WORST NIGHTMARE for the US Air Force !!! Russian Air Force Aircraft Documentry

Ignore the click bait title and enjoy this brief look at Soviet airpower. Aircraft mechanics are always the first to appear at an airfield on land. They are the real masters behind all military aircraft Until the Sortie begins none of the engineers knows which crew will flight I like pilots and navigators who may operate different types technicians always remain loyal to just one machine pre-Flight routines for [Front-line] aviation in Russia differ greatly from common practice in many Nato Air Forces Where technicians check only the most critical parts of an aircraft between successive missions? at Russian aviation technicians check absolutely everyone at the aircraft systems before each and every flight If there’s any doubts about evil one component the flight is canceled Before any [flood] its traditional for pilots to add the finishing touch by polishing the skylight Which is what flight crews call the glass canopy over the cockpit? This fighter bomber is affectionately known in Russia as the [duckling] because of its flattened nose cone Concealed beneath the outer skin is a special radar antenna which helped crew to take control of immediate Airspace and Lock-on to any Target whether it’s on the land on the water or in the air The Su-34 has a comfortable cockpit designed for long-Haul flights [two] people can stand [upright] behind the seats there’s also a toilet and cooking facilities This aircraft was originally designed for Naval pilot training to teach them how [to] land on aircraft carriers But while it was being designed and built the new machine was redesignated for combat duties Su-34 Fullback Crew – maximum speed 1,900 Km/h Combat Radius 1,100 kilometers service ceiling 17,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 44,000 360 kilograms as A bomber the Su-34 is capable of destroying ground targets all warships its weaponry weighs up to 8 tons But the airframe has excellent flying characteristics [making] it a highly effective fighter It’s highly maneuverable [an] air [comet] able to defend itself as well as to seek out and destroy enemy planes in the air In Russia every pilot and navigator has his own particular specialization offensive Air combat or bombing But whatever field a young pilot chooses his road to [achieving] the status of flying ace will never be fast After graduating from the military academy endless flight simulator training begins that’s followed by exams and flight with instructors Then a minimum number of solo flight hours and the beginners takeoffs gradually become combat training you Only after four [years] of military Service can a pilot fulfill practically any airborne [tasks] that might be asked of him you pilots often joke about this Su-24 aircraft Saying that it flies [like] an iron It’s a powerful heavy and stable bomber that can carry out a missile and bomb attack against a target in almost all weather conditions [even] [at] night Its most prominent feature is the variable Geometry of its wings the Pilot can select any one of four different configurations During the takeoff phase the wings are extended to their maximum angle to generate the most lift Su-24 Fencer crew to maximum speed 1400 Km/h Combat Radius 560 kilometers service ceiling 11,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 39,000 700 kilograms It’s [wedding] [Mc]. Bull or Buffalo is a symbol of strength and power What the beast has no natural enemies [wasn’t] weak you know by my first flight in this aircraft went well Me up on my colleagues congratulated me in keeping with tradition. They all sat on the [nosewheel] [a] billion You luke would be up they would be oh Willis, I was left with very warm impressions and memories of that flight In combat mode the Su-24 Swings are swept back almost flat against the fuselage this reduces drag allowing for much greater speed and maneuverability Operating combat aircraft at night is always dangerous At Sunset even small clouds can blur the Horizon as sky merges with ground pilots orientate themselves by instruments and with help from ground control with the latest in Guidance Technology this ultra-Modern bomber can attack land targets in virtually any weather conditions and to the dark That’s why night flying exercises are given extremely high priority After sunset takeoff and landings are practiced until [late] into the night you This aircraft has acquired worldwide Renown along with other brands like the Kalashnikov rifle, or the Russian ballet? The MiG-29 A Lightweight all-weather frontline fighter that somehow appears to Defy the laws of Gravity Nato has given the MiG-29 the codename fulcrum because of its extreme manoeuvring stability The actual Fulcrum [point] is hidden the aircraft design There’s no fuselage in the strict sense of the word in its place is an enlarged wing route The upper Surface of the cockpit graduates into the wings forming an Airflow vortex a little like a tornado This generates a dramatic increase in lift Allowing the fighter to perform quite unbelievable turns at Supersonic speed The MiG-29 has earned international praise as one of the world’s most effective and safe combat fighters An engineer was once asked what kept the aircraft flying during its spectacular maneuvers He replied that it was the thousands of hands of the people who had created it The MiG-29s primary Short-distance weapon is the controllable P73 missile with infrared targeting system [443] Attack [Loco] 443 Launch authorized Observing the operation 443 titan on track 443 ready Roger launched authorized The Pilot can choose between missiles or gunfire throughout any stage of an airborne maneuver Yeah, what I grew up near the airbase so every flight that took off from lipetsk airbase was right in front of my eyes [I] Dreamed