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  1. Winglets are also much safer. Some of the vortices created by heavy and slow aircraft can be extremely powerful and even push other planes out of the sky (if they happen to be in the path of the vortex). Winglets help greatly reduce the vortex (as Mentour said), by giving a place for the high pressure and low pressure air to meet gradually (instead of a big column of high pressure air twisting over the edge of the wing as it tries to fill the low pressure area).

    The recent Qantas incident from last week in LA resulted because the plane was hit by the wake vortex from the taking off aircraft ahead of them. Aside from that, there have been many accidents attributed to wind vortices, both big and small aircraft.

  2. Before watching: Winglets reduce wake-vortices which in turn reduces drag -> great for airlines because less drag means less fuel consumption, the largest of airline costs. Boo-yah!

  3. what about the a330 winglets they are not like any other winglets you mentioned also what about the md 11 winglets they are kind of odd too!

  4. Can a usual passenger aircraft go up to or over supersonic speed cause y mentionend in another vid that its possible to overspeed the engines for 5 -10 mins ??

  5. The nazis put winglets on one of their aircraft the he-162 but instead the winglets pointed downward on one of the many wing designs

  6. Airbus not only did the "fence" for the lower weight but b/c the wing root could not handle that much more lift. That's also why some planes cannot be retrofitted

  7. If you think Mentour holding his arms out like wings as he runs ISN'T adorable, you're heartless and need to rethink your life.

  8. Captain Mentour Pilot the preferred plural of vortex is VORTICES rather than vortexes when applied to Aerodynamics in the English Language….just a constructive comment Sir !

  9. WRONG. It's actually the cruise control flap. You access it through the bottom of the hull… Then climb through the wing….very uncomfortable…..yes but it has to be done if you want to take your foot of the accelerator.
    37 feet tall compared to you

  10. Sir I must say I've subscribed to ur channel cuz it's a brilliant channel and very interesting and I love all the facts thanx

  11. I thought winglets were just baby wings. I imagined there would be like an airplane nursery somewhere with little baby 737s fluttering around and learning how to be airplanes

  12. First read about tip vortex in a book "sailing theory and practice" when I was young child approx 1972. Did not put author here because I would butcher his name. If I had a scout among my stuff could probably still find the book.

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