On Aug 8, Russian aircraft package consisting
of TU-142 & Su 30 were intercepted by Royal Air Force of Britain. Two separate encounters took place in international
airspace near the UK and the Baltic Sea. In the first incident, RAF Typhoons in Quick
Reaction Alert (QRA) scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth to intercept two Russian Tu-142 aircraft approaching
UK airspace These were supported by an RAF Voyager from
RAF Brize Norton. In the second incident, Typhoons deployed
on NATO Baltic Air Policing were scrambled from Amari airbase. They intercepted a Tu-142 and two Su-30 Flanker
fighter aircraft which were getting close to Estonian airspace. A Typhoon pilot from XI Fighter Squadron,
attached to 121 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) in a public statement published by the UK
MOD stated, “We were scrambled to intercept a Russian
TU-142 aircraft, routing west close to Estonian airspace. We then handed over the escort to our Finish
and Swedish partners, as the aircraft continued West. We were then tasked to re-intercept and escort
the TU-142 ‘Bear’ which has since been joined by two SU-30 ‘Flanker’’. These Russian aircraft transiting the Baltic
region were not on a recognized flight plan or communicating with Air Traffic Control. The intercept was uneventful and conducted
in a professional manner throughout,” Viewers may note that on Aug 5 and 6 also,
RAF Typhoons had interacted Russian jets. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
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20 million players from all over the world! Time and again countries sent aircraft to
probe rivals. Aircraft navigating close to rival’s border
in peacetime is common. These exercises are generally aimed at collecting
data regarding the rivals air defense, to update tactical maps as well as to check the
rival’s reaction time. The collected information is cataloged for
future use and this can help the commanders to plan a war strategy in case a conflict
breaks out. These missions are also sometimes conducted
to assess own readiness and capabilities. Russia has been undertaking this type of exercise
several times a year for different regions. There is no reason to believe that the Russian
had anything different in mind this time. Actually, on the same date, a separate incident
happened over arctic Beaufort Sea’s international air space, north of Alaskan and Canadian coasts. As per reports, a pair of USAF F-22 Raptors
and two Canadian Forces CF-18s intercepter Russian Tu-95 bomber. The Tupolev Tu-142 is Russian maritime reconnaissance
and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft. The Tu-142 was designed by the Tupolev design
bureau during the Soviet era and was manufactured by the Kuibyshev Aviation and Taganrog Machinery
Plants from 1968 to 1994. In the late 1950s, the U.S Navy developed
the UGM-27 Polaris, a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) with a range of more of than
1000 miles or 1,800 km. So, there was a need for the Soviet Union
to counter the submarines which were the launchpad of UGM-27 Polaris. Keeping this in view the Soviet government
ordered to check the possibility of developing a dedicated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft. Tupolev Tu-142 was ultimately selected. It was basically derived from Tu-95 turboprop
strategic bomber. There were many different variants developed
since then. The Tu-142 has also seen many upgrades that
include better avionics and sensors, engines to name a few. The aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of
575 mph or 925 km/h and has a combat radius of 3,977 mi or 6,500 km. Tu-142 is capable of carrying around 20000
lb or 9,000 kg of weapons inside two fuselage weapons bays. A typical loadout will have options including
three torpedoes or depth charges including nuclear depth charges, mines, and sonobuoys. It carries no air to air missiles. Su 30 is a twin-engine, two-seat super maneuverable
fighter aircraft designed by Russia’s Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. It is a multirole fighter for all-weather,