of becoming a pilot ever since I was a [child] I wanted to become a fighter pilot to perform all those amazing Exercises in the air my dream came true and now I fly the MiG-29 [I] truly believe that this aircraft is one of the finest aircraft in the world It lets you do so many different things as a pilot. [I’m] absolutely delighted with it Mig-29 Fulcrum Crew [1] maximum speed 2,400 Km/h Combat Radius [3,000] kilometers service ceiling 18,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 18,000 500 kilograms 269 takeoff [269] [takeoff] you Will hunt 250 ford left 300 level? In the Russian Air Force every combat aircraft has its own number on the radio Neither pilots nor controllers will ever say the aircraft type only its designated number 250 for 8 clear to land Air traffic controllers have full command of all aircraft movements around the base They give permission for engine starter takeoff and landings and then remain in contact with all crews at flight relaying information about any passenger liners flying within a 100 kilometer radius of the base Combat Aircraft are vectored away from conflicting traffic. So they can perform their exercises a safe distance from Civilian Aeroplanes 269 returned to Zone 6 600 [Roger] 600 Two Russian pilots this aircraft is known as the rook The airplane went through a baptism of fire in the early 80s when the soviet [Union] was engaged in its military campaign in Afghanistan Among pilots the Su-25 is especially known for its high levels of survivability Su-25 attack aircraft often returns safely to base having sustained heavy damage With just one engine with damaged ailerons or bullet traces on the cockpit canopy up to 25 frog foot Crew [1] maximum speed 1,000 Km/h Combat Radius 1,250 kilometers service ceiling 7,000 meters maximum takeoff weight 19,000 kilograms current versions of the Su-25 attack aircraft are still in active service in Russia, Ukraine belarus Angola, Afghanistan and several other countries The Su-25 has a combat aircraft that was designed to provide air support to ground Forces on the Battlefield [yeah], I love this plane very much people usually say I’m either a bomber or a fighter But I tell them no guys I’m neither of those you’re wrong. I’m an attacker. [I’ve] [done] my yoga. It’s a proud name That’s why they called it the [route] because it looks like what you know the brook is a proud and beautiful bird Fearsome in its way okay. That’s when you approach the aircraft you greet him in your mind. You say come on Pal We’ll go on a flight now, and everything’s Gonna be all right [well–that’s] we have a tradition when a left-handed takes a 25 out for the first time He gives out cigarettes once he’s landed I was there who does he give them to to the instructor who trained him and showed him everything [all]? It gives a pack to him even if the instructor doesn’t smoke he gets a pact with the pilot signature Yeah, we [both] feel I’ve trained something like six left hands, and I still have every one of those side packs at home Obama [Major] [General] [Alexandra] Chesky is the officer wearing the light blue flying suit [he] is the commanding officer at the lipetsk airbase Under his supervision, [these] pilots are working on their aerobatic routine once Airborne these aviators will execute the Su-27s trademark maneuvers, they are the Falcons Russia’s Famous Air display team, they’re said to dance in the air Aerobatics are notoriously risky it takes Teamwork coordination and pinpoint accuracy They fly to the absolute extremes of the Aircraft’s manoeuvrability [at] high speed and with wingtips just centimetres apart quite apart from the spectacle close formation flying also has a tactical purpose when aircraft fly in such close proximity They’re interpreted by enemy radar as a single larger plane As soon as the group reaches its destination the formation splits with each aircraft diverting to its own allocated task Alexander Carr Chesky is a veteran high-level solo aerobatic pilot the bell is his favorite figure a complex and dangerous air combat maneuver the fighter Gathers speed in a vertical climb then Suddenly hangs motionless in the air the Su-27 has built as an almost perfect glider, but also has extremely powerful engines a Combination that allows the pilot to float in the [air] at minimum height and very low speed Immediately after landing the commander studies each flight with technicians and pilots He is well known as an undefeated aviator In the Atlantic ocean he triumphed over American F-15 fighter pilots in training maneuvers He beat South Africa’s best pilot in a training flight At [Colmar] airbase in France he was offered the chance to fly a simulated combat mission in the mirage 2000 Despite never having seen the aircraft or ever flown it. He climbed into the cockpit took off and won the challenge His French counterparts [was] [stunned] and rewarded his outstanding airmanship with an honorary decoration The lippert Air base commander has secured the majority of his air victories in the su-27 Su-27 Flanker crew won Maximum speed 2500 [Km/h] Combat Radius 1680 kilometers service ceiling eighteen thousand [five] [hundred] meters Maximum takeoff weight Thirty thousand kilograms Well the su-27s primary objective with its excellent aerodynamic characteristics is to gain and Maintain air supremacy It’s not easy to protect which pilot might win the One flying a modern aircraft or a Second-generation plane the Outcome will depend on the airman skill as [well] as the conditions prevailing during the manoeuvres There’s not one best aircraft But the pilot who acquires the target first and makes best use of the weapon systems is the one who will prevail Once flying is over the aircraft is sent to a distant hangar on the base Pilots can return to their homes There are no combat missions in peacetime you

