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Welcome to the fifty-second video of Bangkok
Unmasked! The YouTube channel that helps you get the
most out of your visit to Bangkok city! If you’re new here, please consider subscribing! In this video I’m going to try and answer
the question; Why visit Bangkok? Let’s get started. There are 195 countries in the world. This means that there’s 195 capital cities
to visit. So why travel to Bangkok? What follows are 13 reasons, in no particular
order. Why visit Bangkok reason #1: The food Whether you’re staying in Bangkok for a day,
a week, a month or longer, Thai food is so delicious and diverse that you’ll never have
to eat the same dish twice. That’s not all. The International cuisine in Bangkok really
is world class. No matter what food you’re pining for, you’ll
be able to find it. If you go to any of the top-tier restaurants,
the quality will be superb. Greek, Indian, Japanese, Spanish, French,
Chinese, Italian and more. It’s all available. Note. The first Michelin guide to the Thai capital
was published in December 2017. Bangkok earned the title of ‘the most affordable
Red Guide city in the world’. A lunch at one-star Savelberg will cost around
1,600 baht and two-star Le Normandie serves a business lunch for around the same price
– astonishing value for an impeccable meal! Why visit Bangkok reason #2: The people From my own experiences, there are friendly
locals in most countries. That said, there’s something about Thai people
that makes traveling through the country easier than most. The Thai are generally friendly. Sometimes exceptionally so. Bangkok, like the rest of Thailand, to me
at least has an overall friendly and chilled vibe to it. Why visit Bangkok reason #3: The cheap cost
of living Traveling to many capital cities on a budget
can really suck. You start running over budget and have to
remove things that you really want to do and see from your itinerary. While Bangkok isn’t as cheap as it used to
be, you can still do and see most things on a tight budget! Most of the major attractions aren’t overly
expensive, and if you want to stay in a cheap hotel, or hostel, this is absolutely possible. Remember the average salary in Bangkok these
days is around 20,000 baht or $600. If you want to live like a Thai, you can do
so. That said, if you want to blow serious money
you can do this too. It’s really up to you. A case in point; one of my wife’s friends
went for a meal with her fiancé at Sirocco and they blew 45,000 baht on a meal for two. That’s pretty much $1,400! New York or London prices. From the Facebook pictures it did look like
a very good meal! Why visit Bangkok reason #4: The weather Thailand has three seasons. In my opinion, they’re all fine for vacationers. Bangkok’s high-season for tourists is generally
during the cool season. That said, Bangkok is also a popular Thailand
destination during rainy season, as many other parts of Thailand are prone to flooding during
this period. It’s not a good idea to go to most of the
Thai islands for example during rainy season. One thing to consider; you won’t be cold in
Bangkok. Unless you really turn up the air-con of course! To check out a video I did that goes through
Bangkok weather, and the best time to visit Bangkok, please click on the i-icon above. Why visit Bangkok reason #5: The nightlife If you like to party, Bangkok is your kind
of city! Backpackers should head to Khao San Road to
meet with other like-minded travelers, try the laughing gas, and get silly-drunk on the
infamous booze-buckets. If ladies of negotiable affection are what
you’re looking for, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong. And this is just scratching the surface. There’s also soapy massage, S&M clubs, blowjob
bars and more. For more refined tourists, there’s a vast
number of live music bars, jazz bars, and some world-class EDM clubs. Finally, if art, theater, and ballet is your
thing, Bangkok has you covered. There will almost certainly be something of
interest running during your visit. Time Out Bangkok lists all the major events
and should be your first port-of-call. Note. While it’s not something I’m overly familiar
with, if you’re looking for LGBT-friendly nightlife, you’re also spoilt for choice. Why visit Bangkok reason #6: The temples Some of Thailand’s best temples are in Bangkok. I have been told that there are around 400
wats (or temples) spread throughout Bangkok. While most tourists will only visit Wat Pra
Kaew (The Temple of Emerald Buddha), Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn) and Wat Pho (The Temple of the
Reclining Buddha), I suggest that you also consider the following temples. They’re all beautiful and well worth a visit. – Wat Saket. – Wat Traimit. (This temple contains the World’s largest
solid gold buddha weighing in at five and a half tons). – Loha Prasat. (Also called the ‘Metal Castle’). – Wat Mahathat. – Wat Suthat. – The Marble Temple. (Wat Benja). – Wat Prayoon. Note. Remember to not only to bring your camera
but also to wear long light pants, a tee shirt that covers your shoulders and proper shoes
as some temples will not allow flip-flops. Why visit Bangkok reason #7: The adventure Many visitors to Bangkok think that you need
to visit other places in Thailand for adventure. Not so! What follows are a handful of ideas for exciting