air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions. The Su-30 started out as an internal development
project in the Sukhoi Su-27 family by Sukhoi. The integrated aerodynamic configuration,
combined with the thrust vectoring control ability, results in high maneuverability making
it an excellent dogfighter. The Su-30 is able to perform advanced maneuvers
like the Pugachev’s Cobra. The aircraft’s powerplant incorporates two
Saturn AL-31F afterburning low-bypass turbofan engines, fed through intake ramps. These AL-31Fs, each rated at 123 kN (28,000
lbf) of full after-burning thrust enables a maximum speed of 2 Mach With a normal fuel reserve, the Su 30 is capable
of performing a 4.5-hour combat mission with a range of 1865 miles or 3,000 km An aerial refueling system increases the endurance
to 10 hours and range to 3,200 mi or 5,200 km. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-engine,
canard-delta wing, multirole fighter. The Typhoon was designed originally as an
air superiority fighter but been increasingly better equipped to undertake air-to-surface
strike missions also. It is manufactured by a consortium of Airbus,
BAE Systems and Leonardo. It is currently being used by airforces of
9 countries and the primary once are Royal Air Force, German Air Force, Italian Air Force,
and Spanish Air Force Typhoon as of now is one of the most capable
fighter jets. It is agile making it excellent for dogfights,
has supercruise capability at Mach 1.5 and range of 1,80 mi or 2,900 km. For air to air engagement, it can be equipped
with AIM-132, ASRAAM AIM-9 Sidewinder, IRIS-T, and MBDA Meteor Tupolev Tu-142 is pretty large bomber and
has no stealth characteristics. Because of these, the Tu 142 will have a very
large radar cross-section and the Typhoons with their excellent radar will be able to
get a radar lock easily. The variety of missiles carried by Typhoons
will be able to knock it off without much difficulty. So, Tu-142 is expected to be escorted by Russian
fighters and this is the case this time. The real battle is the one between Su 30 and
Typhoons. Both the aircraft have decent radars though
Typhoon will have an edge. The main difference is expected to be the
long-range air to air missile carried out by the fighter as none of the fighters are
stealthy and the rival would be able to get a lock from Beyond Visual Range. Su 30 is expected to carry the latest variant
of R 77 The Vympel NPO R-77 missile is a medium-range,
active radar homing air-to-air missile. It is designated as AA-12 Adder by NATO. The missile has a maximum turn rate of up
to 150° per second which enables it to keep up with agile modern fighters. R-77 uses a multi-function doppler-monopulse
active radar seeker developed by OAO Agat. The radar features two modes of operation
– short and long-range. Over short distances, the missile will launch
in an active “fire-and-forget” mode. Over longer distances, the missile is controlled
by an inertial guidance autopilot with occasional data link updates from the launch aircraft’s
radar. It is has a range of 68 miles or 110 km and
speed of 4 Mach. Typhoon is expected to deploy the Meteor
Meteor missile is developed by MBDA and is based on the requirement derived from 6 nations. The missile is designed from grounds up to
meet not only today’s threats but also future once. It is capable of engaging fast agile jets
to small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as well as cruise missiles in extreme weather conditions. Meteor has exceptional aerodynamics and propulsion
performance enabling it to pull off intense turn angles when pursuing an agile target
like a modern super maneuverable fighter. It has a range of 93 miles or 150 km and a
maximum speed of 4 Mach. The missile has a no-escape zone of 60 km
or 37 miles which is largest more a missile of this category. Meteor is considered to be most potent air
to air missile and is well ahead of R 77 and is better than even the American AIM 120 D
which is considered to be the second-best. Given that better range of Meteor & much greater
accuracy, Typhoon will be able to take down Su 30 from a standoff distance.