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  1. Don't worry about planes people😂 you will worried when some vulcano explode on earth! jellenstuon for example 😂😂

  2. A fighter jet that has a toilet and cooling area that 2 men can stand behind the seats? Pretty amazing comfortable fighter , seems like it would have to be a lot bigger to accommodate, make it less maneuverable in a dogfight with say an F22?

  3. Too bad we can't be allies with Russia, the the former Soviet Bolsheviks control America through the AIPAC big media propaganda machine.

  4. The ryanair bulshity386 super bomber would beat the bracks of the su maybe they forgot to put ck at the end yeah if the ruinair heavy dogpoo 4000 dont get yea the horshiiettangosmeel will be afraid be very afraid espeshily if michael hungrypoo hunglikdog is flyin you been warned watch out its on yea

  5. In development is something called a directed electro magnetic pulse generator ,that can knock out any thing in the air.the next war will be fought less with actual soldiers ,more with tecnology.as war developed from standing in rows shooting at each other ,wars in the future could be fought from your couch.

  6. After reading so many disgruntled comments, it occurred to me that many don't realize what they are actually watching in this post. This is a "Documentary" that was aired on RT tv network. RT being Russian Times, aka, the old Soviet "Pravda" 's new face. Clearly this was recorded off their cable channel and then posted here. Please direct any comments about the poor production quality to them, as it is obvious this is a clear, cut and paste, copyright infringement, so one thing the poster didn't do wrong was anything to do with the creation of this piece.

  7. Russian virtual reality out=strips their reality. These aren't stealth. Look at all the crap hanging off of them. Our planes will see them more than a 100 miles away, and they will have no idea we are eventhere with the raptor and the F35

  8. Here's an idea…. If your going to show a video in America, why don't you break out the metric conversion chart instead of expecting us to. Because usually, like right now, we just move to another video.