outdoor activities in Bangkok. – Muay Thai gyms. – Bike tours. – Flight of the Gibbon zipline adventure. – Diving with sharks at Sea Life Ocean World. – Wakeboarding at Taco Lake. – Rock Climbing at Urban Playground. – Go Karting at EasyKart. – Surfing at Flow House. – Skydiving. – Bobble Football. – Extreme Cycling at Peppermint Bike Park. – Formula Renault Driving at Taki Racing. – Airsoft and Paintball at Combat Zone 62. And honestly, this list is just scratching
the surface! Why visit Bangkok reason #8: The markets Bangkok has got a huge variety of markets. The most famous is Chatuchak Market, or JJ
Market. While it’s open all week, you should visit
at the weekend as this is when all the stalls will be open. Chatuchak Market is massive! There’re over 15,000 stalls offering an eclectic
variety of goods, from antiques through to pets. If you have time, I suggest that you also
visit some of the following markets. – Pratunam Market. (This is mostly clothing, shoes, accessories). – Or Tor Kor Market. (The biggest food market, or wet market, in
Thailand). – Pak Khlong Flower Market. (First and foremost flowers, but also fruits
and vegetables). – Amulet Market. (Bustling handicrafts bazaar selling Buddhist
amulets, totems, coins & good-luck charms). – Silom Night Market. (Also known as Patpong Market, this is where
you can get all kinds of tourist tat and fake designer goods). Why visit Bangkok reason #9: The festivals The Thai love festivals. Seriously. Any excuse to celebrate and have some fun. With this said, some tourists even go as far
as to plan entire holidays around these festivals to join in the party and see what all the
fuss is about. A great example of this is Songkran (April
13 – April 17). This is a festival where Bangkok hosts the
world’s largest water fight! Other festivals of note are: – Loy Krathong. – Chinese New Year. – International Festival of Music & Dance. – Wai Khru Tattoo Festival. Why visit Bangkok reason #10: The Chao Phraya
River Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River has been the city’s
lifeline since the very beginning, and it’s one of the best places to escape the chaotic
city streets. Riverside hotels, restaurants, dinner cruises
and water taxis make this muddy working river an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing day or
night. Be sure to bring your camera, because the
historic Thai river boats and riverside dwellings are picturesque at all times of day! Why visit Bangkok reason #11: The cheap healthcare It may not be the primary reason why you’re
asking yourself the question why go to Bangkok, but the affordable and top-notch medical facilities
might convince you to visit the doctor or dentist while you’re there! Bangkok is known for its promotion of medical
tourism, and when you see the state-of-the-art practices offered for a fraction of western
prices, you’ll understand why medical tourists flock to the city from around the world. Why visit Bangkok reason #12: The rooftop
bars Sky bars and rooftop lounges are all over
Bangkok. They’re some of the best places to admire
one of the most impressive skylines in the world. Why see the city at eye level, when you can
watch its many wonders from above? Note. I suggest you consider one of the following
rooftop bars. They’re all awesome! – CRU Champagne Bar. – Sky on 20. – Flûte A Perrier-Jouët Bar. – Vertigo and Moon Bar. – Sirocco & Sky Bar. – The Speakeasy. – and finally Sala Rattanakosin. Why visit Bangkok reason #13: The massage Getting at least one traditional Thai massage
is an absolute must when you visit Bangkok. Endure an hour or two of stretching, pulling
and pushing on your muscles, and you’ll sleep better than you ever have before. Even better, you’ll wake up the next day feeling
rejuvenated and ready for another day in the city. To check out a video on where to get the best
traditional Thai massage in Bangkok click on the i-icon above. Final thoughts on ‘why Bangkok’? Bangkok is home to over eight million people. As you’ll find, the city has a lot of expats
from all over the world. It seems that once someone stays in the city
for long enough, that they never want to leave. Remember the line from The Hangover Part 2? “Bangkok has him now, and she’ll never let
him go…” It really can be like this! I get why some people get overwhelmed by Bangkok. It’s swelteringly hot, loud, chaotic and quite
different from most Western countries. Once you get off the beaten path though you’ll
find that Bangkok is a city full of surprises. No matter what you want to do, see or buy
it’s available. Temples, red light districts, sky bars, museums,
art galleries, parks…You name it, the city has it. Anyway, that’s it for this video. Expect a new video next week. For all you techies out there, this video
was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and edited using HitFilm Express. To check out details on arranging a bespoke
Bangkok tour with experienced tour guides, please click on the link in this video’s description
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  2. in your previous video you mentioned how you would go to great lengths to avoid khao san road, while you recommend it here. It kind of puts you in a bad light there mate

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