  1. What I heard from your analysis is that the SU27 has a superior speed of Mach 2, plus a longer range than the Typhoon. Good strategy on the Russians part would see most Typhoons never making it back to base in a conflict. Not having the speed or the staying power is quite a weakness. I am not sure that your conclusion stands up to scrutiny?

  2. Russian has got many types of jet from Mig family to Su family. Each is a deadly jet. Of course, Russia TU 95 bomber is a gigantic bomber, not a fighter. But TU 95 can carry supersonic missiles . Each TU 95 can totally destroy the entire UK or even USA if it is armed with Russian nukes.
    However, TU 95 is not designed to fight others fighter jets in sky but it is always protected by Su 30, Su 35 and Mig 31 or Su 57. The British Typhoon is no match Su 35 or Su 57.

  3. Like F 35 – keep telling yourself it's greatest thing since sliced bread. Making rich armaments makers happy. With F 35 – it's too big now to scrap and will cost over ONE TRILLION to keep producing – has immense problems – with no end in sight. Let's hope Hurricane at least does not asphyxiate the pilots!!!

  4. What kind of bullshit propaganda is this? A chance against what exactly, in which conditions? These ultra-generic videos with hyperbolic titles serve only as click-bait ultra-biased BS to feed some moronic brains.
    I'm not pro-Russian but everybody in the 'west' must think the Russians are sleeping and don't have top notch military equipment, just like the 'west'. Think again! Underestimate your oponent and you're dead meat.

  5. Because British military budget is bigger than Russia’s and our equipment and vehicles and actually work unlikes Russia’s stuff which is always breaking and going wrong Russia’s a laughing stock 🤣🇬🇧💪

  6. Well this was disappointing. Based on this video I am supposed to believe that the typhoon is better than a Su-30SM? I don't think so. Didn't India just purchase the French Rafael after a head to head with the EF-2000, with the Typhoon coming short on all tasks?

  7. SU 30 > Typhoon nearly every way plus it's even more popular as time passes. Problem with Typhoon is most third world countries prefer the lighter affordable just as capable Gripen and ones with a little extra moolah prefer the Dassault Rafale. If they want a heavy weight fighter they obviously go for the more capable far cheaper Su 27/30/35.

  8. It would be great if you would touted the fact the next generation UK carrier is first and only carrier to be built around a plane, not the other way round.

  9. This guy needs a r77 fired up his ass followed by a meteor for making this dumb shit of a video and a russian bear flown up his ass for calling this analysis.

  10. Eh, egoistic Britain and nato killers. This video is just wasting time for everybody who is well educated.
    Britain is far, far away from modern Russian weapon, there is no sense to speak about it.
    Britain is not respected force anymore. Britain and USA (nato) attacking only when they know they will win, attacking only countries who can't strike back.
    Good buy Britain, the reality is something much different than story of this video.

  11. Well, m nither a fan or Su30 nor for typhoon. But would like to share a recent conflict between Su30 and F16.
    F16 fired 4 MBDA missile from F16 to target Su30. Unfortunately, non of the missile was able to shoot down Su30.
    This incident put a biiiiiiig question mark on MBDA missile capabilities.
    If some one give me an option to select any one out of R77 or MBDA missile I'll nither opt out for R77 because it not good as MBDA, nor I'll opt for MBDA because it failed to shoot down Su30.

  12. the problem with these missiles that have a stand off range of 100 miles is that the aircraft only respond to the enemy aircraft when it is nearing their borders. then they scramble to meet the offending aircraft. by the neither missile has any advantage of distance stand off. they are within a few miles of each other. so stand off is not a significant issue.

  13. Hey buddy get real and get with reality please for HEAVEN SAKE do you research in History before posting continuously FAKE NEWS About F22 JUNK METAL ……VERY EXPENSIVE or the Most Expensive JUNK in the SKY ….! Iran SHOT DOWN another piece of Junk with WHAT? nothing within 10% of RUSSIAN CAPABILITY as the GREAT VALD. PUTIN says do the MATH !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Why is the Grammer for the language and title of the video always so weird? It's wrong, the verbs and adjectives are out of place or just wrong.

  15. afraid against s400 from 2007, think then never ones, and what happend meting f22 and sukhoj su 35s?? Here is Swedish papier intweruing USA pilots from squadron 380,he said that sukhoj can and have two times locked f22 translate and cry, maybe USA going to copy Russian su 57 camouflage paint hahahihihoho https://www.nyatider.nu/usa-drar-tillbaka-f-22-fran-mellanostern-beslutet-avslojar-tva-stora-svagheter/

  16. Why the Russian planes had no chance? They were escorting the Russian Aircraft, not to fight in war. Did you check what the planes had loaded, to confront the Typhoons? And what was over the Aircraft watching the Typhoons? The third Russian plane? . .