  9. The SU 34 , 2nd plane shown, the one with stand up room (unheard of in any other fighter bomber plus these amenities,a toilet,2 man,and I believe it said ability to cook food, plus it has an extremely fast roll rate and 16,000 lb.weapons pay load and a combat radius like ours etc.is no FUCKING JOKE for all you idiots posting your stupid negative comments. Plus their radars are as good, if not more advanced than ours and all their combat aircraft have extremely rugged air frames with landing gear made for their many unimproved air field strips are also another factor to not take these super maneuverable planes lightly due 3 dimensional vectored thrust on most of the SU's many models and the MIG's (our F-22 / F35 has only 2 dimensional vectored thrust by the way) is also in the nightmare in the equation.
    Being a pilot (civilian) for 45 yrs.and a HAWK SAM radar mech in mid 60;s I know something about these subjects.

  10. Listen to where the Russian SU 27 pilot without any experience in the French Mirage flew it an bested the french pilot in an aerial combat game then was awarded by the french a trophy. and most important are the comments by another Russian pilot (humble and very wise)about what it takes to win aerial combat which is many things including pilots skill most of all, the planes ability and who detects first. He's 100% correct. I'm an old civilian pilot who has studied these matters for decades. Never ever sell the Russians short if your smart ,nor their awesome planes, advanced phase arrayed electronically scanning radars, AIMs, SAMS etc. Plus their 5th gen.T-50 is one of the best. Plus the planes shown here are all very old beast, but still very lethal with their up graded weapons systems,radars engines and more.

    The old 27 is a most do it all fighter with its 3 dimensional vectored engine thrust,unlike ours 2 dimensional ones including the F-22 /F-35.

  11. I respect the Russians and their pilots but their tech is decades behind the US, just the electronic warfare capabilities alone, they would never see our AI driven hypersonic tech coming

  12. What You see on You tube about Russian Army Forces is 40 years old because The Russian Army don't publish how strong they are and what new weapons they develop Maybe you can ask yourself how the Russian interfere in the election of Your President and how they destroy Hillary Clinton election candidate

  13. The SU25 is famous for still being able to fly after getting a shit kicking. No thanks, rather fly the plane that gave the shit kicking.

  14. 标题党,封面党。我等俄罗斯的扁屁股机机已经很久了。啥时候可以做出像美利坚那样性感的扁屁股的机机?

  15. The times of dogfights are over , F 22 , F35, typhoon, gripen, and the French Rafal, kill all enemy aircrafts in 200 miles distance ……….30 y old Russian planes are not made for this modern way of airstrike

  16. Nice juke…some futuristic click bait pic then some after school special jr high library movie from early 80's…weak

  17. Russia's chief weakness is economic. It simply CANNOT AFFORD to produce weapons in sufficient quantity to equal the United States. Its allies have vanished. No longer is Eastern Europe under the Russian boot. Here is the sad state of Russia's Economy:
    The gross domestic product of Russia is SMALLER than the gross domestic product of South Korea! Russia is an economic midget.

  18. I’d hate to be taking a dump, only to hear a “BANG” then to realize the T.P. Roll just got sucked out the hole. Or how about BBQing a couple Oscar Mayer ball park franks, “BOOM” now I’m BBQING at 35,000 ft, outside the plane and my parachute is strapped to the Ejection—Seat! It also seems in a couple of those planes, I have more cockpit room in my 67 V.W. Beetle.

  19. Wonder if Ukraine is defended well? I
    Sad how many millions of them wee murdered. Way more than Jewish people. Not even taught. Could be over 100million killed. Historically the worst ever. Just saying.

  20. I think the scary part of this is if them make it over America sky’s they may drop out of the sky and kill someone on the ground the planes look so beat up hardly look fly able

  21. Nice doc. All that was missing was narration by Sir Peter Ustinov.

    Then it would have been pretty much a perfect documentary.

  22. SORRY LIKE but the russians wouldnt stand a chance in air to air nor would they stand a chance using missiles against usa or uk FACT ! ! ! they might do fancy tricks at air shows but how good would they be against a top gun pilot etc, they wouldnt stand a chance FACT ! !

