WOW air travel guide application video | Malta

We can’t resist Impossible. We came to Malta, to shoot some places but It’s only the first spot And we don’t want to go from here look! You can explore Malta in a lot of ways Since the island is small you will not be bamboozled if l’ll say that you could get at Any place of the country within two hours Yes. You can discover Malta by foot by bus by tourist double-decker bus ferry And of course you can rent a car National dish – rabbit, national specifics – there are no napkins on the tables, super friendly staff and huge portions I mean… Huge! You can rent a hotel type apartment like this you can rent a luxury villa or you can rent a boat Suzy! Do you know what hour is now? 10:40 it’s 10:40. Time for 15 seconds of random sightseeings it’s beautiful at night

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