  17. We brits are terrified of the Russians. Hopefully, after brexit we will be able to negotiate and give them greater access to our waters and air space. Then they will leave us alone.

  18. You think that U.k. can take out Russia fighter when Russia flex it's muscle💪 SU 35 a plus four generations fighter Russia got more type missile then any one country period🚀.

  19. but when Russia threatens Europe, All Europeans shit in their pants! just imagine how Russia seized Crimea peninsula!

  20. This guy tells some very interesting news! What news? Well, he tells us that a fighteraircraft,( in this case a Eurofighter Typhoon) CAN SHOOT DOWN A BOMBER!!!! Wow!!! What a ashtonishing message!!! (ahum)

  21. After having spent countless hours of in depth reading about war throughout history, several things are certain…

    One- War is waged through deception
    Two-Deception is waged before the war starts
    Three- Inferiorization of the enemies capabilities are in full swing prior to the war starting
    FOUR- One does not show his full cards, soomee are never revealed, not even during war… depending on how far advanced they are
    five- People are always lied to.
    SIX- Demonization of the intended target is in full swing
    SIX- does anyone question the motive as to who profits from sending us to die in their wars anymore or do we just jump when the order comes?

    First they divide you, then they corner you, then they lie to you and then you die for them, whether it is in a factory on the battle field, non the less for them we all die, for we are the slaves of thy destruction.

  22. It's all about quality training and tactics. Afghanistan kicked Russia ass. Yet the Soviets were supposed to better. Even there Russia Special Forces are not up to the standards

  23. From a country that has to force its people to serve in the military over a country who's people WANT to serve is a huge difference. Because the countries where the population are forced, you'll will find officers in the ranks who want a different form of Government. This is why Stalin and Zedong had mass purges. Because they knew that assassination was just around the corner for them just as the very leaders that they ousted themselves.

  24. Your summary is just so garbage… in many training exercises Indian su 30 has beaten the f15c and the f16 in mock up exercises including during a training. Exercise with the raf typhoon.. also to some something up for you, no matter how advanced a fighter aircraft is, it’s the pilot flying or that matters.. if a pilot with little or no flying time goes up against a pilot with a huge amount of training and experience he’s most likely going to loose in a air to air battle..

  25. R-77 last versions has a range of 180km…..EU fighterjets have failed…example…Cuban Mig 23 were superior to South African Mirage F1…..during Gulf war…Tornado failed…many of them were shot down…and one Brit ADV tornado was shot down by Mig 29…

  26. Great now the British are going to become war crazy to get a war going with Russia. Maybe Britain thinks it can invade Russia.

  27. Sounds like he is just reading the propaganda literature from the manufacturer. Missiles, of any manufacture have a low hit rate.

  28. This is a joke Russian SU fighters are far more superior to the euro fighter which is far from stable and was outdated in some aspects before it came into service, who ever made this video is lying or delusional or both..fact…

  29. Здравствуйте, мои западные партнеры!
    LOL! It is always amusing to watch videos like this! You forgot one very important factor in your equation! You are not dealing with aircraft but with RUSSIANS! There are THREE strategies you did not mention, well, because you do not know of if we decided to fly actual Battle Mission:
    1) There is much more ???? to protect Bombers;
    2) SU-27-57 have special manners when greeting our counterparts; and
    3) The METEOR is a fairly good missile, but it does not really scare us, for we know how to deal with that asset before it even comes close to our fighters! I am actually amazed our Western Partners forget so easily power we have over flying assets as God gave BEAR Mastery over Earth's skies!

    Do you really think we shall put our Bombers at risk making them Big Easy Targets for typhooooons! LOL!
    But, like we Russians always say, we are your Partners…Friends! As we hear that West are Christians and so are WE…why do we seek to kill each other? If ALL nations incl Russia ignore bloodthirsty Israel and US, they stand alone against rest of Earth! Perhaps they shall also cool down and Earth can experience Peace! If US ignore Israel (which perhaps shall not happen), Israel and Palestine should hopefully quickly reach some agreement to co-exist! Iran is calm…IF Israel stop this ancient hatred for that nation.