  23. U.S and Russia are making for the destruction of third world countries in Asia and Africa not to destroy each other

  24. U.S and Russia are making for the destruction of third world countries in Asia and Africa not to destroy each other

  25. Great recycling here of old bake bean cans and Moskvich cars. Patch up with bean cans from the kitchen in the ugly duckling aircraft.

  26. Gotta love to watch Russian Propaganda when you need a good laugh. Do the Russians have some good machines, absolutely there is no refuting that. However, when it comes to the real world….I'm sorry but these fighters and their pilots wouldn't stand a chance…

  27. What they burning for fuel in those jets, crude oil. Never saw jet engines put out acrid black smoke like that in abundance.

  28. 3 years later and Russia still doesn't even have a 5th Generation Airforce. How many countries are lining up to buy the flop SU-57? 😄

  29. Aviones viejos,pilotos viejos,todo es viejo,aviones con 35 años en el lomo,sirven para exibiciones y guerras en Africa donde los demas no tengan con que volar…

  30. So what they saying is radars not shit fly at night helps. Wow are the smart running this world and kings of dumbass illumanati dumbasses themselves down to I not smart butt man people be dumbass scary so dumbass irritating big time so dumbass arrogant idiot ass morons many are pathological liars guessed they new much in life and as usual guessed wrong became dishonest injust untrue pathological liars believe that they honest just and true even smart is like i came outta a 17 year long coma and woke up here . Twilghtzone my ass that be a step up I bet . WTF happened to everyone Fucking driving me Fucking something . Even if hands do own you caught in your bullshit lie many fighttoothand nail defending even when is obviously Fucking bullshit make others prove it then balls to bitch after whiny Fucking be proven lying dumbass I likely like I told growing up start giving sorry pricks something to whine about Fucking bullshit Fucking clueless idiots lying pricks . And trust me only one AMERICAN in this country bunch of whiny dumbass bitches here I likely slap the piss outta them if they don't change the Fucking name or Learn WTF AMERICA idthese pussys never seen a AMERICAN most anyway think shit out here so they AMERICANS pathtic disgrace to America ignorant arrogant stu pid MTF . This is worse than the hell is bc was in Fucking redickulios ass clueless cave Fucking man I must of backed up Fucking time or tgedumbyih down smarten me up kings of dumbass everywhere fucking lying jackasses pretending to they are not when Fucking holding a a me lying dumbass sign around neck WTF

  31. A lot of hate in the comments, most from "sofa experts" What most do not get, that soviet designed planes always considered modernization, as soon as new tech is tested and is ready to be used. Do not let the old body full you, the brains of thees old boys are up to date and the rawbust body design showed along the years to be highly successfully and low maintainance requrements make them econimicly adequate to be used fom modern military needs. If you design and build planes to perform to the max and not to earn mo money on taxpayers you would also build planes that would be effective for minimum next 30 years. The Syrian conflict proved it over and over! And I am not even going to compare the level of pilots skills and the piloting school in general.


  33. The Flight Crew has NOTHING else to do in Russia except check a plane all day long. Besides, there is that little nagging feeling that if you screw up you will be assigned to Some Siberian outpost for the rest of your life.

  34. Do not forget-there are using old technology and old planns. Only picture is cool on reality all that military pride came from 70-this.

  35. Helal olsun Ruslara bizimkiler dine yatırım yapıyor elalem göklere hakim olmak için uçaklar, füzeler yapma peşinde kim karlı çıkacağı belli.

