work here I’m assuming that he
passed away or whatever before he got to finish this and as you can see
Michelangelo’s name down there Michaelangelo and so also as you know
Michelangelo did the Sistine Chapel’s in the vatican museum up close and
personal the David Michelangelo’s famous work people come
from all over the world just to see this piece of work by Michelangelo’s welcome
to floor yeah
in Florence and the reason it’s famous like
a vibrant Piazza and it’s actually quite we are having such a great time when
visiting Florence you have to climb to the top to see Piazzale Michelangelo it
is one of the most epic views of Florence and it is definitely worth the
climb the Arno River is one of the most important rivers in central Italy after
the Tiber the views along the Tiber are spectacular
so you want to make sure that when visiting Florence you take a stroll
along the Tiber the bell tower is another spectacular thing to see when
visiting Florence and this is one of the views after you climb to the top of PSL
at Michelangelo one of our favorite things to do when
visiting Florence is to go into Tuscany for a wine tour not only do you get to
see the beauty of Tuscany with its ancient castles and old wineries but you
also get to visit some of the local wineries and taste some of the best wine
you’ll ever have this winery is here since in 1991 and we have been always
organic so we don’t use any chemical additives not just asides and during
difficult to vintages we used to plant through the vines mixed crops like a
fava beans master the barley grass is in general to give a fat and nourishment
but also to cream the soilless looking inside these ancient wineries that have
been around for hundreds of years was truly fascinating and I highly recommend
a wine tour if you are visiting Florence trattoria Tito is our number one
recommendation on a place to eat when visiting forints and it is just a short
walk from Hotel La Giotto Florence is so amazingly beautiful you
guys so be sure to stop and take in the scenery when you are walking through the
streets of Florence this was the highlight of my day in Florence I got to
take a photo with the famous owner of trattoria Tito and they call him Bobo I
really can’t say enough about the experience we had at this restaurant
except that you just have to go there for yourself we celebrated our
anniversary there and the food was amazing
the wine was incredible and I even made a friend with one of the Kami ettus I’m
hoping to see when we go back to Florence the next time


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  2. Great content. I was there in 2018 and it was amazing. We accomodated very close to your recommended hotel, it is really at the heart of Florance.

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