    Talking about Israel: Please do not fall for that fake paranoia that all Arab nations want to destroy her! THAT could have already be done by now if they wanted to! Hezbollah ITCH to attack Israel, but they are registered UN Militant Org. They show they are responsible and prefer dialog before escalating! Iran is the same! Iran has capability to wipe entire Middle-East off map! TRUST ME! But even THEY have shown to be responsible actor! Iraq want everyone to get out and leave them alone…but nyet! Israel and US have NO regard for them as Sovereign State, and having been badly treated in "Desert Storm", they are trying to restore their existence, but West is trying to keep them subdued…like they unsuccessfully tried with Russia in 1990, and still try to dictate to us! Hence, Iraq now also considers obtaining Russian S-400 for protection. I hope Kremlin agrees! Yemen would LOVE to destroy Israel if they could…and who can blame them! Many of their little kids' body parts are scattered everywhere as bombs from "Moon???" keeps dropping on them! They live on Sand Dunes and temp is 54 deg Celsius by day! Sanctions cause other living kid's rib cages visible from malnutrition! What was that…a Neutron Bomb? Nyet! Of Course not, it was MOAB I forget! So, if there is any good left in world, deal with Yemen, lift sanctions, give food to eat and MAKE TREATY that Israel do NOT seek their Subversion ie EXTINCTION as like Iran! Let Yemen restore and prosper again and I KNOW they shall have no revenge! JORDAN The King is extremely responsible and seek peace in ENTIRE Middle-East. He protects Christians, Islam and other faiths. He even donated (I think $10Mil) of his personal money for the cause! Israel have NO reason to fear Jordan! Syria My Israeli Partners. I am 30 year Biblical Scholar that incl Christian, Islam, Tanakh, all extra Biblical texts and even little Eastern Religion dogmas. I am aware of most Israeli and international archeological research, opinions, Exodus- well let's say if Pentateuch is real or Spiritual, ETC!!! I even enjoy challenging/Rebuttle Rabbi Tovia Singer regarding certain topics…although he never seem to find answers to my challenging questions! My POINT? Damascus is NOT going to fall according to "prophecy"! You are attempting to destroy her and it is NOT HaShem's Will! We (Russia and Major Game Players) KNOW why you need Syria Subverted, but God is NOT happy with this needless Killing! You are getting so desperate, that you are attacking US (Russians), your Ally, and other friendlies! You hate Palestinians, something God's people should not do! Why not seek Shalom! That way, God may give you what you seek. Please our Partners, circumcise your hearts, write Tanakh on your hearts, be filled with Spirit of HaShem that shall display LOVE as first good fruit on your tree! Come Rabbi's…don't you have commission from HaShem to keep His Holy Land pure and without blemish? TEACH your Knesset God's way and be blessed. NO nation shall attack Israel, believe me…BEAR shall make sure of it DA!? And Christians, Read Rev 20:8 …After Satan is released from Prison, THEN shall Gog & Magog Battle be fought and defeated! At LEAST over 1000 years from now! So STOP lying and make saints tense that End is near and Gog & Magog is about to happen. Goodness, Armageddon must first happen as well! So…..*EARTH*…. Get RID of all Human Killing Machines AND LIVE LIKE BROTHERS OF ONE BLOOD IN PEACE! Are everyone MAD!? Don't you remember God DESTROYED ENTIRE Human Race with Flood for they were behaving like NOW! KILLING CHILDREN! Causing Hunger, Bullying, Sanctions and for what…WEALTH, OIL, GAS! Don't you so-called GODLY NATIONS know it is called IDOLATRY and GREED…leading to LIES, SCHEMING, HATRED, MURDER! Is THIS how GOD'S PEOPLE show other faiths good example! You should be ASHAMED! UN should build huge memorial for that 9 y/o boy shot in head for NO reason as well as ALL kids that died since WW1!!! PIOUS ADULTS! RIGHT!