  36. There seems to always be a battle between US and Russian accomplishments, especially in the air, but the truth is (and I am not German), it is German engineering that accomplished everything for both countries. When Germany surrendered in WW2, all of the useless scientists were tried and killed. Some escaped and the rest were divided between, primarily, the US and Russia. Area 51 was the proving ground in the US and this became the home for German scientists sparred death before the Nuremberg trials. A similar airfield and testing based resides in Russia. Wernher Von Braun, a former German aeronautics and space engineer, turned American engineer got the US on the moon and he was heralded before his death, noting that it was his genius that made it possible. Enough time had passed since WW2 and the occasion was so celebrated that it seemed the time to give rightful praise and he was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering and received the National Medal of Science. Before his death, he outlined a mission to Mars and it all started, while he was perfecting the V2 rocket program for the Nazis. 1600 scientists, engineers and technicians were split between Russian and primarily the US and spared certain death via trial. The US simply called its end "Operation Paperclip" and Russia had its own operational same for hiding and using Nazi intelligence, as both quickly realized that what was happening was so far ahead of both at the time that the only fair thing to do was split them in what they considered, fairness to each other. That was the real race to Berlin. Not to be the first there to declare and take credit, but scoop up the most usable engineers, technicians and scientists, but it was a virtual tie, thus the "cold war", was always so close, really led by German intelligence in both countries. Von Braun's many former assistants got Russia around the moon for Russia, then Von Braun, actually now NASA's Engineering Program Manager, put the US on the moon. This all did happen. This has become Russian versus American accomplishments, but in reality, it was German engineers pushing each other to take engineering to its originally hoped heights, just no longer for Nazi Germany, but for accomplishments to be celebrated by the US and Russia, so what really is the point of making it all Russia versus US, when all of the brains came from Germany and were split up. Stealth aircraft, spy planes, supersonic flight, using space for advantage especially for war and intercontinental ballistics were all German projects, finished in two other countries. If you wonder if I am German, or have any German heritage, or some other reason or motive for noting this, the answer is no to all possible motives. An interest in WW2 and watching US documentaries and watching Russian documentaries of WW2, with subtitles told the same story and if they matched and they did, the truth is there. I started looking for support for all of this and it is everywhere to be found and easily all over the web, or wherever you choose to look, but the starting place is what was hoped for the V2 rocket program in German, the Flying Wing (becoming stealth in the future) and the Flying Bell, which is still a possibility, but to a lesser extent, became Vertical Take-Off and Landing. The truth is, nobody wants this to be true. Patriotism on both sides will deny it, but it is foolish pride. BMW was so far ahead of building engines for aircraft for Germany that they were no longer allowed to, so they turned their engineering to automobiles, as did Mitsubishi in Japan for the same reason. Both countries wanted to know what power those huge German planes for so long and found small powerful eight-cylinder engines. Both wanted to know how the Japanese Aero could fly so far, for so long and still if flying, make it back to a carrier so far away and the high power four and small six-cylinder engines were found. England was sure that the answer was always twelve-cylinder engines, taken from Rolls Royce and other manufacturers, but winning the war changed everything. Germany was almost at perfecting jet engines but didn't quite get there in time and the Allies were blown away by the intelligence they found at war's end, which changed everything. I have no motive other than ending stupid Russia versus US debate because that is not where the intelligence came from. Fools will accuse me of somehow being German in some way. Those that are not sure, should at least visit Wikipedia and read a little before judging and trolling to get info faster. Go to Wikipedia and just look at Werner Von Braun and apply what you read to everything that Russian and the US has done, with similar engineering and that will answer most everything for you if you think this is all just a load of crap.

  37. Just letting the wanker poster of this video, that one of those 3100+ dislikes is one of mine. Due to the stupid title, I watched 1.5 minutes, you wanker.

  38. 매연을 엄청 뿜네요.강릉도 생각과 달리  봄, 가을에 공기가 아주  나빠요.전투기 때문일까요? ㅋ

  39. Прошлый век 🤣 всё акуратненько 👌😂🤣старым брезентом накрыт красавчик! Гроза 😂

  40. Usual nonsense about how the Russians have some super plane that will out fly and blow every US or allied plane out of the air. Wait a few years and gradually information comes out about how the "Great" plane either never flew or it's wings fell off every time it took off! Russians are so good at propaganda and their are so many naive people who believe everything they read.

  41. The only weapon the russians have and is a nightmare for USA or anybody, is the atomic bomb. All else is good for shows and scrap.

  42. Bring in the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Outruns and outclimbs these so called 4th generation shits. Bring in the SR-72 forget all other shit

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