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  30. the typhoon deserves more credit then it gets all we see is u.s and russian planes and how good they are .but i bet the typhoon can give them a run for its money…

  31. Hahahah Ask Indian and English pilots say SU-30mki is better then Typhoon. SU-35 are the ULTIMATE,THE BEST Dog fighter EVER. IN Paris air show. Russian top SU-35 Pilot give OPEN DOG FIGHT CHALLENGE-FOR at least 5 YEARS.

  32. Just watch what US pilot say :What he will do against SU-27 – JUST EJECT HAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNKh0gmR93k
    F-16 is one of the best DF. And SU-35 is BEST EVER one or two classes ABOVE EU-Fighter.
    P.S.Or just watch German MIK-29 team who help NATO in RED Flag. German say how easy is to get in visual combat. All NATO fighter gets have One chanse shot for far away. But when two fighter aircraft come with 2X2000km .Above visual range is seconds.

  33. Ok Russian trolls .. When has any modern Sukhoi or Mig EVER shot down any relevant fighter jet? And when has any junk s-300/400 EVER proven itself? That's right! NEVER you ignorant bigots .I.
    Your stupid intolerance of facts has NEVER won anything, and never will.

  34. It does not matter if Russia or China don' t have a chance against some of the USA's " tools of combat"… You keep putting out disinformation about our equipment anyway!##!!! SURPRIZE!!! Is the upper hand game changer in combat.. Just ask any combat veteran??!!!! Duh! ( slaps fingers to forehead in an L shape)!!!

  35. “Cut out the Bull Shit! The BREXIT phonies are now Bankrupt and Pirating Iranian 🇮🇷 oil tankers for 🇺🇸 while (((Playing))) ‘Lap dog’ for AmeriKKKa.’ 🔥🇺🇸🔥🇬🇧🔥🇺🇸🔥🇬🇧🔥🇬🇧🔥🇬🇧🔥🇬🇧

  36. Russia’s a joke there vehicles are old and keep breaking down ‘ there only carrier needs a tug to follow it for when it breaks down…. again and there so called defence budget is less than the UK’s so technically the U.K. is no.2 most powerful country in the world with out American brothers ‘ and just when Russia thought nothing else could go wrong a cranes fell on on there ancient carrier pmsl my god Russians are so stupid and weak 🤣🖕🇷🇺

  37. Actually, a huge factor in the potential confrontation between the 2 fighter aircraft, which is all too often overlooked – especially in BVR encounters – is the massively reduced radar cross section of the Typhoon; not just in terms of overall design, but by the use of radar absorbent coating. And although it isn't technically considered a stealth aircraft by todays standards – it has an order of magnitude advantage over other 4th+ generation fighters; making it much more likely to detect and fire upon an opposing aircraft before it's even aware that it's been detected, let alone engaged.

  38. Y is it when some one gets close to Russian air space thay shoot them down even when it's a passenger plane, then they deny it.

  39. Okay. ISSUES. I've watched a few of your videos now so I'm an expert in coaching you, trust me ok?
    Please get rid of the 'stupid bell chime threatening background noise'. You've had it for years and it's very annoying. It's very distracting and it's biased against the East and Asia.

    Your channel is labelled Defense Updates, not Offensive Background Music with a crap narrator and loads of still images. The info is good enough to stand by itself, unfortunately every other element in this is dreadful. The narration is robotic with no emotion what-so-ever.

    Also the amount of adverts is extremely annoying. Get rid of the narrator and get someone else in. Basically everything but the information itself was undesirable and distracting.

    Get other people in and sack a few people, but the info is good.

  40. Indian su 30mki beat typhoon to12:0 in friendly dogfight between Indian air force and British air force. Although indian su30mki is superior to Russian su 30. But still 12:0 is much larger. This proves that Russian su30 can also beat typhoon.

  41. U.K. is better more advanced and powerful because our stuff is more advanced and actually works unlike anything Russia has 🤣🖕🇷🇺

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